38 Years Old, Finally Making Me a Priority - Brandon, MS

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I grew up only going to the dentist when needed. ...

I grew up only going to the dentist when needed. So i never had a family dentist or got used to one. While in high school, one of my mother's coworkers was in dental school, and needed friends/family to come do X-rays to see if they were candidates to get work done during their final "hands-on" year. Luckily (?), my X-rays revealed that I needed a root canal and crown in the back of my mouth, as well as a few fillings. I guess due to it being the dental school, this took multiple visits, and unknowingly added to my dental anxiety as an adult. In college, due to an bases, I found a dentist in where I was going to school and started going to him somewhat regularly, when I could. I was self supporting during school, so often it was only when budget permitted. When my wisdom teeth started coming in, they never caused pain, but due to my small mouth and odd positioning, I could not brush them easily and they were putting pressure against the rest of my teeth. I had them removed by the dentist, as I could not afford the oral surgeon. Nightmare, I remember vividly him having to crack them in half and the yanking to remove them. So once again, I avoided the dentist. When i was almost 30, once again a mouth full of issues, I made a point to try and overcome my dental fears. Found a dentist through friends, started seeing him and getting some work done. A couple of extractions and bridge work. I got to where I felt better about my mouth, and still needed work done, but the next step was going to be about $6k, and after a job loss, I had to put it on hold. My mother started going to the same dentist, and during one of her procedures, he noticed something odd, possibly just an ulcer. But to be safe, he sent her to a specialist for a biopsy. Turns out it was oral cancer, and within a year and some very major surgeries removing jaw and upper palette, she was gone. This just heightened my dental anxiety, to the point I stopped going again. Now, at age 38, almost 39, I had even more broken teeth, and at a point where I wanted to regain control of my fear. I have not open mouth smiled in years, due to shame. Friends did not even realize I was missing some teeth and it was always awkward when teeth or dentistry came up, for me, not them. After waking up one morning a month ago, with yet another broken tooth in my mouth, I made the call to go see a sedation dentist in my area. Due to some major issues, he outlined several options, and due to the shape my teeth were in, I decided for full mouth extraction, with an All on 4 Zirconia dentures screw retained on titanium bars. While this is the most expensive option presented, I am hoping the initial cost will be offset when compared to the long term, given my age. I had my teeth extracted and impact bases set on Tuesday, April 26th. The surgery went well, and all 8 implants were placed with no problems. I felt little to no pain, I would describe it more as discomfort. Initially, the game plan was to insert temporary dentures in to help reduce swelling and wear for the interim 4-6 months of healing. But after surgery, they felt it best to leave the bottom dentures out to avoid any excess pressure on the bottom jaw. During my post op check up yesterday, they decided to keep the upper denture out as well, because it was rubbing. Other than that, they told me everything was looking great. I go back next week to hopefully get the sutures out and another check up. Dr. Germany with Germany Dental here in Brandon, MS has been great. He even called me Tuesday evening after surgery to make sure I was doing fine and let me know that he was calling from his cell phone and to save the number in case I needed anything. He reiterated that point during my post op yesterday, so I feel he truly does care. This has gone a long way in my anxiety. At the moment, I look like I got into a barroom brawl, with the swelling and bruising. But he said that is to be expected. The swelling has started to subside some, so hopefully it will continue to go down over the weekend.

Just a quick update

Just wanted to update. Weekend went well. No major pains. I did over do it a bit Saturday, as I got out of the house to run some errands. Thought I would only be gone a few hours, and was not back for almost 6 hours. At that point, just from staying busy, I was really feeling it. I got home, took my meds and rested, and within the hour definitely felt a ton better. Today took it pretty easy. I am eating soft foods, mainly soups, mashed potatoes and eggs. I did try some baked fish this weekend, two types. Baked catfish was really good, and easy to eat, just in small bites. I also tried baked tilapia. I did not like the taste, and it was a bit more firm than the catfish.

7 Day Post Op Check Up

Past few days were definitely more challenging. I think it is in part to the area around the stitches healing. I went in today for my 7 day post op check up, and Dr. Germany said I was doing great! He actually seemed a little bit surprised at how well, in fact. So they took almost all the stitches out on the top, and told me to come back on Friday to get the remaining stitches out. It was a relief to hear that all seemed to be progressing well. He told me to continue whatever I was doing, because it was working!

Day 7 Pic

Missing my teeth

Got the rest of my stitches out today. So thankful. They were really beginning to irritate the hell out of me. But, honestly, today I am missing my teeth. I want to chew on something...soft food/soups are getting old. I am sure this will pass, and will be able to put the temporary dentures in on next Friday. On a positive, I have lost about 15lbs in the past week and a half.

All is going well

Just wanted to update and say so far so good. The Dr is extremely happy with the progress. He had me going in once a week for X-rays and an occasional CT Scan, but on the last visit he told me to wait two weeks before I come back and to keep doing whatever I am doing because it is healing beautifully. Looks like I am leaning toward the shorter time period on getting my perms. Woohoo!!!
Someone asked me what the first thing I will want to eat will be. I told them there really is not just a single food that makes me want it the most, just the ability to chew again!

Still on the journey to a beautiful smile!

I have not updated in a bit, because there had been no significant change. I've been going in every few weeks just for them to check on my progress. I have really been happy with the staff at Germany Dental. Today, I went in so that they could uncover the implants, and put healing caps on them. Not going to lie or sugar coat it and say it did not hurt. But, Dr. Germany told me beforehand that it was not going to be pleasant. On the bright side, after this heals, everything going forward should be relatively pain free. He did tell me that going forward would truly be a slow process, as he wants to make sure I have a perfect smile. Only a little over 2 more months left!

So far, so good!

Well, my journey only has less than two months to go! I know a lot of the reviews on here that I read are of people who have the same day placement of their implants. My dentist prefers the old school method and I have no complaints on it. This was explained in the beginning, so I knew it going in. When he did the extraction, he placed the implants and then recovered the implant sites so that they can heal undisturbed. Two weeks ago, Dr. Germany went in and made incisions to my gums to expose the implants and place healing caps on them and then sutured up around them. The whole process only took about 40 minutes. It was not that bad and there was no bruising. He said we are shooting for the beginning of October to be done and from here on out it will just be a lot of quick office visits. I was forewarned by friends that he is a perfectionist, hence the many visits. Another reason is that even though he has his own dental lab, because I chose to go with the prettau zirconia, my teeth will be required to be made offsite. I chose that material due to it being the most durable and hopefully get more lifetime out of them. He has also told me repeatedly throughout my journey that I am healing great and pretty speedy. The staff is so awesome. They all have learned me by name and when I go in, as I pass down booths, they all are so warm and welcoming saying hello to me using my name.
On a side note, my "in-laws" just got back from an Alaskan cruise. While on board, they met a dentist who only does restorative work. While he does not do this procedure, he told my MIL that I am getting a great price and it really does change with where you are in the country. While I had already read that and told her the same thing, it was great for her to actually hear that from a dentist.

I can see the finish line

Hey gang. I know it has been awhile. I had my wax try in on Tuesday. It was freaking amazing. Please disregard the color, as this was just a wax try in. I should get my temps next week. I know for many reading, someone may wonder why my dentist does not do the same day process. Yes, it would have been great not having to go the length of time I have without teeth. But, my dentist prefers doing implants the traditional way. The implants were placed during my extraction surgery, and then the gums sewn back up to be able for the implant to heal undisturbed. Does not mean his way is better or that there is anything wrong with same day loading. I made my choice in selecting him and just thought for the amount of money I am spending, I want to go the safe road since I was more likely to avoid foods that could put pressure on the implants before they are ready. Also, by choosing my local Dr., I could quickly resolve any issues that occurred in the process. I over worry sometimes. This process has been extremely satisfying has virtually eliminated my dental anxiety.
Anyhow, back to my wax try in. It was so great. Since the entire staff has at one point seen me since I have been coming in, everyone wanted to come in and see . The detail is amazing. I was a little concerned about the color. I do not want to go the brightest you can go, but considering how much money I am spending, I really do not care if someone thinks, "oh he had work done". Damn, skippy I did! I pulled my tech to the side and asked what color these were, and she immediately responded, "oh, that's doodoo brown, but yours are going to be hollywood!" So next week I should have my temps. Dr. Germany wants me to wear those for about a month so I can get used to them and make adjustments as needed, and then my finals will be constructed out of the prettau zrconia. While I know iI looked pretty traumatic after my extraction/implant placement surgery, in the end I have healed faster than any of his other implant patients. I still have no regrets in the choices I have made. Dr. Germany and his staff have been nothing but first class and almost feel like family.
As soon as I have my temps in, I will post pics.

Today was magical!

I got my temporary teeth today! It feels so odd after not having teeth for almost 6 months. I only left the Dr's office about an hour ago, and I am already speaking better than when he first put them in. I will have these for about a month or a little more so I can live with them and see if we need to make any adjustments before they make the final set out of Zirconia. I am so happy. We leave for a 7 day cruise on Sunday, and I was so afraid of not having teeth while on the vacation.

Nothing but Happy

It's been over 4 months since I got my finals, and I am still super happy with my smile. It is such a confidence booster when people stop me and tell me I have beautiful teeth...and trust me, it happens a lot! Just wanted to update with some pics. We got married in March, and so glad I went through this journey and was able to give a nice wide smile on that day! I will try to get some more pictures that are more focused on my teeth, but for now, here are two from our wedding/honeymoon cruise.
Dr. Jonathan Germany

I am very happy with Dr. Germany. He really is tearing down the wall of dental anxiety I had built

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