150% worth it!!! Everything and more! Booty!!!!

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150% worth it!!! Your results really do depend on...

150% worth it!!! Your results really do depend on your choice of surgeon and how well you follow there "after surgery" post op instructions!!! I've got some friends who went a cheaper route, and they don't look that much different. I really did my research and read tons of review before I made my final choice. At first I thought some doctors wanted more because of location but what I found is that in order for the fat to survive, it has to be transferred a specific way and if it's not don that way, IT WON't LIVE! Meaning... Ur booty will go flat again. So...they way of doing that take special skill and lots of time & experience. Only a couple of doctors have experience in this and that's why it costs more. Anyway, that said...about my doctor...theres not a day that goes by that I don't think about hugging him and telling him how much he's changed my life! He is the absolute BEST at this procedure. I told him what I wanted and he out did my expectaitions! I wanted a "self" he gave me one... I wanted my back fat gone and he made me look like a hour glass. I didn't want my legs to look too skinny for my booty and he filled me out! Every time I look at myself, I feel like I'm dreaming! When I saw the before and afters on his site, I loved them but was worried about them being photoshop and touched up,but... When I walked into his office, I noticed all of his staff had nice round butts... All of them had it done by him and some where 4 years old.. Wow! After that, I was sold! And now seeing myself... I'm in a dream! It doesn't look fake. Not only did he give me a nice round booty but he scultped my body! I was worried about my stomach being lipo because of what I've seen with other doctors work. But I honestly have a freakin six pack! Some people may not like that six pack look, but I specificlly ackes for it and he damn sure did it! Wow! I don't have to do any sit ups or diet really hard any more. I don't know what I'm more ompressed with, my abbs or my booty. Another thing that he did for me is... I had "sattle bags" on my outer thighs and sense I didn't want "chicken legs" (skinny) with a big butt.. He filled in my lower hips on the side all the way down to the sattle bags and just filled me out. So the sattle bags blend inn with my new curvey hips and I look so sexy! My new hips make my waist look soooo tiny. Note.. I wanted this... He doesn't just do what "he thinks will look good"... He listens to what YOU want and does it. If something is unrealistic, he will tell you the truth... Not lie to you! As far as cons go... The recovery is not easy but the bad is over fast AS LONG AS You FOLLOW THE POST OP INSTRUCTIONS! I think the whole procedure is a 50/50 relationship between you and ur doctor. He has to know his stuff AND YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW EVEY SINGLE TINY DETAIED INSTRUCTION HE GIVES YOU TO INSURE THE FAT SURVIES! And wear ur garment! It really will make a diference! I love my doctor and I honestly believe he's given me a new life! I'm writing this on my phone s I can't upload pics but if you contact me I can email you pics!

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he is honesty the best!!!

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