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Hello Girls. I am Felicia. I wanted to have a...

Hello Girls. I am Felicia. I wanted to have a Brazillian butt lift for over a few years now. I am trying to gain weight but it does not seem to work because I am still weighing 110 lbs, same weight as two years ago. So I don't really know if I am a right candidate for this procedure because i am kind off really thin. I wish I could gain more weight quickly. If that won't happen I am willing to change the procedure from BBL to actual butt implants. I am wishing to have the procedure next summer during vacation. I have considered a lot of doctors from all the way in the USA: Salzhauer, Salama, Perry and Jimmerson. But I live in Europe and wish to have a doctor more close. I am considering Spain.

I will post some pics of my body. I have totally no projection and my ass is really long. I hate my lovehandles, making my ass even flatter =(!!

Im looking for all the girls around my weight (110 lbs) and height (5'1") who have done BBL or implants... Really hoping to have my surgery next year.

Choosing doctors

Originally my first choice was Dr.Salzhauer and second choice Salama. The problem is Salzhauer first possible date is in 2017. Salama's first possible date is in mid 2016. I am looking to have surgery this December if possible.

I came agross Dra. Yily and Dra.Duran. Now I have done my research and I will say their results are remarkable. I prefer Duran's work over Yily's. I have send both an e-mail and only received an answer from Yily. I can't wait to get a quote from Duran. but I hear she is quite hard to reach. Any tips?

Also does anyone know till which date Duran is booked? I hope I can still get a date in December. I am a student so I can only go in vacations. If I can't get a date I will possibly go with Yily but I prefer dr. Duran so much more.

Got a quote from Duran

I got a quote from Duran. $3800!! I am so happy I cant wait. I almost can not wait till December.. Maybe I will have surgery in october but i dont know i need to find a way to gain as much as possible weight first... Duran said December is fine

Weight gaining process

I have gained 7 lbs in one week. I am so proud. I am now 117 lbs but i want to weigh precisely 140 lbs for the procedure. I hope the weight will stick because I posted a question for doctors to answer, and some said it is not a good idea to gain weight because you will likely loose that same weight. But then again it is my only option for a BBL. I thought about implants but I don't think I want them anymore. There are simply too many risks and I am worried about the scar and if it will look fake.

So i have been eating like crazy these days. Next to my regular meals I drink 3 to 4 ensures a day and I mix it with Brinta Oatmeal. I will have my surgery in December so I think I will be able to reach 140 lbs by then. I can not wait!!

Ready to pay deposit

So.. I am back, I didnt go through with the surgery in December because I didnt have the money for it. Well now I have and I want to go July 20th. The only thing left to do is to pay my deposit. In the e-mail they told me to choose the home delivery option with moneygram. In my country we don't have that option. So i need to call them back and find another way to pay my deposit. I can't wait!

Deposit paid, Surgery Booked!

Having Surgery July 21th. That means I will have 4 months to gain weight! Cant wait.
Dra. Duran

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