New Tatto - A Lot of Regret, Not Sure What to Do - Brazil

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Hello guys, First of all i wanted to say that...

Hello guys,

First of all i wanted to say that i've been reading the reviews from this website in the past few weeks, and it's helping me a lot.
My situation isn't very different from the others, I'm basically full of tattoo regret, and this thing is devastating me.

The reason behind the tatto: I lost my mother last year, and decided to make a tattoo of a lyric of a song that is basically about a mother talking to her son, and what she expects from him and for his life. The song is called "Simple Man", by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and i find it very beautiful.
It's really meaningful to me, or it was, because from the moment I made this tattoo I felt that it looks horrible, and too big for me.

I'm looking for laser removal, and went to a doctor that told me that this was a nice tattoo for removing, since I'm white, the tattoo is black, it is not very dark (has some failures in some letters - but just if you look very closely), and its on my ribs. He told me I could get this out with 6 sessions (but, by the reviews I have seen on this website, I think it could take more).

By now, im feeling huge anxiety, feeling obssessed and I think I CAN'T HANDLE the long journey of removing the tattoo.
The best would be to accept the tattoo, and I'm trying really hard to get used to it. But I think I'm having too much trouble in that - it's not comming naturally -, and im regretting all the time and becoming really depressed.

I think that if I show this tattoo to other people, go to the pool, to the beach without a shirt, this would help a lot my acceptance, but by now i can't go a lot in the sun.

I just cant think of any other thing in my life. I need to accept this tattoo, or need to remove it - but I'm not sure I can hadle the removal time.

I need some help from you guys, since it's ruining my life. All I can think is that this tattoo is nasty, horrible, and not for me.

Thank you very much, wish you all the best

And sorry for my bad english

Another picture

Here is another picture of it. It's about 5.5 x 2.6 inches, and the size is making me feel really unconfortable.

I'm not very confident about my appearance, and maybe that is why I'm feeling that way about my tattoo. I'm praying everyday to get used to it, but self destructing thoughts, such as "I destroyed my body", "I shouldn't have done that" keeps coming every minute.

Later I will post pictures from a bigger distance, so you can see how it fits on my body. I'll keep you informed about the laser procedure, and if I'm going trough it.

Wish you all the best
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