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I've had a permant tattoo makeup in my eyebrows 3...

I've had a permant tattoo makeup in my eyebrows 3 months ago and I hated it! It was too dark, black, and uneven. I don't know why I did it, my eyebrows were perfect, I thought it would help me.

I got so depressed and started looking for solutions (I also started going to therapy!!).

I started laser treatment for removal. I live in Brazil and my dermatologist said he uses q switched Nd-YAG laser. He's a very good dermatologist and here the laser price is around 150$ each session.

I had one trial laser session in one spot one month ago, and last Wednesday (6 days ago) I had full brows laserd off. I still have more sessions ahead, but I'm feeling so much better now it's faded a little.

It's been a nightmare!!!

Sorry my English is not very good, I just wanted to share my experience with girls that are also unsatisfied with their eyebrow tattoos..

Check the photos

Second laser session one week after

I've done a second laser session just one week after the first one. Now I'm worried I didn't wait long enough. I hope I don't have any permanent side effect. It's so red and there's bleeding.

Hair growing back black

Some people asked about the hair color
It was growing back black again, I don't know if the picture is good enough to see that
This was a week after first laser session

Second laser session (1 week after first) - immediately after

I've had a second laser session just a week after the first one... I'm worried I didn't wait long enough...
Dr. Mauricio Martins

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