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I have been looking on this site for a while now...

I have been looking on this site for a while now also on instagram and my own research on other doctors or health sites , i'd really like to do a tt & bbl i want some hips and a little more bottom altho mine is relativley on the large side i believe , i'd like to remove fat from my arms and ofc stomach not sure about some from my thighs but lets see , i am 5'2 and currently weigh 176 lb not good at all
So i was wondering do i need to loose weight for the procedure or am i perfect for it being that i do need to transfer the fat, also i do not know what doctor to pic altho i was leaning towards being eaither A Cabral or Duran doll (leanind more towards Duran) but i do not want to go to a recovery house i rather my boyfriend and gm take care of me
Another question is how long do you have to stay in the country you do your procedure in before it is safe to leave? Do they do some of the massages there ? And also do some doctors provide payment plans? Im looking to spend between 3,500- 6,000 max maybe a lil more but not past 7,000 that being the procedure itself i know i have to look forward to the flight payment and recovery proces with the massages

Soo if you guys can help me with most of these questions i would be so thankfull

I will attatch some pix of my current situation and some of the hips:waist id like

Good Doctors That Do Financing ? & A Possible Surgery Buddy

So i have posted before , i really want to be a Duran Doll but im
kind of iffy on Going to DR, and also i don't think she does financing

Id like to do lipo instead of tummy tuck for less scaring but not
sure if its possible , i don't have lose skin no kids but i have gained
alot of weight fast and its caused strech marks im 5'2 & 176 lb

Id like lipo on my arms iner thighs and ofc stomach and back rolls

My ideal look is a thiner waist and bigger hips (i have none im square in that area) i do have a booty but id like it bigger

Attatched are some wish pix

help comment quotes doctors who are good possble ones that finance and
if you'd like message me if you'd like to pair up i'd like a surgury
buddy but im still in the process of saving up and haven't done
consultations yet so if you are on the same page as me that will get
this done but still need more time don't hesitate in messaging me !!!
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