21 Years Old, Motiva Ergonomix 550cc - Slovakia

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From a very young age I always admired Silicone...

From a very young age I always admired Silicone Breasts. As I grow up, my breast size was approximately 70B, but it was still changing depending on my body weight.

Since I was 10 years old, I started to play squash competitively. Nowadays I quit with squash, but I'm still keen on sports like running, cossfit and so on...
I had always an athletic body and was doing many sports. I feel very comfortable and physically fit when I'm slim and also with some muscles. I have to mention that I am 172cm tall.
So it was really depressing for me when I lose weight and simultaneously also breast and my bras were to big. Subsequently I always gain my weight back and I wasn't happy with my fat again.
At present, I am post exams at my University so I took up and before the surgery I was around 58kg. This is not the weight, by which I am feeling good.

My doctor said that I can choose from Anatomical Breast Implants 475cc and Motiva Ergonomix 550cc. I have chosen the second one, because my boyfriend still says that I have to do round Implants! :D
They have some memory gel, which is constantly changing depending on my body position. For instance, if I stand, the gel goes down and will make more natural look like with Anatomic Implants, if I lie on my right side my breast will go very slightly to the right and moreover, if I lie on the bed they will be round :) So they are like a compromise between round and anatomicals.

Furthermore, I was afraid with the size. I wanted full C, but my doctor advised my 550ccs and said that it would fit me better because my chest wide and that my final look will be between full C and smaller D.

But I was comparing my proportions with others on this site and I had still that thought that they will be too big. However, I read a lot reviews where many women said that they regret they hadn't gone bigger! As a result, I was really confused, but I decided that I would trust my surgeon and agreed with 550cc.

The First Week

As I woke up after the surgery, I had gone through the biggest pain in my life.
I felt like they picked all my ribs away. I was afraid to drink anything, because I was afraid that I will need to go on WC. Moreover, I couldn't even talk because everything hurts. I stared to feel lightly better in the evening.

The second day, was much better....I was able to eat something and make some short conversations.

Afterwards, every another day I am feeling better.



They started to look better than last few days, but I look forward till they will drop

Day 13

2 weeks, 70 D

2 moths update

I really love them! They dropped already and got used to my new size :)


Dr. Jozef Hedera

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