Brazilian Butt Lift number two, breast lift with augmentation and a nose job....and Invisalign

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I'm one of those typical white girls with a...

I'm one of those typical white girls with a bit of a muffin top and a flat ass. I've worked hard, I eat right, always in the gym but there are just some things that diet and excercise can't give you- like a juicy bum! SOooo, I have been living in Argentina for 2 years and figured heck, why not do it here. Every other corner is a plastic surgery clinic, and the girls look good. I've shopped around and my doc has good references. I've seen his before and after pics and they look great. The price is also right- $2500, and he's going to fill in a few cellulite pockets and give me a little botox for free.

The only concern I have is that he might be low-balling recovery time and possible pain. The good news is he does post-op whenever you want and its all included in the fee.

Okay, I'm on the day before my surgery and I'm...

Okay, I'm on the day before my surgery and I'm super scared. My doctor has done all the tests and done the obligatory run through risks. Thrombosis of course is the big one. I'm a little scared, although I don't have any particular risk factors. Any tips on how to reduce risk are great. Also I don'thave a lot of fat, so I think we're looking at only 200 cc's per cheek. This is good because I don't think my recovery time will be as intense but i have to be realistic about results (minimal). I'm worried also about the pain factor, although I have friends who are going to take care of me for a few days so that I'm not alone.

ladies- any words of encouragement???

Operation finished. i'm feeling fine so far. the...

operation finished. i'm feeling fine so far. the attention was excellent and i stayed in the clinic until they were sure i was okay. i'm draining like crazy now and have my garment on. I'll check in a bit later with results. he could only get 200 ccs per cheek so i'm not expecting a bit change. we'll see!

Hey everyone, so I'm one day post op and came into...

Hey everyone, so I'm one day post op and came into work. I'm really not that sore. Maybe not having that much fat isn't a bad thing. Like I said, I'm not expecting a shelf booty but I am hopng that the hip and belly contouring will provide an overall difference. I'm also hoping my saddle bags will have gone down. He did my upper back as well, so overall a comprehensive lipo procedure even if my butt isn't huge. He only managed 200 ccs. I know everyone thinks that isn't much, but its what I had to give! Pain- very minimal at this point. I was expecting far worse, but I walked to work and presently sitting at my desk writing a report. These Latin Americans know what they are doing, I'll give them that. in the end the full cost of the procedure was 2800 US with garmetn, pre and post-op tests, medication, stay in the clinic all day. The doctor is coming TO MY HOUSE this evening to check on me. I thought that was pretty cool.

But I guess in the end its all about results, so here's hoping it was all worth it.

Well, i"m almost at the 3 month mark and i can...

well, i"m almost at the 3 month mark and i can report that the butt lift was a failure. i suppose i need to take the blame, as I knew a) that minimal fat was being harvested and b) that miracles aren't always possible. I just took some "after" photos and I look exactly the same. the fat reabsorbed, the lipo contouring didn't do much. I should have shopped around and learned my lesson the hard way. my doctor isn't bad, but he was too conservative in how much fat would be needed. I don't look worse, at least and there is a bit more shape to my waistline. all in all, though, not worth it

Well, quick update. My doctor was as disappointed...

Well, quick update. My doctor was as disappointed as I was. I realize he did what he could but i am pretty bummed about the results. Good news is he's going to redo it, and for practically no charge. I think that shows courage to admit you could have done better and redo.

Going in for round two next friday. I've gained a...

Going in for round two next friday. I've gained a bit of weight since my first surgery (seems to be a trend I wish I had known about before). I'm not sure what the doctor means by a "retouch" but I'm hoping we'll take out more fat this time. My stomach in particular is still lumpy and gross. I'll post photos of what I look like now so we can better judge how it goes this time. yikers! more surgery!

Soooo, after my first surgery I decided to get a...

Soooo, after my first surgery I decided to get a breast lift with implants. I went for a smaller implant and more natural look. I decided again to do it in Argentina, only because that is where I live. I was happy with the results but have since gained weight and my boobs are huge. The surgeon was amazing and we decided to do my nose and a bleph at the same time. I was back on my feet in less than a week, with one black eye but otherwise no drama,
Dr. Bukret, Buenos Aires Plastic Surgery

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