9 months post op BBL - Dr Lagrasso

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Hi, I've been researching BBL for a while. I...


I've been researching BBL for a while. I want lipo to arms, full back, full abs and flanks. I have quote from Dr Afifi $7K and Dr Hegg around $6k (i think his included inner thigh). I was confident with him, but his patients only right reviews and promises to post and never do. I think I am going to ask for pics from his office via email. Dr Perry has great results, I just don't have a quote yet.

The docs in MX and DR have great prices and results, but is it worth going out of country? What are your opinions? I am military and was hoping I can get this done enroute to another duty station since i can take 30 days off. If I include that with in-processing my new post and with the 10 days we get off for house hunting, that can be around 45 days total for recovery time. I am waiting on some news, hopefully soon regarding that (but some of us know, military dont work fast when we want it to). If I dont get orders soon, I am thinking of doing it after easter. I plan to take my physical fitness test before surgery and I will not need to take another one for 6 months.

Let me know what you guys think regarding the docs! Also, if possible to bunk up together if we schedule our BBLs during the same time in the same area. Hope to her from you soon!

Did anyone see Dr Lagrasso has BBLs special for...

Did anyone see Dr Lagrasso has BBLs special for $4999??? I just called and it includes full abs, full back with flanks...$500 for each additional area. Anesthesia is an extra $750. That is a dern good price if you ask me! He has great results. Check out StillSexy! There are nice pics on their website too. I believe 4 liters is the max in FL for lipo and that worries me. If i go to Dr Afifi I can get 5 liters. Tammy at Dr Afifi's office told me I have no where near 5, but I beg the differ. Eventually I will post pics to get ur opinions. TTYL!

What is aggressive lipo? When is it neccessary to...

What is aggressive lipo? When is it neccessary to ask the doc if he or she performs aggressive lipo?

I said pretty please...???

I said pretty please...???

I found out from LookOutKim's blog that Dr Hegg...

I found out from LookOutKim's blog that Dr Hegg passed away. According to an article I found, he was in a skiing accident while vacationing. This is horrible. His patients always talked very highly of him. Pray for his family and friends to help them get through this.

Looks like I will be going to Dr Lagrasso!!!

Looks like I will be going to Dr Lagrasso!!!

Hey ladies.. What type of garment you suggest...

Hey ladies..
What type of garment you suggest after bbl? I hear about so many. I want an hour glass shape and a heart booty. The garment helps with that right?? What is the foam and boards for that everyone uses? Thanks

BBL Complete 19 June-Dr Lagrasso :-)

I completed my bbl. Dr Lagrasso is sooooo good with the lipo. He gave me a serious hour glass shape and got rid of all of my back fat. I am just a little worried about the fat transfer. I look squarish from the back and there is a flat part right after the shelf. I will post pics later, but did anyone experience this and did it go away?

Also, my garment is becoming too small all over and I already bought one from his office on day 2 for $100. I purchased a spanx one from target that covers the legs and torso. I guess I can cut the butt out of that and slip that over this one. Do you think I can use ace bandages for my arms?? It gets so uncomfortable when it is not good and tight (GAT).

Let me know what you all suggest? I will post pics later. I tooked them down cuz I was not getting no feedback from the RS community, but I guess I can get them back on :-)

lagrasso bbl post op 4 days! **pics

Recovery Week 1

So far my recovery is going super duper well! I have minimum pain every day. I am blessed to always heal rapid after any surgery :-) I was walking into my day 1 post op appt and everyone was surprised. I dont feel any burning, just mostly stiffness after not moving. The 1st night my hubby helped me getting up and down off the bed and to the bathroom, but I did it on my own after that. It is very important to move a lot to prevent stiffness and to promote healing. I massage my entire body several times a day with arnica gel (not sure if the gel helps anything) and it feels so good afterwards.
I walk around a lot in my room to help the fluids flow and that seems to be working pretty good.

The first 3 days I stayed at a hotel for about 100/day, then I moved to the Bon Aventure at Weston Resort for 349/week. I got it off of the Armed Forces Vacation Club site. They may have discounted rates for non military if you contact the resort directly. I did not view any presentation for their time share's yet, but I suppose to tomorrow. It didnt seem mandatory, but we have nothing else to do so I decided to view it. I know they can become aggressive with the sales pitch, but oh well. Weston is so beautiful and quite. I think the whole city is landscaped with tons of shopping :-)

So, do you think I can wrap my arms with ace bandages for compression?

more pics

Here are some more pics..I would add some without clothes, but it looks too crazy right now...ugh

oops..one more


Post Op Appt Tomorrow

1 week post open appt tomorrow ..will let u know some more then ..

removing drains

Has anyone removed their own drains before? When I left Aventura last Friday they weren't ready to come out, but they gave us great instructions and a little kit. I can also go to a doc. What has been ur experience? I'm beginning to feel pain and its very uncomfortable.

flat, long bootay??

My butt still has that flatness and hasn't rounded out yet. It is also long, so I hope that is still cuz of swelling. I will post more pics later...ugh

what u think so far?

Tell me what u honestly think so far. Sorry about the background..I'm visiting family and used the mirror in the garage. I have a lot of swelling in my lower back, so my slope is not quite visual yet.

I'm in the market for a new garment. Any suggestions? I never got epi foam either, should I get some? If so, how much and how do u use it?

i got foam..what next?

How do u wear ur foam? Anyone knows how to wear and cut out the triangle for the lower back?

6 weeks post op..new pics

Looks better, but still has the flat part. I couldn't get a good pic showing the flat part. I have tons of little dents that I am hoping will smooth out. What do u think so far? Sorry I deleted my pre open pics. I will add them again this week.

her are the pics

my before pics

Here are my before pics i sent to the doc. I will post some more pics this weekend of my current status.

I think Dr Lagrasso is very good, but his technique is different than what I expected. It looked as if the fat was injected mostly at the top. He told me it was going to come down and round out. It did come down and round out some, but not enough. It is still a little to high for me. I am short, so it makes my torso look shorter when i have a higher booty. I am worried that it is finished coming down and rounding out. Did any of you experience more changes 2 months post op? Please let me know ASAP so i can be at ease. Other than all of this, i definitely look better. I just wanna look really good. I look nasty in a thong, but in cheekies I look good...thats because i still have that flat part with not much fullness at the bottom.

hips went down

I just noticed the dents that were filled in on my hips are back. I'm not upset about it though. I didn't even know I had dents til the doc said he can fill them..lol. I just need my booty to look a little better. I read somewhere that it is hard for the fat to survive the transfer to the hips. Oh well

9 Months Post-Op DrLagrasso, Pascuals in Aventura, FL

Well, I am 9 months post op and still have the dents in my butt. I have exercised a lot and no change. they are here to stay. I wouldn't mind so much, but I can see them through leggins. My upper arm lipo is a little deformed. Its like there is a missing section closer to both my underarms. One is not that noticeable. However, I do get compliments. My hubby is satisfied…it does not take much. There is obviously a difference. At certain angles, it does not have projection. You can tell from the pics i previously posted. He sculpted my waist and back pretty good. I can use another round to catch some of the lumpy areas on my abs and fill in some dents and add projection, but i doubt that will happen. I have a nice slope, it is just a little too high for me. The flat part is still there. I have an apple shaped bottom. I prefer a pear shape. But apple is ok. Oh yeah, lipo of my inner thigh wasn't worth it. It is worse now.. Might be because I gained around 12lbs months before my surgery (see my before pics) not on purpose..it just came out of no where. But i am thinking i gained some more and it went to my legs and thighs.

Pascuals…Very busy office. There is so much going on at the front desk. Irevette, was really nice. I never received any followup call from Pascuals to see how i am recovering. I did call them twice, but that was all of the contact since I left there.

I will post more pics soon...



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