Mommy Makeover TT/ Breast lift and Aug and Lipo Sides

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Lost 20+ lbs from 176 to 148 in 7mos working out...

Lost 20+ lbs from 176 to 148 in 7mos working out mostly running.
Opted for MM in August. Mommy of 2 (7
And 4) 5'2 current weight 148 at day of surgey. I was a 34C prob now a large D. Got 295cc implants but somewhat disappointed wanted a little smaller though i am very swollen. We'll see. Will post pics when more coherent.

Day 3 wisihing it was day 30

Hello, since following everyone's transformation storiea and journeys I was so ready for my MM. Now 3 days post op, I am trying hard to remember "patience in healing is key." Though I don't regret the procedure and look forward to the great results, I am feeling guilty my two little ones are being ignored by mommy. Especially since it is the weekend and I can't take them out to play. My hubby has been great but I see that he ia tired. Has anyone felt queezy and nauseas walking these first few days? When will I be able to walk straight again? My back is screaming!

Under the bandages... Sneak peak

Day 3

Under the bandages... Sneak peak

Drains are out! Yeah!

Took out drains today. Was told by staff that I needed to bend more and not to walk so upright. Ouch!! My back screemed. Got a first look at my flat tummy. Since it is numb it's weird to touch. In compression garment now which I prefer since I don't get the feeling I am ripping apart my stiches. Tummy looks great and area of lipo has little bruising. I started the Arnica Homeopath 5 days pre surgery and am still taking it now. It really works.

Thurs. I will get a glimpse at my new "girls". I had a lift with implants High profile texture 295 cc. I will post pics soon. As for now they are covered in white tape.

I am originally from N.E but in Brazil for a year. Here in Brazil all docs recommend a lymphatic massage (10 or more) daily sessions. They cost about $25 per seasion for one hour and the physicalrherapist comes to my home. Nice! It is meant to help reduce swelling and not allow for any knots I guess. Mine will start tomorrow so hopefully no pain. I will upload pics tomorrow.
Has anyone experienced a throbbing headach post op? I am taking pain meds, but nothing makes my head stop hurting. My doc says I need to drink 3 liters of liquid a day. Still not helping. An now with the compression garment, peeing has become a balancing act.

Day 5 post op MM

No pain no gain???

Day 6

Week One behind me now...

Today is Thurs and those around me living their normal lives say the week has flown by. Not for nothing, I need it to go by a little faster, like a whole week faster. My back is screeming. Though I am amazed that I am ble to walk a whole lot further bent then I did just two days ago. All else is going as I planned and as I read from my realself friends.

Tragedy Struck!

While taking advantage of my first full shower day (with ok from my doc yesterday) I fell in the shower while sitting on a plastic bench. The bench totally collapsed from under me. I tried staying tight on my stomach but held myself with my left arm. Now I can feel soreness and pulling on my left breast and left side of stomach. Hopefully no major damage.

Getting over the hump...can't wait for a full night sleep

Had a good weekend. Grandparents took kids for a sleep over. Had some peace and quiet for a few hours and they had a ball. Looking forward to sleep a full night soon. Been off pain meds and now on motrin 600 as needed, mostly in the eves before bed I am sore.

Week 3 gets easier...

I am t week 3 post op. Scars are healing great. Arnica is a must for any surgery. Tummy feels tight when I try walking completly straight therefore I find that I still hunch forward a bit. Breast are tender and swollen. I wonder how long before they drop a bit and take on a final shape. My belly button looks great. Next week the doc is telling me he will grant me permission to do a lot more activities. Can't wait start working out and to give shape to my new bod. Loving the resulta though first few weeks are no joke. Sleep is tough.

More pics... Feeling human again

Thank God for all the people who helped me weeks 1&2.


Open breast wound sucks.

One month mark last week felt awesome. Took all tape off and ok to do most exercises. However, small wounds under each breast, which were like dried scabs, have since gotten worse. The doc advised me to start using an antibacterial ointment on each scab. This past 4 days the scabs has moistened and peeled off leaving the wounds looking gross and raw. Has anyone experienced caring for these types of wounds? I wonder if the scarring will be bad after.
Dr. Martinelli


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