LIPO TUMMY TUCK & BBL Definitely want this done in April 2014 have Chosen Ecuador - Brandon, FL

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Hello, my bff introduced me to this site last...

Hello, my bff introduced me to this site last night.. and I have hardly slept glancing at all the reviews..
My bff (look her up, username is LISHERY5) got a Tummy Tuck & Lipo (no butt that's her Natural God Given Gift, lol) with Dr Yily de los Santos in DR..... Now I want to be next! I sent Dr Yily a quote request yesterday for TT LIPO BBL & BA but I didn't send any pics.. Well tonight Im resending a request with pics for TT BBL & BA since per my Bff I dont need lipo... (may want my chin done as well any input please feel free) Im super Excited about this... Believe it or not I'll be 40 come May 2015 and this has been long overdue!! My Tummy needs a tuck after 2 kids.. I have always wanted rounder firm breasts... I don't want them huge... my perfect size would be 36C. My butt is ok but I figured since I live in FL now (moved last oct) I need to keep up with the competition... I swear everyone (or almost everyone) here has had something done... lol This is all for now.. Im going to send my new request to Yily and finish reading the review from Krissylee21 and Laury130 who are very informative.. any other detailed reviews that you may know about please let me know.. the more info the better... I can't be calling my bff at all times of night.. well Actually I can but chose not to... GN Ladies...

The Wait.... Aiming for my surgery to be in April 2014... (1month before my 39th Bday)

Im now waiting on Yily to respond... I sent her a request without pics 2 nights ago.. I sent one with pics last night and to request rates for TT, BA & BBL... I also sent a request through this website.. now just waiting.... Im considering taking a weekend trip in NOV to DR and having a personal consultation with her but since per Reviews she is pregnant not sure If it would even be possible....


Im debating of getting all 3 procedures done at once.. the TT with lipo BBL & BA... Im going to Ecuador in Oct and will be getting some expert opinions... I think I'll just do TT & BA with some lipo with Yily, Hopefully I'll be in DR in Nov and getting a personal opinion before she is due... Im sure if they lipo my tights my Butt will be more noticeable... lol

Back to Update my Profile....

Sorry I havent been on much.... I went to Ecuador in Oct and had a Personal Consultation with Dr Juan Carlos Estrada... got an estimate of $6K for Liposculputure, TT, BA and BBL im originally from Ecuador so I thought it would be great to do it there, however Dr is not available in April or June... Even though I have family there the Airfare is too high, flight is longer and I didnt like the scar on my sister's TT I know it may be her not necessarily his work. Im scared and I hate pain so I figured if Im going to do this its a one time shot and needs to be done asap!! I have noticed the Plastic Surgeons in Dr are well known for a better looking (tinier/tighter) waist which is what Im looking for. Now I was undecided about doing a BA but the more a research the less I wanted to have it all done at once. I didnt get a chance to go to DR but finally got a quote from Yily of 6K as well but I don't like the fact that she doesnt take credit cards. I was recommended to Dr Eugenio Lapaix anybody heard of him? I have googled him and havent found much info on him. I sent him an email with my pics and got a response within 2 days. Got a quote of $3300 for Lipo, TT & BBL (no BA he advised to risky and I agree) I found the price to be decent also the airfare to DR from Fl is more economical and would be non stop flights. I have submitted my vacation request for end of April if approved I'll be scheduling my surgery 4/29 or 4/30 as long as the DR is available... Hope to be here more often since now Im in the OMG I cant stop thinking about getting this done asap Stage... lol Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... I stopped drinking alcohol and started eating detoxifying and healthy shakes. staying off the rice and beans for now. Will be ordering my vitamins next week (Vitamedica Clinical Support for surgery) Until next time RS.

Sleeples in Brandon

Im sure Im not the only one who has had sleepless nights and just browsing through RS until your eyes burned!!! Some of the ladies here look absolutely AMAZING!! most of the ones I look at got their surgery done in Dominican Republic!

Well after I posted my update last night... I went to the bathroom and took pics of my self and sent to Dr Estrada's assistant (PS in Ecuador) Im waiting on the reply of how much my lipo TT & BBL will cost with & without the BA, he had originally quoted me $6k for all but now lets see what the quote is without the BA, If the price is similar to Dr Lapaix without the BA I may just go do it in my country. Dr Lapaix suggested against doing the BA at this time, however Dr Estrada who saw me personally said we can do it all in one shot.. (and since Im such a chicken for pain, I rather to all this at once) I work for the travel industry and today I found decent airfare from NYC to Ecuador and back to FL (less than $600) however its connecting flights, not sure how my body will handle that after surgery. =( If I get it done in Ecuador I'll stay at my sisters house and I'll be pampered to the fullest Also I have my aunt & my stepsister who are both Doctors. I guess the only thing about DR is their results are more of the Curvyness I like & the price is right, i got a great deal on Jenny's RH and daily massages, however, since this is major life or death type of thing.... I would rather have my family with me. Yes I know Im crazy about the back and forth between drs... Im weighing the options, Pro's n Con's etc can I get some advils please??? lol
Thanks for stopping by my page... I also want to Thank the other RS members who take their time to post updates and fill us with alot of useful info. I have a word doc where I take notes of all that I read it.. I'll share once I think its completed.

Until Next Time RS... ?

Still waiting on Quote from Dr Estrada... yes I know its Sunday lol

Was just told by my sister is Carnaval in Ecuador so maybe I wont get a reply this week... Wish I were there but gotta save some money.. I have been watching DR Estrada on twitter, facebook and his webiste and while watching a video he said.... the Happiness of a low price cannot compare to the happiness of a Job well done... Sooo since price was an issue between Dr Lapaix (which I didnt find much info on) and DR Juan Carlos Estrada el Dr de las Estrellas (the Dr of the Stars, he has performed surgery on playboy & penthouse models, actors and actresses in Ecuador and some International Stars in USA & Europe) I think I would be in great hands... I want the Yily type of tummy tuck the Duran type BBL lets just pray he agrees since he is from Ecuador and they're all about the slim natural look unlike us American wanting the Caribbean big boobs, tiny waist & Big booty look.. also lets pray he gives me a great price, Im hoping no more than $4500 for the Lipo TT BBL... no BA ;(
GN RS ok ok I wont stay up all night I promise!!! obsessed much?? lol GN


Received an email with a quote for Lipo Tummy Tuck N BLL of $4000 I'm excited I thought it would be around $4500 so that's less than what I had in my mind... its a good thing bc now my sister who got her tummy tuck by Dr Estrada as well is telling me that I should get the massages at his clinic (est $40 per session) and she also advise that I should get Carboxitherapy?? its $250 for 5 sessions for my chin and arms. I been here at RS trying to research IT but haven't found much info on it.
Now all I'm waiting for is my Vac days and once confirmed I can start daydreaming about my new look.. and start shopping.


Sooooooo I didnt get my vacation approved for April.. Im so bummed out... but I figured God knows what he is doing... I feel like going for some therapy shopping but Cant.. I feel like just going out & eating the biggest bowl of icecream... but Cant... well... Until next time RS.... Lets hope for a Sept/Oct dates.. Wish me luck... =(

Been trying to do this since 2014....

Hello Im back!!! Been trying to do this since 2014 and hopefully this year is MY YEAR!!
Dr Juan Carlos Estrada

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