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Hi girls! So, here's my history. I am 21 year...

Hi girls! So, here's my history.

I am 21 year old, no child, around 5,4 of height and 137lbs, living in Brazil!
Since my breasts started growing, felt like they should not be growing like that. I lost around 26lbs 2 years ago, never been really heavy, just a little overweight, and even before the weight fluctuation my boobs never looked how I wanted to.

I have a good frame, lots os muscles in legs and arms (work out quite hard since I was 18) but really BAD skin, with a bunch of strech marks in my breasts, back, legs, most of them showed up while I was growing.

So, therefore said, next saturday I will be submitting into a breast lift procedure, along with 300cc implants and lipo of flanks and abdomen.

I intend to post some pictures later, so we can keep up following my results!

So guys, i mentioned before that i would do along...

So guys, i mentioned before that i would do along with the lift, liposuction. Had an issue with the clinic (the lipo doctor's father died so he won't be able to do the lipo. Since the other doctor specialty are the breasts, he's not able to do the lipo), therefore next saturday i will get the lift only and after 2mo they will do the lipo, since ill need some time to heal.

Woul like to mention as well that most of people who a tell about the surgery aren't all supportive. In fact, many try to convince me i should not do plastic surgery. I guess most people does not have the courage to put yourself under pain, just to look good.

Every time I refuse some tasty food, I suffer. Everyday in gym, I suffer. So, I guess it is my choice to do things to feel better, and as long i'm healthy, I can't see the problem with that. Obviously, if you have no pain, there's no gain. My body is my temple, and I WANT to look good. I believe I really deserve looking into the mirror and feel like a million bucks, feel like a bombshell, make my boyfriend feeling proud of me and other than that, feeling good about myself.

I'm young, have great body figure, pretty muscle legs, defined arms, and yes, looks DO MATTER for me. The way I look, really matters to me, that is the reason why I'm doing that.

Maybe that will change with time, those thoughts, but for now, I want to be hot as hell. Work my ass of in the gym for that, goint through plastic surgery for that.

After that said, would like to mention that I have set down in reality so I know how I could look like, I don't expect anything unrealistic =).

If I knew I would be so judged, would not have told many people, as I did.

Please excuse some misspells or grammar errors, english is not my first language =)

Uploaded some pics, pre op!

Uploaded some pics, pre op!

Here I am, on the other side now and taking some...

Here I am, on the other side now and taking some rest :)

Arrived at the hospital around 8 am, changed to a *beautiful* gown and waited for a little. After being taken to the o. r., the doctor came, gave me some things in the IV and I blacked out. Felt like 5 min, but I woke up four hours later. Because I had an epidural, my legs and everything like my bum and legs and even my girl stuff was all numb, so I couldn't pee :/. Such an awkward feeling! After some good rest I'm here, at home already. Feel a little sore, most under my boobs and back, but so far quite manageable. Just sad that I can't look at them until wednesday, on my post op appointment. As soon as I can see them I will take some pics and update :) gotta take some rest now

Here to tell that I survived first nigh :). At...

Here to tell that I survived first nigh :). At nigh I guess the anesthesia ended and I started to fell quite in pain, slept at 00:00 and woke up around 2 am and 5 am, to go pee, then i woke up definitely at 8:45
. What hurts the most it is to get up, once I stand in my feet, feels like my breasts are going to fall on the floor, and at night I also needed some extra pillows arms would get in the same level of my chest.

Most of the pain is under the breasts and my back. I also find hard to take a deep breath, because of the pressure in my chest, so sometimes I get a little short of breath when I'm talking. Just want this shitty pain to go away.

My doctor says should not put ice on the breasts... even though I'm following his directions, I really would like to ice ny breasts a little, to see if it helps the pain. The surgical bra that I'm using it Ian quite tight too, worsening the tight chest feeling. By now everything is quite a pain in the ass but I guess once I heal and feell better things will seem in place ;)

I was writing a post but lost it :/ felling much...

I was writing a post but lost it :/ felling much better today, less pain and a little itching, so I guess healing started...

Reading reviews here I've noticed that the post op...

Reading reviews here I've noticed that the post op indications are a lot different here in Brazil. For an example, I can't put ice packs, I'm using a special bra, made of special compressive fabric only for plastic surgery (my post op bra). For 20 day I'm not allowed to lift my arms, can move only below my elbows. I'm also wearing compressive stockings, in order to prevent blood cloghs (don't know if that's how it spells LOL). These days I've been bathing only below the waist. Wired bras will be allowed to use only after two to three months. Mild exercise can be done after four weeks, but since my implants were positioned under the muscle I will be able to exercise these muscles only after three months as well.

Good morning! Forgot to mention these days that...

Good morning!

Forgot to mention these days that I've got gummy bear implants, made of cohesive silicone gel. Here in Brazil doctors don't use saline implants (I never seem them here)

I'm also feeling better everyday! Today I had a good nigh of sleep, only disturbed by the fact that I can't change position at night and by the back pain, but with virtually no pain on the breasts. Itchiness increased a lot on bottom of my breasts.

Since saturday I also experienced some constipation (I guess many will have some on the first days) butility last nigh and today I was able to use the bathroom so I believe this is solved too, I was actually pretty worried because my belly was so swollen that I looked 4 months pregnant!

Talking about painkillers, the day after surgery was hard, since I decided to use only Tylenol during the day, but it was practically nothing on the pain. At nigh I had a stronger, codeine based painkiller and I worked better for my sleep. Had the last pill last nigh and I probably won't need them anymore, I'm in day 4 (counting the surgery day) and I guess this is good! So far so good ; )

Back home now from post op appointment! Bandages...

Back home now from post op appointment! Bandages were taken of, changed my bra for a clean one and now I can shower properly. I'm in day 5 and only very little pain on the bottom incisions. The doctor who saw me today is the assistant of my surgeon and she said everything looked fine, no bruising, no ripped stitches and just a little weepy clear liquid coming out of drain holes. I didn't even knew I had drains! Doc said they are quite small drains. Feeling great! Now I only find difficult to comb my hair but I hope I'll get toothed hairdresser today, so I can have it washed.

For today, that's it!

Im back! I'm now 5 days post op and feeling...

Im back!

I'm now 5 days post op and feeling good! Not feeling to much pain, just a bit disconfort to sleep (sometimes it still feels like bowling balls on my chest). I also noticed that if I put to much distress to my body i'm likely to feel muscle related pain, on top of my left breast.

Talking about the implants, left breast is a little higher on my chest, but i will start massaging and wednesday I will have a post op appointment, in wich I'll ask if I'll need a stabilizing band, that is a band made of compressive fabric that will make the implants to set on the right place.

Im really happy with my results so far and i guess it can only get better =).

I would like to tell too, pray for the victims of the fire, that happened in a nightclub on the south of my country. I don't have any related people there, where it happened, but I'm from Sao Paulo, the biggest city on my contry and it could have occurred here, it could have been me, my boyfriend, some of my friends,

Pray for their souls =(

New pics:)

New pics:)

Ahh the shooting pains! Wednesday went to doctor...

Ahh the shooting pains! Wednesday went to doctor to have curatives changed. By the doctor everything looks fine, though I have a little opening on the T incision of my left breast. Had also stiches removed and tomorrow I will start an ultrasound treatment, in order to reduce swelling and improve healing. For now, breast feel quite sore and I have some shooting pains on them. I have sensation on right nipple, even though it is not full, they actually hurt! I guess it is from the micropore strips, nipples have a really sensitive skin. Lefty has little to no sensation. Had a little gunk coming out of the junctions at the T and under the nipples, but very little.

Im also really scared that my boobs will sag again =( the implants have dropped a little, dont look saggy at all but since my skin is really bad i am overreacting and MUCH scared that it will happen. The open incision scared me a lot too, really afraid to happen to other incisions, but Im using a treatment cream to help it heal.

I never ever had a single moment of regret, just a few down moments where im scared my boobs will sag and the incisions will open...

Hello! After 3 days of last update, today Im...

Hello! After 3 days of last update, today Im feeling better... The shooting pains have diminished, and turned into a burning sensation... righ nipple is very sensitive in a bad and achy way but I guess onde it heals it will have full sensation YAY! Left one, I still dont feel anything... Really hope some day it will be back...So for now, I have a burning sensation with quite sensitive skin, mostly on the sides... Also, friday I started an ultrasound treatment, wich is meant to help with swelling and healing... So for now not much difference, the open stiches on the bottom of my breasts are healing well and i have some asymmetry, but my breats were asymmetric already before... Right breast is dropping and fluffing faster than lefty, since it was the bigger one i guess it is normal...

Is said also that submuscular implants take longer to drop and to have less swelling... I hope left one drops more, but I will be satisfied even with a little assymetry, just a lot better than 21 years old and saggy!

Hi girls! Came back to say that around day 12 I...

Hi girls! Came back to say that around day 12 I had really bad sensitive skin, as if it were hurt, but it went down in a coulpe days... I'm now on day 23 and everything is good, have nice movability on arms, can almost do evertything I used to before. just feel a little muscular weekness, as if i'm not strong enough to do somethings... Implants sitll hiding a little high but looking better everyday!

I've been scared of the little assymetry, due the right breast, wich was larger, appear more dropped than right, but hopefully things will get along well... New pics posted =)

Hi girls, updated some new pics, without the steri...

Hi girls, updated some new pics, without the steri strips, shape is a little different between them but overall I'm really happy with the outcome of my surgery! For now, I have just soreness to the scars, but that's all!

Hi girls! Reached the 8 weeks mark, 2mo PO. I'm...

Hi girls!

Reached the 8 weeks mark, 2mo PO. I'm working out aready, some more pics uploaded. Scars are still sore but boobs feel pretty natural!
Just really worried, sometimes I see a HUGE difference between them, but when I look at pictures does not look that bad. Do you think they turned out too different? I know i was not even before surgery!

3months post op pic ;)

3months post op pic ;)

4 months po

another pic 4 months post op

How I feel

After 4 months PO I feel normal LOL. I mean, I dont have any pain, some days I feel the implants more and some other days they are justa a part of my body. I really oved my results and pretty sure would do it again. Love the natural look of having big perky boobs that match my body figure and fits me really nicely. Now I'm getting ready for the liposuction afore mentioned and have the intention to blog about that too, and really happy that my breasts now fit my age, my figure, my looks. They look good and the only thing I still think it is hard it is to find cute bras since here in Brazil they dont usually sell bras with different cup sizes.
Before the surgery I had a DD cup, but I think it was actually a D because my bras had some space on the cup. Now I fill my DD nicely, no more spaces, so im a full DD.

lipo blog!

Check the liposuction section, had it a few days ago and now I'm healing :) wish me luck!


Being back after a few months, im posting late post op pics. 7 months already, today! I really like my new boobs. Dont feel ashamed anymore when i have to get naked in front of boyfriend. Maybe it is too much information, but any girl with saggy breasts must have already felt ashamed of some sexual positions, or to see breasts moving too much while doing... it LOL. Dont feeel it anymore ;)
Obviously they have a little shape difference, but I guess I only keep worried about that because I see my breasts in details. My boyfriend did not said they look much too different.

Would have done it all again ;)


close up scars

more close up scars

Dr Luiz Anchieta

Recommendation from my sister in law. If you are from São Paulo, BR and ended up here and need an indication, contact me!

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