I've Never Felt So Bad in my Whole Life :(((

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Hi guys, first of all sorry for my english... I am...

Hi guys, first of all sorry for my english... I am from Brazil and I have 25 years old.
I've had a cover up in my lower leg a few weeks ago, I went to a very recognised tattoo place here, and I think the design is beautiful... I thought I would love it but the contrary happens and I just hate it! I wish it is a nightmare, I wish I could come back on time and never had it done .. I fell anxious, depressive, can't sleep and eat... I was a very confident person and always happy but I can't recognise me anymore... My parents says the tatoo is beautiful and I shouldn't worry about it.... I have 5 more tattos and I am ok if others but I am so unhappy with this one... I think it is too big and dark, and I always liked to wear dresses and shorts and I don't wanna show my legs anymore... I don't know what to do... I can't think about any other thing! I spend many hours per day looking for removal tattoo... this is affecting me a lot... can't concentrate on my job and studies... There's still no Picosure lasers available in Brazil. They use just the switched laser... at the same time I've heard that the switched laser works better on black tattoos... but I don't know if worth it and I don't want make a bad decision again... Please help me... I don't know how to get away from these bad feelings :((((
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