Consultation review: Disappointed in the Short and Incomplete Consult - Brandon, FL

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I found the staff to be very warm and inviting. I...

I found the staff to be very warm and inviting. I had very little wait time which is nice. When the dr came in and I briefly explained my area of concern he suggested a process I had never heard of before without explaining why no other options were available to me. It was an extremely short consultation and I received no literature. I'm totally perplexed and the only reason I can think of that this might have happened is that I do have a mental health diagnosis and yet, if that were a concern of the dr's I would have expected that might have been addressed during the consult. I am truly disappointed as I did quite a bit of research to find this dr.
Brandon Plastic Surgeon

I am very disappointed in my consult with Dr. Shienbaum. I had never heard of the procedure he suggested as he left was leaving the room, he gave me no information about it nor did he give me any explanation as to why I was not a candidate for a mid-line face lift, which is what I had come in for.

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