Having BBL Done with Dr. Campos in TJ MX

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I have no hips and my butt is pretty flat. I'm...

I have no hips and my butt is pretty flat. I'm unhappy in a bikini and I don't like to shop b/c it's hard to find things I look good in.

At first I was going with globalsurgetycenter.com because they provide everything except airfare. Your procedure is done in a hospital where you stay for two days. Then you're transported to a five star hotel where you get taking care of by 2 nurses. Feed the meals a day. Transported to and from the airport. Everything is included in one fee expect airfare. Since I would be traveling alone, the 24 hour care when I'm out of the state was very appealing to me.
I didn't really research how I wanted to look or if he would be able to meet my needs.

I was only concerned about a doctor who was legit doing the BBL and my safety.

Still continuing my research and looking at before and after pics, I was so clear on how I wanting to look. I didn't just want fat grafting to the buttocks, I need it to the hips as well. I wanted to find a doctor that can make my figure very feminine. I wanted an hour glass shape with a big bootay! LOL.

I want more volume to the buttock but I'm going for the KIM K look. Tiny waist and nice hips with a nice bootay!

So I came down to 3 doctors. Dr T. who did a couple of ladies on here. That doctor is in Miami just like DR. S who was on my list. DR. CAMPOS has always been in the back of my mind but I didn't think it was possible because I don't want to travel alone and it's MEXICO! So I was really not giving him a thought. His work is great and what I want but Mexcio, traveling alone and MEXICO lol I was like no.

But after hearing stories on other website about ladies traveling alone, the aftercare and the happiness with DR. CAMPOS I starting to see if I was something I can do which it was. I have enough info and a good plan (based on others experiences) that I'm going to go to MEXICO. I'm going to go with DR. Campos. He is known as the hourglass man and I'm not up for paying for this procedure twice. ALLSET. Don't have the money even for procedure 1 but I'm going to make it happen because I really want this!

He has work on the MMH website and WOW!!! I need some serious curves. I want serious curves.

I do not have to fly into Mexico. I fly to San Diego CA and I'll get picked up from the airport and driving to the recovery house where I will rest a day before my surgery for $70. Then I'll be driving to the surgery center at 8am for prep. After I'm done I'll be transported to the recovery house where I will be feed, helped, and rested for the duration of my stay. For $95 a night I'll get 3 meals a day, laundry done, bathed, in and out of bed, off and on the toilet etc.

I'm super excited. Time is flying I have 2 months to prep mentally. I started taking iron and folic acid about 2 weeks ago.
Right now I'm trying to get everything I need for after surgery like scar cream, booby pillows etc.

I hope this helps anyone thinking about surgery abroad. If you have any questions let me know or any suggestions on what to get and what will make my surgery smooth!

Thanks in advance ladies!!!

I'm actually going to be staying at beauty care...

I'm actually going to be staying at beauty care.
The facility looks a bit more modern and has transportaion included. Their bathrooms are actually handicap equipped and the have a department of health certification. I want to be extra cautious with being clean and all.

SUPPLIES: Socks----Underwear---T-shirts for...

Socks----Underwear---T-shirts for under the Compression Garment
Electric ToothBrush---Toothpaste---Lotion
Chapstick, hairnet, deodorant, baby wipes, wet wipes, hand sanitizer
Oversized Sweatpants and Sweatshirt for return flight home.
Bath robe----Pajamas with the feet--shower cap---Slippers---Flip flops
Maxi Pads (may come in handy)
Crossword puzzles+Magazines----Travel Pillow---hand held massager
Arnica Montana pills +Cream---Iron Pills
Folic acid, Bromelain pills
I will also bring my laptop,ipod and cellphone.

Since I'm staying at a recovery house, I don't need to bring many clothes at all. I'm bringing about 7 t-shirts for everyday under the garment. Bathrobe and a teeshirt+underwear is what I plan to be in the most of the time. Few times pajamas.

I had my labs preformed Oct 4. RBC was a little low. 11.8 min 12.0 So I started to take 2 iron pills daily instead of one whenever I remembered. Told my P.S after him recommending I take iron that I want to be tested right before surgery and after. Usually he will not from my knowledge. Extra 11 bucks per test. Also requested a consult the day before instead of day of surgery. I did have a virtual consult and sent my lab work. I just want to go over pictures, desires and some questions.

Since my last update, I have been super excited about this. For a while I couldn't thik about anything else. My dad was going to come with me and I couldn't be happier. I felt safe and more comfortable and relaxed. Started to think about other things, focus on work and just mentally chill out because he was coming after I expressed how scared I was. (Was freaking out for a quick minute) Then 3 weeks before I had to go after he got the passport card and I paid for the flight he told me he wouldn't be able to go. I was deverstated and completely crushed!!! Scared out my mine. I don't know why when I booked I really could care less about going solo but after hearing that I was so depressed. I mean furious, and he lives with me right now and we got into a big fight and nasty things were said between the both of us. For two weeks I was trying to find other people but of course they were unsuportive and said I didn't need to get it so going with me was basically a waste of time for them which made me even more depressed. : (
Then I was like you know what, I'm just going to go on about my plans like I was before my dad said he would go. (not biological) I turned my attitude around because you need to go into surgery with a clear head! I looked at it positively and decided to be excited about the change. Even though I'm scared something can go wrong but that is normal and comes with an elective surgery.

On Tuesday I will post my measurements and 1 week pre op pics.
I'm also taking arnica montana pills 30x 3 times daily to help with post op swelling.

Sorry it took me so long to update! Tuesday was...

Sorry it took me so long to update! Tuesday was surgery and I have been weak for a couple days after surgery of course. I'm at Beautycare and would not recommend you to stay anywhere else. RN's, ten mins from the doctors. It's so freakin comfy here I dont know if I want to leave. The nurses are super nice the food is great and so clean. Ask what you need to get the info. I was planning to keep you all very informed but it has been very hard. What I will try to do is answer your questions promptly though. A few pics are up. Im swollen alot but happy that I have curves. Me and one of the nurses are going shopping before I leave next week. Here with another chicka and we are good!!

Naki pics

Naki pics



Loved Campos

Looking for a round 2 because I had a baby. Everything was on point up until I got sick at the end of my pregnancy and lost a lot of weight. You would not be able to tell I had a baby. Stomach is super flat but my butt is not that huge cartoon kapow. I want that kapow back so I need to gain weight first because I have nothing to lipo.

But as far as Campos, beautycare and post op, Campos is the friggen man!!!! My results were amazing and as I fluctuated in weight(b4 preggo) I always looked good with a flat waist. Still look amazing and get compliments especially after just having a baby but I just miss my huge butt. Its crazy cuz the whole time I was preggo I had my fatty. Its just when I lost weight. I weigh less now than I did before pregnancy. Ive never been this thin. (165) Everyone still thinks I have a fatty but its not the same because im 30lbs less. Ugh but wouldn't change having it done for the world!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Campos is so sweet! I had a consult the day before and he did not rush me at all, answered my questions and was completely honest about what he could do for me. My skin is super tight because I have no kids and im young, He let me kow that he could not give me as many cc's as I wanted because of necrosis. I was fortunate to have the honesty but he did do what he could which was about 1000 each cheek.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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