Fat Transfer Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds and Rhinoplasty - the worst thing I've ever done

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Hi everyone, 16 days ago I've done a nose job...

Hi everyone,

16 days ago I've done a nose job plus fat transfer from tight to cheeks and nasolabial folds. I'm only 27 but because of my genetics the area around my nose and mouth used to be quite hollow. So, I decided to take advantage of my rhinoplasty to slightly correct that imperfection and get little volume on my cheeks. The doctor warned me that he'd overfill my face because 20% - 50% of the fat was going to be absorbed in few months. I have to confess that I wasn't expecting to become such a monster during recovering days. I thought fat transfer was quite simple, since I'd used previously 2 types of not-permanent fillers in the same areas (successfully). Ok, for the 2 past weeks I'e seen huge improvements on my face, and I absolutely love my new nose, but I have to confess that I'm quite worried about my cheeks. During the first week I was looking like a watermelon and it took 9 days and one corticoids injection to see the firsts improvements. At that point I was totally depressed. To be honest I've been living a hard moment in life, sometimes I feel glad because of the improvements, sometimes I got fucking desperate and I think I'm gonna look like a chipmunk for ever. I know it takes in average 3 months to the swelling and over fat to go down, but sometimes I just feel myself miserable.

I posted this to share my experience and to comfort people are going through the same experience of mine.

Al the best

Totally disapointed, desperated and depressed

Well, 4 months has passed, a lot of swelling went down, but I still feel like I've taken the worst decision of my life transfering fat to my face. With 60 days my face went terribly worst, swollen like never before. I really dont know whats was going on. I got really really swollen until 3 months, so that's the reason I didn't update here earlier. Well, as you can see, my cheecks are strongly overfilled, sometimes I dont feel myself. I cry almost everyday, I think I've became obssessed about my look. I'm depressed, don't want go to work, I'm really in a bad situation. My nose is not so bad but it's not the way I thought it would be.
Well, this has ruined my life, for sure. But I'll not give up. Now I'm trying to find a new doctor who can fix my face. Its not easy, I dont have money, since I'm still paying for the first procedure. I hope I can find a good doctor to take all this fat with microliposuction. I've seen a lot of successful cases around. Despite of all, I'm optimist, I think things are going to be ok sometime. It takes time, we have to be patients and strong to face this problem with hope. There's always hope. I took some picture of last weekend, oh Jesus, awful.
Now my only desire is to take it off. In 2 months the doctor said all the swollen will be gone and I'll be ready to do it. :) Looking forward.

I wish you all the best. Keep strong. We're all winners!! :)
Thank you for the messages of support.
If anyone would like to talk about it please send me a private message.

5 months

Some pictures of before/now.

6 months post rhinoplasty revision and facial liposuction - feeling hopefull

Hi guys, 6 months ago I got my nose revision and my cheeks liposuction. I was very lucky to find the best doctors in São Paulo, who performed an excelent job, both in my nose and my face. I´m feeling so gratefull and happy with my results. My nose looks better, with a proeminent nose bridge, as I wanted before. Regarding my boched fat transfer, I got very depressed and desperated with my results for so many time. I´ve lost all my face definition and looked like a chubby child for months. I waited 6 months to get some fat absorbed, but in my case, it just stayed there firmly. After most of all swelling went down, I got a facial lipo suction. It was a very pleasing and restful procedure. I was under general anesthetic and got very little swelling, most of it coming from my nose. Now, after 6 months of procedure, I´m still not totally satisfied with my face. I´m way better, but still have some extra fat in wrong places of my face, specially in lower cheeks. I´ve talked to my doctors and they told me to wait more 2 months, and then we can go for a new liposuction, this time a smaller one, under only local anesthesia. I´m very confident and hoping for the best. I trust them very much. Well, it´s a long path to victory, and we have to be patient. I don´t know how much more I´ll have to wait to look in tht mirror and like what I see. But I´m walking toward it. If you´re in the same situation of mine, I want to tell you that it´s not impossible to get your self confidence back, but you have to be patient and strong to find the best doctor to undo your botched results. It´s not easy, I cried in despair so many times I can´t tell, but I had support of my lovely husband and my family, this is so important. Your case is not impossible, keep it in mind. It takes time, it takes energy, it takes money, but you can do it. Step by step and you achieve your dream. Sometimes we think we´ll go crazy but stay strong! This is not your whole story, it´s only a chapter in you life. My lovely doctor said me: Take this situation you´re going through as a very precious opportunity of learning and becoming a better and stronger person in the end. Let´s be happy because life is good :) Cheers,
Dr Jacintho Sanchez

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