Campos 7 weeks post ops! New pics!!

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Hey Ladies! I'm 24 years old, 5'1" and 125 lbs. No...

Hey Ladies! I'm 24 years old, 5'1" and 125 lbs. No kids yet. I am tired of not having a waist and looking to get a bbl in 2013. Looking to go with drs in Tijuana. Also planning on having my breast implants too, but different time. This is all that I've been thinking for the last few months!!! Finally decided to join the rest of you ladies on this journey to new beautiful shapely derrieres!

Okay, so far I have received two quotes from dr....

Okay, so far I have received two quotes from dr. salama and cardenas. Im leaning more toward tijuana because im more in love with the shape dr there can create for my non existing waist and hips. Im still waiting on campos quote, but its been more than two weeks and still nothing from him, which is very disapointing. Salamas office, I received a quote a while ago but misplaced the email nancy wrote to me. Carnedas wrote back to me in a weeks time. She was very realistic about what she can mold me to. In my email to her, I mentioned that I had rrcently gained 10lbs, and she told me to go ahead and lose those 10lbs before she will work on me, while salama told me I needed to gain an extra 10-15lbs. This is soo confusing.
The weight thing im not too worried about but more of timing off work. Since I work in a very busy restaurant where im constantly running around, lifting, bending and squating around, im afraid my recovery period will be much longer. I really dont want to share with my work of the fact im having this procedure. Im guessing I would need like a month off work and im afraid thats too much to ask.

So Fatimeh has been super helpful with her emails...

So Fatimeh has been super helpful with her emails to me, quick response too which makes me feel soo much better about choosing Dra. Cardenas. I still haven't heard back from Campos yet, which I'm sooo disappointed because I really like how he shape his clients. I even emailed Angie again, and no response from her or Campos. I'm just only having doubts from Cardenas because I haven't seen much of her work, just only read about how great her work is.

Fatimeh also said that if I book within 6 months, I will receive first stage compression garment for free, and if I stay at beauty care, I get a free massage upon arrival at BCRH. Tempting!! My heart is really going toward Cardenas, so now I just have to set a date. I think what I'll do is stay there for 7 days, and take another 10 days off from work. Hopefully by then I'll be well enough to start serving again.

Okay, I'm still holding out on Campos quote....

Okay, I'm still holding out on Campos quote. Although I would like to go to Cardenas, I'm just still unsure...this process of choosing doctor is such a headache! So I'm trying to pull some pro and cons of both docs.

-aggressive lipo
-personable and response quick
-great price
-more lipo areas

- not enough pictures of BBL only (she is the queen of tt, so I hear, but it's not what I'm looking for)
- results on smaller girls aren't as dramatic

- Can transform square butts to hourglass with just BBL

- Not fast in response
- Only does lipo in lower back, waist, abdomen + additional $$ for more areas
- Pricier

I'm ready to set my surgery date in January, but I'm still so confused as who to choose. If I go with Campos, from the results I see I don't know if it most girls just get the abs, waist, and lower back and be able to achieve the hourglass look without having to add additional lipo areas such as inner thigh and upper back. I guess if I have to pay more in order to get that look, I will. Cardenas already include all those areas in her quote, but from pics I've seen, the dramatic shape changes are the ones with tt. If I'm going in to surgery, I want the best I can get to have that coke bottle figure look. I'm just afraid cardenas won't deliver it.

Ladies, any thoughts please??

Yay! I got my quote from campos today and im just...

Yay! I got my quote from campos today and im just suuper excited! He quoted me less than I thought, which is great because in case I need more areas lipo, I can do it without going into too much debt.
both campos and cardenas quote that they can get 600 to 700cc each cheeks so I guess that might be the biggest I can go. Hopefully it will look good since im barely 5 1".... Now just waiting on a response to set a date and deposit. Im really hoping they still have some spots in january, cuz if thats the case then I have 4 month ish to save and prepare. Soooooo excited yall!!

I got my date for feb 6th, but still waiting on...

I got my date for feb 6th, but still waiting on angie to email me my directions to pay my $800 deposit. I have a week to pay for it and she still hasn't gotten back to me. I sent her another email hoping she can speed that up so I can pay and not lose my date like some girls have experienced. Sheesh!! Im getting more antsy by the day. Once that deposit is paid, I have 4 1/2 months til surgery!!

Deposit was made today! Now how to pay for the...

Deposit was made today! Now how to pay for the rest. My plan was to get a loan from my bank so that I have enough money, but they declined me. Im disappointed because with all the cost of hotel, car rental, meds, massages, plane tickets adding up, I wanted to put everything on the loan and pay it off it two-three months after sx. I guess that wont be happening, so I gotta find a way to save even more money. My man is planning on coming down to support me, and I don't want him to have to pay for anything.

So my head is all over the place trying to figure...

So my head is all over the place trying to figure out everything from money, to things to prepare and buy. So I thought I'd share what I have on my list, in case you ladies that are on the same journey need some input or can suggest something to me.

What I need to do:

- Get passport (if traveling out of state)
- Book hotel/flight (dont know if I should do that now, or wait til later)
- Lab work ( will be doing that three weeks before surgery, per Hannia)
- Buy vitamins
- Buy misc items
- Get meds
- Request time off for work


- Arnica capsules gel and tea
- Bromelain capsules
- Iron
- Vitamin C
- Telenol
- Stool softener
- Boppy pillow
- Photo ID
- Passport
- Cell phone/Charger
- Lap top/charger
- Fanny Pack (dont feel safe wearing a purse in mx)
- Cash (tipping)
- List of emergency contacts

- Robe
- Compression garment
- Maxi dress
- yoga pants
- Sandle/flip flop
- Zip up hoodie/sweater
- Tanktop/ wifebeater (wear under garment)
- Thick socks (cold after surgery)
- granny panties (need the bigger panties to hold my bigger booty!)

- Funnel (
- Chapstick (sx room can be cold)
- Cough drops (to soothe out sore throat when they put tube in there during sx)
- Baby wipes
- Deodorant
- Toothbrush/paste
- maxi pads (on incicions/ open wound so it doesnt leak onto garment)
- fragrance free body wash
- antibacterial wipes

- triple antibiotic ointment (I dont do well with neosporin for some reason, but this stuff works for me)
- Gauze/ surgical tape
- Gloves (never handle open wounds with ungloved hands)
- hydrogen peroxide
- Zip Lock bags (for things unwashed when leaving hotel)
- Emergen-C packets
- Protein bars/ mixer (we need protein to help repair our body, this is very important)

I'm not bringing any extra bras or pajamas because from what I hear, you'll be in your garment most of the time.

After sx supplyments recommended by a funny and informative mmh member. Her name is spy9doc:

"Especially important for first 3 days post-op: take 1000mg bromelain (capsules) every 3 hrs.; take 3 of the little sublingual arnica "pellets" every 3 hrs. (that means waking hours). If you are not experiencing much swelling and bruising, then drop the dosage down to 1000mg bromelain 3x/day and 3 arnica 3x/day. You can also use arnica in a gel or cream form topically on the bruised areas. Some people find relief in adding that to their post-op protocol. If you have any open wounds, do NOT start the arnica gel until they close. (it will burn like h*!!) "

thanks spydoc! Anywhoo, until next time ladies.

Okay, i know this isnt twitter or facebook or...

Okay, i know this isnt twitter or facebook or lifejournal, but so originally my guy is coming with me to tj but now he is backing out because of the date. He thought I scheduled it for another week, but since hes in the restaurant industry, the weekend of the 6th means valentines weekend, meaning it will be busy. And also he has a annual work party he wants to go to. I dont know what to feel about that. Im asking him 4 months in advance, so he'll have someone to cover for him, but now he would rather go to a party with people he doesn't even like, than to go down tj to support me. mehh. I was looking forward to going to Lucerna, but im looking at grace house, even though it will be more expensive for me. Kinda bum out but oh well. The only thing keeping me going is thinking of when I get that hourglass figure.

Just looking for input from you ladies about time...

Just looking for input from you ladies about time off work. Ive researched this topic numerous times, but it seems like most ladies work at the desk- and return to work after 2 weeks or so. I work in a fast pace restaurant where Im constantly walking around and lifting for 7 hours a time. How much time off do I need? I know everyone deals with recovery differently, but it would be so nice to know a range of time so I can plan on asking for enough time. I'm reluctant to ask for 3 weeks off, and I know everyone will ask me why I need 3 weeks off. I work in a very close knit group and we share everything, but im not really sure I want to let them know the procedure.

But an update, the boyfriend has decided to go with me! From the way he talked last time, I thought he didnt want to come but out of nowhere he asked about the surgery and what he can do to help and how much time off he needs to request. Yayyy!! He said screw the party, hes coming down with me. im so happy.

So Im up to 132-135ish. Ive been shoving food in...

So Im up to 132-135ish. Ive been shoving food in my face all day everyday and its clearly showing in my spare tire hehe. I dont know whether im doing the right thing, and hopefully when dr campos lipo my stomach, that I wont have loose skin. But this whole gaining weight experience is making it harder for me to walk up hill. Im all huffing and puffing-I wonder if I should just go back to the 120s.

February needs to come faster!!!

Eeek! counting down the days! I'm budgeting around...

eeek! counting down the days! I'm budgeting around the items required for this bbl, and it seems like there are so many compression garments on the market...but which ones are the best? Can anyone help me with this? I saw the ones on Amazon, the vedette 124 looks like it might good, but I dont want to end up buying it and it doesnt work. I uploaded a pic of it for yalls to see.

Ladies, I am just so excited to let you all know...

Ladies, I am just so excited to let you all know that my man proposed to me and we are getting married in the summer! That means I'm gonna work my dress with my new curves! I'm sooo excited!! This makes me even more about the sx! Gonna do my best after to keep my body tight and look good on my wedding day.

On that note, no other updates, but just waiting and waiting til February comes!

Haven't been here in a while, just trying to focus...

Haven't been here in a while, just trying to focus on finances for the sx and my wedding! Can't believe time is moving fast and february is gonna be here soon! Have procedure money all in, now just need to save money for hotel, flight, and other miscellaneous stuff. I got most of the stuff on my to bring list, just need to get the vitamins. I'm soo excited! A little nervous, but trying to stay positive and prepare for the pain and discomfort, but I know it will be worth it! I'm almost at 140lbs right now, standing at 5'1". Im sooo tired of my fat going to my stomach and arms. Cant fit most of my clothes, and I practically live in yoga clothes, even to work! I've been taking vitamin c and iron on a daily basis, hoping to up my iron level since I know I'm low. Trying to stop smoking, soo hard! Anyways ladies, until next time! XO

Anyone used firstchoicelabs to get their labs? Im...

Anyone used firstchoicelabs to get their labs? Im sooo confused how to order it.
I need to get tested for the following:

The website provide most of these test, but they have so many options in each of those category, i dont know which ones to choose. Any ladies can help me with this please?

Wowie!! time is flying by!! I have 32 more days...

wowie!! time is flying by!! I have 32 more days til BBL with Dr. Campos. Im soo excited! Ordered my labs today with Firstchoicelabs, total came out to almost 200. The rep I spoke to was just sooo sweet. She got back to me so fast, Im just more than satisfied with their service. I get blood drawn on monday, and get results by tuesday, get it fax to campos and see from there. My depo shot expired a week ago so the birth control is outta my system in time.

Still gotta get some more items from my list, but not that much more to buy. Will book flight and hotel soon as i get my go ahead from Hannia. which btw, I think she is now the patient coordinator? Or has she been this whole time? I just noticed it in the signature below her name when she emails.

Right now all i can focus is getting my body ready for the sx. Ive been drinking more of the naked green machine, since it has spirulina and chlorella, which are really good for healing body. The green machine also does not contain vitamin E, which I find is hard to avoid in most things we eat. Right now Im up to 140lbs, I feel like I have gone a little overboard with the eating. Breaking out my turbo jam to melt a little fat off! Im just soooo scared of the lumpiness and sagginess I might have afterward with this extra weight. I'm only 5'1", and most of that fat is in my belly. Like that belly is just hanggging out, i look preggo!

I also started massage pure shea butter on my butt to make sure its moisturized and ready to be big. Im prone to stretch marks so i have to do my best to prevent it. And I have been thinking about the size of butt I want. I'm afraid to go big, but if I don't, when all the swelling goes down, it might not be big. Also to take into consideration, I will probably get back to my workout regimens (which does include a lot of cardio), so Im afraid of losing my butt. But if I don't do any cardio, my arms and face will be big for my body. I have really wide shoulders. So really, the only way to slim down is to do some cardio, so that means I have to sacrifice my butt going down a bit. I'm thinking once everything settles down a little bit, I will start lifting HEAVY for the butt, which ALSO means, loosing more fat, but when you grow the butt muscle, it will balance it out and look big, I hope. But that makes my head goes round in circle, cuz if I lose all this fat, what's the point to get it in the first place right? ahhhh!!!! my head!!! But honestly, I look forward to having the hourglass shape the most when it comes down to it. I just need my hourglass!!!

Anyways ladiesssss, Gonna give a shoutout to my girl Hourglass! She's having her sx with Campos in a couple of days! I hope the best for you hun! You're gonnna be smokin!

Tick tock Tick TOCK!! Everyday im counting down....

Tick tock Tick TOCK!! Everyday im counting down. I'm a little nervous, but more excited. Got my labs, everything a-okay, and i just mailed in cashiers check for half the procedure. The rest I will be bringing with me when I go down to tj. added in a pic of stuff im bringing.

Hey does anyone know if we can take CLA before...

Hey does anyone know if we can take CLA before surgery? I took it in the past to help me slim down the waist, and it works really well along with exercise. I need to lose some of this belly fat before sx in 3 weeks. Does anyone know if this is on the no-no list?

So, had a change of plans with travels. My fiance...

So, had a change of plans with travels. My fiance was suppose to come down with me, but now I will be going down there alone. I already put my deposit for club med, and booked my plane tickets. Plane tickets were about $235, and i wished it was less, because when I checked last week, it was $160. But whatevs, glad i didn't book it then because I would have bought 2 instead of 1. Now all I have left to do is pack, which most of the stuff I bought, i wont be needing it til I get back because Club med has everything.

So im changing my packing list since im staying at club med:

passport/id (i wished i knew that i could just get those card instead of a whole passport, it would have cost wayyyy less)
cell phone/charger
cash for campos/clubmed
cash for tips and spending
button up pjs
2 tanks
a pair of sandals
a little makeup
epifoam (mine is called lipofoam that i got from amazon)
vitamins from mmh
telenol extra strength + codeine
scar pellets (helps reduce scarring)
neck pillows instead of boppy pillow. I dont know how that will work but i dont wanna bring a boppy cuz its so big

based on tips I got from a bbl sister, since club med has everything and wash your clothes super fast, im not gonna bother bringing much clothes. Im hoping I can get away with bringing just a backpack. Im not bringing my laptop either because i hate having to take it out at the airport for tsa. trying to make this the smoothest i can.

All I have to do now is save money for rent/bills for february and for march since I wont be working for half of february. This experience has been sooo hard on my wallet! I know it's worth it though! And also, I got to find people to cover my shifts. I have mentioned about shift covered about a month ago, and my coworkers are like, maybe I can cover you, but im not sure. Im like...really? when they ask me to cover their asses within HOURS of their shift, I changed my plans to help them out. When its my turn to ask for help, and i asked in advance for specific dates, they hesitate because they might not be in the mood to work? pssffttt. I will throw a fit if these people say they can't because they are lazy or already made plans.

Starting to take my mmh pills. Im sooo excited!...

starting to take my mmh pills. Im sooo excited! but so nervous about having weird loose stomach after lipo. Ive been doing researched about it, and it says it gets better with time. I'm just praying mine will turn out good, otherwise its pointless to get this all done and not be able to wear a bikini. Okay, i better stop being so negative. think good thoughts, good thoughts!! I have already started online shopping for clothes. This is going to be amazeballs!

Okay, so, hoping some ladies will read this and...

Okay, so, hoping some ladies will read this and help me out. I need to find out what kind of clothes to wear to hide my soon to be big booty? I dont want to show up at work with a bigass booty- they tend to like to slap my ass too, which im so scared they will continue to do. I work with a closeknit group, and we are comfy with each other like that. Any suggestions ladies?

Yep ladies, that is right! One week from today I...

Yep ladies, that is right! One week from today I will be getting my new hourglass shape! I am so excited and a little scared, but ready for it. I even had dreams. Last night I dreamt about how my new body was super curvy and how happy I was. I woke up kinda disappointed because I realized then it was a dream, but then I thought again and in one weeekkk!! EEEEEEEE!!!! I also went shopping for some new, cheap, clothes for work, and i took the opportunity to try on some tight fitting dress, and lemme telll you, once I tried it on, i was thinking to myself, I am soo glad to be getting this bbl! That dress was not one bit flattering on me!! It definitely gave me a wakeup call, because sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and be thinking ooo i look cute and fine with this body, but putting on that dress gave me the real look at my boxyass shaped body.

Still taking my iron, which was 14 when I received my test results, but I still want to continue to take it in case. Your iron drops after sx, but if it drops anything below 7, then it's realll bad. So by continuing with the iron, im hoping it wont drop too low. I have been taking iron for about 3 months I believe. I suggest you new ladies take irons as soon as you made your decision on sx. Only a few more days till I start taking my bromelain. Still taking vitamedica vitamins and will continue til the bottle is out. so, that is all I have to say right now.

4 days til i land in san diego, 5 days til sx. So...

4 days til i land in san diego, 5 days til sx. So excited but will miss the family while im gone for the week. Im never away from them. Wondering where are my campos girls at? esp vets who say they will come back to update us!! Girls, I sure hope the ONLY reason you're not coming back to update us is because you are having wayyyyy too much fun with your new curvy bodies!

Im pulling an all nighter to make sure I am awake...

Im pulling an all nighter to make sure I am awake to make it to my flight. Im a heavy sleeper and it's about 4 in the morning, and Im afraid if I take a nap I might miss my flight at 7am. So im staying up watching movies and waiting! Im only taking a backpack with me, and instead of a boppy pillow, im taking two neck pillows + a snuggy for the plane ride. Im not taking my lap top down with me, just my phone, so hopefully i can update on that. I will probably update one more time before sx when im down there. Super excited!!

Went into sx yesterday morning, first one there. I...

Went into sx yesterday morning, first one there. I feel good except for just soreness and oh, SWELL HELL! my face is swollen like someone beated me up and my chest is purple as well because he lipoed under my boobs. I have not gotten a chance to see myself without garment, but with it on so far, i finally have curves! Very excited, and I am so grateful to have the team at club med take care of me. They are truely wonderful, and I will tell you guys more about my adventure with them, and campos once I return to the states in a week. Overall so far, I am so pleased with everything. Will be updating with pics then too, since I didnt bring my cam.

Oka, still at club med and no pics yet, but Im...

oka, still at club med and no pics yet, but Im feeling better to update before I forget.
I flew into san diego tuesday morning and called Marvin to pick me up. He arrived within 2 minutes. It was easy to recognize him because the car he was driving had club med on it, and he was waving at me frantically. We chitchatted all the way to tj, he is super funny and such a character. It was about 15-20 minutes to club med from airport. I noticed people cant drive here either, no blinkers, just lots of swarving arouond.
So I came to the house, and it was just as I had pictured (from the pics they posted on their website). I was greeted by two lovely ladies, Susanna and Alicia. They were so kind, and I just wasnt used to it so im sure i had the dear in the headlight look. Immediately they asked me what I would like to eat, and picked which bed I wanted. They made me feel right at home and talked a lot about what to expect. It was good prep talk. I got to meet another campos sista who had a bbl, and she made me feel wayy better about this. Cuz this whole time im thinking, what the hell am i doing? She showed me her body, tiny tiny waist and curvy big hips, flat, FLAT stomach...then i was convinced Im doing the right thing. Took a shower and went to bed.

Morning of surgery. I woke up at 6ish and got ready. Alicia took me there, met angie, signed some paperwork, paid remainder and whoa la. She took me to a room, a nurse came in, took my pressure and gave me two pills. I got nakkid, with a robe on. Then the handsome stepped in and I forgot what i was going to ask. Because Marvin told me before, that I need to be specific with what kind of butt I want, and be firm with it or campos will put a bigass booty on me(in case i want a medium boot). So I had that in mind, but as soon as campos walked in, i forgot everything about it. He said take off the robe and take a look under there. without hesitation doc. myyy pleassure. He was friendly and could see that I was nervous so he made light conversation, but straight to the point. Im just thinking, his hands feel soft on my love handles. haha. so he took pics, and that appointment reall took about 10 minutes max.
Then the nurse returned and took me to a different room to hook up my iv. Now, i dont mind needles, but this shit was stingy. Right on top of my hand. Dr. Wiard, the anethesiologist, came in and asked a few questions. He was adorable. I dont remember then if he put the needle in my spine, or that came later. I was starting to get loopy from the pills the nurse gave me earlier. So the walked me into a operating room and bathed me with iodine and had me lay down on the surgical table. I remember dr wizard put some sticker thing to monitor my heart, but that was all I remember. I think I woke up a couple of times, thinking, mann, this is such a weird massage, and I kept wiggling, and dr wizard is like..shhhhh stop moving. That is all I can remember. In my head, they were just prepping me still, but apparently it was the middle of procedure.
I woke up hours later facing down, and blankets all over me. I couldnt feel my legs and my breast hurted soo bad. I started panicking bad. The nurses were all there and told me to stop moving. Hannia had to talk to me a few different times to stop moving otherwise it would be worse. It really didnt help. I was throwing a fit and cryin like a baby and I couldnt help it. I just wanted the hell out of there and back to home (club med). I think it took about 2 more hours til the let me go, probably because I was so annoying. At some point I even ripped my iv out and my hand started swelling bad. the nurses were soo mad at me.
So selena picked me up, and it first time I was meeting her, but im thinking, thank godddd you're heere to bring me home. I was so out of it, but i just felt so safe with club med. Susanna tucked me into bed and fed me jello, even though I think she wasnt suppose to. Because I was crying to Hannia that i was sooo hungry and thirsty, and she would not give me anything because it would have made me feel worse. I dont know, but I was soooo happy to eat that jello and drank some juice. I passed out some more, and woke up better. Okay. my fingers are getting tired. I will update some more later.

Okay, im 10 days post op. I left Tj on my 8th day,...

Okay, im 10 days post op. I left Tj on my 8th day, but I stayed a total of 9 days there. I will post what I can remember, I kind of regret not writing everyday to document my journey, so now I have to go by memory.

Day 1 post op: So a few hours after sx, I was napping, but woke up and walked around and hung out just fine. Apparently I was doing very well according to everyone at club med, because they see a lot of people going thru surgery and they all rest hours after sx, and here I am, waddling around the house all bored and all. Im sure it was the anesthesia. But at this point, my vajayjay was swollen like the size of an apple, but one lip was bigger than the other. SOOOO deformed looking. Imagine putting dough into a tube(like a bathroom toilet roll thingy) and pushing it out to one end. It will look round and weird trying to squeeze out. I know, weird analogy, but trust me, it was gross!!! Susanna and Selena and I had a good laugh at how weird and swollen my vajayjay was. (its still ugly right now btw, just not as gross!) oh, and my face starts swelling at this point too. I looked like a fat Chinese kid who got my face beat into the ground. Super not cute!!! Oh, so I almost forgot, my the nurse weight me before sx, it says I was 132lbs…which I thought was strange since at home mine said I was about 140lbs. After sx I went up to 145lbs. But now that im back, I checked again and it is still 145lbs. So both scales must be right.

Laying down is really annoying. My body was super tight and stiff, and I just could not get comfortable with it, and also, my whole chest was bruised so it hurted laying on it. But I had no other choice. Going to bed was a chore! I did not get any sleep. I would close my eyes, and wake up half an hour later. This went on alll night long, so I really didn’t sleep. What a pain in the ass. Getting up to go pee was a hassle too cuz I was moving at the rate of a turtle. You definitely have to use your hands a lot to get up. So girls, make sure you do those pushups! Everyday to get up from bed, you literally have to do girl push ups to get out of bed. I also took a shower, with selena helping me. I did not feel dizzy at all. But the first time taking off the garment and seeing my body, I cried a little on the inside because of how beautiful my body looks. I just stood there in awe, that this is now my body. I-LOOK-FUCKING-HOT!!!! My stomach is flat, not even a lump or saggy skin (cross my fingers it stays this way). I was expecting to be super lumpy and skin to be saggy everywhere because I had so much fat in my gut. Dr Campos did good, reaaaallll good.

Day 2 and 3 are basically the same as day 1, but with day 3 just a little bit more stiff. I was doing pretty good, just lounging around the house, and cat napping whenever I wanted. I liked sleeping on the couch in the living room so I was there a lot. I am also draining a lot. On day 3, I woke up stiffer than normal, but thank goodness I had my first lymphatic massage. Selena took me to Mari-Paz, the masseuse, and it was about 45 mins. She massaged in circular motion on my thights, and then stomach. Then she would have me lay on my side and she would massage the side as well, and then she had me sit up and she massaged the back. It was a very strange feeling. Skin was numb but sensitive at the same time, so to the touch it felt weird. There really isn’t a word to discribe how it feels. It did not hurt, just a little uncomfortable, and im ticklish so that doesn’t help. But I just layed there quietly since mari-paz doesn’t talk much because she doesn’t speak English too much. The massage room had this beautiful olive color and Journey was on, so I was A-Okay. I didn’t take any pain meds for this either, but I didn’t really need it.

After the massage, we went back to club med, and then we all went out to eat at the spot susanna likes to take her guests to. Apparently they had really good lobster, but since im so paranoid about not eating crustaceans after anything traumatizing done to my body (its an asian thing I think), so I stuck with something lighter. I didn’t have much appetite. Barely ate these days, and it was rare cuz I grub All The Time. I eat like I will not see food tomorrow, so it was weird to eat so little. Its important to eat something with all the pills I was taking.

Day 4 and 5 still the same. At this point I can take shower by myself. I had my first bowel movement on day 4. It came right out. I think eating papaya and more fruit really help with my movement. It was annoying to have to go do the dooty, because I would have to take off my garment to do it. So it took like 15 minutes every time I poo. It was like the event of the day. Hahah. Day 5 was probably my worse and I don’t know why. I woke up not too great, and decided to have a light breakfast and take one tramadol. I guess that was my mistake because I really wasn’t in pain, just stiffed and fed up, so I decided to take one. For the rest of the day, im feeling nauseous, couldn’t eat, felt like shiet, and just full mode depressed. I decided to stop taking my vitamedica pills because I really did not want to put anything in my body at this point. The Worse Day Ever! Glad its over with. Went to bed and hoped for the best. BTW, by day 4 and 5 I can sleep a little better. I would sleep for 4 hours, and wake up go to pee, and then go back to sleep. Its weird that I naturally just wake up every 4 hours, and my body just tells me, get up and walk to the bathroom. Im normally really lazy and would hold my pee when I do need to pee, but after this sx, whenever my body says wake up, I automatically wake up and get up without thinking about it. I was also waking up early too. Like 6am which for me is unbelievable because I normally wake up at noon or 1pm. But as soon at that clock hit 6am, im up and about.

Day 6, 7 Im feeling a lot better at this point. My butt has soften up just a little bit, bruises slowly going away, and my face isn’t as blown up. My vajayjay still big tho. But not as big. I notice that my right side is swelling a little more, like its not as narrow as it was, and also my right hip has gone down just a little too. But this is normal because your body heals differently so for one side to go down sooner is normal. It says so in the instruction that campos gave me. But the difference isn’t too noticeable, but you can still tell in my pics. Sleeping is getting better, maybe 5 to 6 hours at once. And Im waking up later, waking up at 8am consistently.

I had my post op with Dr. Campos on day 7, it was short and sweet. I was in the room and about to change into the robe, when Campos walked in and admired his work on me. He shook my hands and was eager and happy to see my hourglass figure. He was checking out my waist and commenting how small it was. The man was proud of his work! I was like, “yeh, yeh, I look really good, I gotta change into my robe“. So he dashes out to give me privacy. All I was really thinking was….slooooww down doctor. I need to get naked, but you can most definitely stay and watch me take off my clothes, I’ll be more than happy to give you a show and we can play doctor and patient. Bow Chika boww woowwwwww. Hahah just kidding. Kind of. After I changed into robe, he came back in and I took off my robe and he looked at me closely. He said my hips were beautiful, and I thank him for giving them to me. I had a bunch of questions but I totally forgot to ask most of them. He took out my stitches but I was still draining a lot so he couldn’t do anything about it. That pretty much summed up my appt with him. The nurses outside the room were saying something to him, and off he went that was the last time I saw him. No goodbyes or anything. You can tell that once he has something on his mind, hes on his way to it and nothing will hold him back. Its really endearing actually cuz you can just see him think. Then I went to get my massage. I got a massage everyday at this point. You normally would go to the clinic to get your massages, but there can be other arrangements in other locations too if you like. But make sure you talk to mari-paz about it. Depends on where you are staying.

Okay so theres really nothing much to update. From day 8 to today, im still the same. I left on day 8th, and my plane ride wasn’t too long. Only 2 ½ hours. Before I left, Marvin gave me a little pouch thing for my drain so it would look cute and not so obvious. At the airport, the TSA told me twice to take my purse into the scanner thing (I was told by two different people), and I told them both it was for my drain - and it shut them up really quick! They were all like, okay just lemme know where you are sore so I don’t touch you there. Im like, my butt is sore, and she was like…ok…! They were nice tho. So im back now and im eating like shit. I was spoiled at club med, and they gave me healthy food. Now im munching on a bag of cheetos and eating ribs, and corn bread. I really need to stop but my appetite is saying feeeddd meee!!! Speak of feeding, I need to eat. Next time I will update on more specific categories.

A question to the vets out there, what do you feel...

a question to the vets out there, what do you feel about the board? im almost at my 2 week mark, and i notice that is when most start wearing it. Im contemplating on buying a board, and hopefully it will make my stomach look less lipoed, even though it is fairly flat. Do you think that the board will really really help with that? or just the massages help with that?

I am 7 weeks post op. I am feeling well and loving...

I am 7 weeks post op. I am feeling well and loving my body more and I appreciate and thankful that I am blessed with an uneventful healing process. I am still wearing my garment but im lazy and dont wear it until I go to bed. Most of my swelling has gone down, but Im definitely still swollen. I was wearing my boots the other day, and I couldn’t zip it all the way up because ankle is still a little swollen. But I am so pleased with my shape and its making me feel more womanly than ever. Everyone around me is noticing my new shapelier body but does not know I had work done (I hope they don’t know!). My results look very natural like I was born with wide hips and a small waist. My butt as of 7 weeks isn’t as bubbly as it was before. It now has that natural slope to it, which I like, but at the same time I don’t because I miss that perfect round bubble. This healing process has been such an emotional rollercoaster. One day I love my body, the next day Im nitpicking. I will have to say though, that I wish my body stayed the way it did from week 3 to week 5. Starting at week 6 I start noticing my bad habbits starting to show on my body. But when it comes down to this whole thing, I am so very glad I did this. My measurement before this was something like: 36-32ish-36ish. Right now im at 36-27-39.5. At the rate of how my booty is shrinking, I wish my waist would go down even more, but that might not happen because I have a wide rib thing going on.

I didn’t order a second stage garment, which I probably should, but what I have been doing is wearing the squeem over my garment. I was wearing the small, and now I can button the first notch of the xs vest without the foam or board. I only wear the board at night when im sleeping because although it is small, it is so uncomfortable and I cant bend with it on. I love my shape with the squeem on. With it on, my waist is almost at 25 inches.

Now, I should have been a good girl and follow all the instructions. Because if I have been doing all that, im sure my butt would still be a little bigger. I have been eating like CRAP. Burger, pizza, ice cream, cakes, pasta. All that plus more. I know, I know - but I apparently do not know how to say no too junk food. Im gaining back a little weight toward my stomach. Im sure if I was eating healthy I wouldn’t have this problem. And also, this is bad, but I picked up smoking again. I know this is bad bad, but I have been smoking for a while, and generally need a smoke after a hard day at work. And I have been sitting by day 3. Forget the two weeks thing for me, I just couldn’t do it. With my legs being super swollen, I had to elevate it so that meant I had to sit on my ass. I don’t sit for long periods of time, but I do sit.

Overall, everything is good, but of course, being a perfectionist, there are some imperfection that bothers me a little bit. For instance, my belly is a little uneven. You cant really tell until I point it out, but it seems like one side of my stomach is reattaching to my muscles rather well, and the other side is a little pudgy. I do not believe it’s a seroma, because I cannot feel any liquid inside. This uneveness just started last week, because the weeks before that my stomach was healing quite evenly. I don’t know if this is due to me being lazy about wearing my garment and board. I still got some hard spots on the side if I run my fingers really hard on the side. I have been using the Wahl hand massager and it is softening up those lumps out really well.

My stomach has some sagginess to it when I sit down or bend over, but really its inevitable as I have tons of stretch marks on my stomach, so I know it wont be super flat. But when I stand up straight, my stomach looks fine and beautiful. Btw, I really wish I can post a pic of my stomach, but I actually have a huge tattoo in that area that I can’t block out because you wont be able to see anything then. But I would say that this stomach that I have now is wayyyyyy better than what I had before. I love staring at it, its so small compared to my previous wide waist.

I don’t know if any other campos girls notice this, but underneath my butt, like on the bottom crease near kiinda close to my cooch, it looks like I have two tiny scars now. I just noticed this last week too when I was bending over. I don’t believe Dr. C injected through that sight because there were no open wound there. I don’t know that the rubbing from my larger bossom had caused this. Also, Dr. C did not lipo aggressively on my upper back. I still have tons of upper back fat, like toward the bra. I am a little sad because he did say he was going to do it, and I am more than sure that he did, but he didn’t attack it like he did with my waistline. I noticed that in his other clients too( the ones I have seen in real life), that their upper back isn’t lipo very aggressively. I can tell that he did lipo my upper back because it has that same sensation as my stomach.

Dr. Campos. I think he does a phenomenal in contouring the female body. Even with all the swelling going down, I still have an hourglass shape. My before picture really did not show how straight, and almost inverted triangle I look when im striped naked. I don’t know how he does it, but I am curvy now. My booty is still pretty big, but I don’t think its massive. It just, looks plumped and round, a bit bigger than what I had before. I hear all the time he is the big booty master, but *I* personally do not think he gives massive, BIG, donks. Or maybe I feel this way because he stuffed the most he could in me, and its not a crazy bigass shelf, which btw, was not what I was looking for. it’s just not a donk - I noticed this right away a day after surgery, because you can generally tell how your body will look. So, if someone wanted asses that looks like Dr. J’s work, I don’t think Dr. Campos will deliver that ba-dunk-ka-Donk, especially if you have tightness going on in that area. But if you want that crazy hourglass shape, he is your man. I didn’t have a measuring tape when I was down in tj, but Im pretty sure I was at least a 42 because when I got home that first week and a half, I was measuring 41 ½. I sure shrank a lot since then, but whatevs. I still love looking at my shape. One thing I do regret not doing, cuz now I will never know, is that I should have given dr. campos wishpics from the sides. I only gave him the hourglass shape pics, but not the projection pics I wanted. Not sure if that would have made any difference.

His office definitely needs to improve on their responses, consistency, basically everything. They are sweet in person, but sweet needs to do better. Im surprise to know how many clients he gets without having to advertise a single penny- he is all words of the mouth business. I hope those girls in the office read more about how they are doing. I was happy with hannia being more helpful with responding, but that have seem to have died down too. I have been contacting her personally with some questions, and she hasn’t responded at all. She would call to do a follow up check up, which is really sweet and it shows that their office is trying - but to not respond to my emails is unprofessional. Im quite disappointed, and I don’t blame girls who reconsider going to Campos because of his office.

Club med is so wonderful, and it is sad to hear that campos is no longer taking clients that is thinking of staying at club med. Don’t quote me on this, but this is what I have been reading. They really are not that far from his office, maybe a 15 minute drive. Shoo, if I was staying at the hotel around his office, it would have taken me that long just to walk to his office. Whoever said it only takes 5 minutes to walk there must be superwoman, because after surgery, that is the last thing I want to do - walk that longass blocks to his office. It’s close, but it aint thaaat close. Anyways, I find myself missing club med a lot. Those ladies were so special and I miss them like my own family. If im ever in the area again, I will definitely visit them. At one point, Selena and I were crying from laughter because of all the jokes we were making.

Okay, I feel like im really rambling on and on. There are a few things I need to touch base on, but that’s for next time then. As Im reading over this update, I cant help but feel there is a negative vibe to it. Maybe because today isn’t my best day. But I do want to say that I am so happy with my surgery. It has given me a huge boost in my confidence. I really feel like a new woman. There really is no way exercise alone can give me these results. Im just thrilled to be healthy and looking goooooood!!!
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