26, No Kids, and ready to start my Journey!

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Ok so I have been stalking the website for a few...

Ok so I have been stalking the website for a few months now and I think I'm ready for my own transformation. I am hoping to get an appointment in May, if not, then the only other time I can go is in December. I want a BBL and lipo in my inner thighs.
Does anyone know of a doctor they can recommend? I've been looking at Yily or Duran but people keep saying they are impossible to get in contact with. Also, I do not want a Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj booty. I want more of a natural look, like JLO. I hope to find the perfect doctor who can help me achieve my goal.

Okay so I think I found a Doctor!

It is either between Dra. Baez or Almonte. If only they would get back to me faster! I exed out Duran and Yily. I have read too many horror stories and I refuse to be the next one. Even though I want the body of my dreams so bad, my life is much more important. Girls please research your doctor very carefully before choosing him/her. It doesn't matter if its in the US or out of the country. So many things can go wrong if you don't have an experienced doctor who puts your health first.

Baez is out of her mind!

So I finally got a quote from Dra. Baez after weeks of harassing her. She quoted me $3000 for a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift. Now my issue with her is the fact that she thinks I need a tummy tuck. I'm not knocking anyone who has had or wants a tummy tuck but I am 140 lbs and don't have any loose skin. Why she would recommend that to someone who has never had children is beside me. I've seen girls bigger than me with amazing results after lipo and no TT. Therefore, I am no longer confident in her abilities as a surgeon. So now I'm focusing on Dra. Almonte, Dr Ortega (from FL) , and Dr. Fisher (Florida as well). I have emailed them all and just waiting on a response. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The pictures are what I currently look like at 140 lbs

Wish pics

My wish pics

Dr. Fisher

I got my quote from Dr. Fisher. I was told 5,200 for a BBL. However he did say I will have to gain up to 10 lbs. He asked me send him some wish pics so he can get a better feel of how much weight I need to gain. Dr. Fisher is currently my top choice. Something about staying in the states is giving me a piece of mind. I also like that I only have to wait two days top for a response. Unlike the Dr's I've contacted in the Dominican Republic. Definitely not looking forward to gaining weight though. My boyfriend thinks I am out of my mind and is not supporting me with this at all.

I was also quoted 2000 for 7 days at the Vanity recovery house. That is definitely more than I was planning on spending so I want to look elsewhere for a place to stay.

more wish pics :)

It's official!

I have made my deposit to secure the date of June 1st with Dr. Fisher. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!! Now the next mission is to figure out where I'll be staying. I tried new body recovery but they are booked until July.

need help changing the surgery location

Does anyone know how to change the surgery location? Mine says Dominican Republic but I am now going to Miami.


I'm so annoyed! Literally two weeks after I paid my deposit to secure my price for 5200 fisher decides to have a BBL promotion for 4300. I feel ripped off .
Other than that I booked my flight and recovery house. I will be staying with Keyla. I have read awesome reviews about her so I'm happy she had availability.
Now I have to start buying others things that I will need like fajas and foam boards. Does anyone know of a website that sells good affordable fajas? Please let me know
Dr. Fisher

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