Bbl dr pantojas

Hi everyone my name . Is nancy im 23 im 5"3...

Hi everyone my name . Is nancy im 23 im 5"3 weigh about 165 and I really want to go to get this done but im having a hard time
finding before and after pictures from doctors in Tijuana. I would really appreciate if someone could share with be there before and after pictures the experience and how much it is to get bbl done thanks :)

dr pantojas!!

Ok so Iv been looking on this site for about a year and I'm finally to the point where I want it done now!! Lol
I sent my pics to campos cardenas and pantojas I chose to go with pantojas because compos told me I would need a tummy tuck at the same time as my bbl and that is not very safe to do many Drs don't recommend that pantojas told me it be best to wait six months after my bbl to have. Nadia his receptionist got back at me very quickly and answered all my ? Cardenas never got back at me so for that reason pantojas it is :D he quoted me at 3,800 but the medication and massages are not included. The quote is good for 6 months I just got to decide on a date in so ready for this I want a booty ???? I want to get down to 150 Iv lost 8 pounds so far I had gone up to 170 I'm just worried about how my stomach will look after lipo :0

Count down! Jan 2017

So my surgery was going to be last year but I decided to have one more baby now my daughter is 4 months and I'm ready for my surgery I have officially gave my deposit and scheduled my surgery on 1/25/17 right now I am 159 and hope to maintain this weight I'm having a tt and bbl I'm nervous but excited I've wanted this for so long! Dr pantoja has given other girls such good results and I'm hoping he can do the same for me

Great idea!

Defiantly trying this

Count down!!

31 days to go I can't wait!! Trying to drop at least 8 pounds I gained during my honeymoon ???? hope I can make it happen

Nervous and scared

I'm excited yet nervous and scared I've thought about the worst that can happen and read crazy reviews and all the complications that can occur and I just pray to god every thing goes well and nothing bad happens. I just want to feel better about my body did u lady's have these crazy thoughts and worries as well ? I'm only 22 days away now and I'm really starting to get nervous ????

Lippo foam

Hey ladies How soon can you start using post op?

Gas crisis in Mexico is it safe still??

So I've been watching news and all the mayhem going on and people robbing because of the gas prices and I'm just concerned about the safety
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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