39 Year Old Mom Suffered from Underarm Odor - Brandon, FL

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I have been suffering from underarm odor for the...

I have been suffering from underarm odor for the past 20 years and it's progressively getting worse. I would take showers not only after the gym, but before I even went to the gym to help with the odor. I couldn't leave my house before taking a bath and washing my underarms because putting deodorant over old deodorant would only make the smell worse. I have not worn sleeveless shirts in years, not even to the gym (and I work out a lot so I have well defined arms I can't even show off). :-(
When I heard about MiraDry I thought, finally this would be my solution to a horrible and embarrassing problem. I called the office that would be performing my procedure at least 3 times asking questions because I was so nervous. I think I had made about 4 appointments and cancelled them all because again, I was nervous. This treatment's purpose is primarily for sweat and not odor, even though a lot of the reviews said it would help with odor too, but sweat was not my issue. My mother suffers from this as well and from what I understand it's genetic. I am just glad I am a mother of boys and not girls because I would not wish this on a girl.
I got my procedure last Friday. When I called the office prior to my procedure I asked what level they were going to do it at and the lady said they usually start at a level 3 but I could do higher if I wanted to. I elected to go with a level 4. From what I had read the shots would be the worse part of the procedure and they were but in my opinion they weren't even that bad. I guess I have a high tolerance for pain. The whole procedure took 2 hours. They sent me home with 2 ice packs that fit right under my arms, but I had frozen water bottles waiting for me at home which I truly believe are a MUST. The two little ice packs they send you home with are not enough. They are small and don't get as cold as the water bottles, not to mention you need something to switch them out with while they defrost. I did have some quite a bit of swelling and bruising but nothing that was even that noticeable to others unless I showed them. Sleeping the first night was uncomfortable because of the swelling but there was no pain. I did use the Arnica gel as others had suggested on this site and ibuprofen. It's now been 4 days post procedure and everything is going great. I haven't worn deodorant since before the procedure which is good because when I did try it on I could barely find my armpits from the swelling, LOL! I do have the "pillows" still under my arms as others reported. I have not experienced the funny odor that others have experienced after the procedure which is a plus or maybe it's coming. I would recommend at least a 4, as it seems from all the reviews on this site, 3 and under have not been as successful. So far I am very pleased with the results. I have not worked out yet or have been in a situation where I was sweating a lot. That will be the next ultimate test to see if my odor is completely gone. I will keep updating.

12 days after MiraDry

It's been 12 days and I must say I am ecstatic about the results. For the first 7 days after treatment I didn't even wear deodorant. Not sure if I didn't need it because of all the swelling I had under my arms, but I did start using it again a few days ago because I did notice odor. I guess it was wishful thinking I would not have to wear it but I now feel like a "normal" person that just wears deodorant and it actually works, all day! I still use the Secret Clinical Strength but that's only because that is what I had at home (and in my purse, office, gym bag). I went to the gym for the first time since the treatment yesterday and for the first time was actually able to wear a tank top. There was no sweat and no smell! I never would have before because even if I took a shower before going to the gym, I would start to smell when I would sweat so I would wear shirts with sleeves and it would somewhat mask the smell. I can't tell you how life changing this has been for me. My office co-workers laugh at me because I have been wearing sleeveless shirts almost every day. Never had before MiraDry. Highly recommend it. I plan on making my appointment for my second treatment in 3 months.

2nd Miradry Procedure

I just got my 2nd Miradry procedure, 6 months later (just hadn't made the time to go back within the 3 months they tell you to). I have to say I will NEVER go back to the dermatologist who did the treatment, not because of Miradry but because of the lack of professionalism. Just a little of what happened, took the day of for my treatment and TWO times, the nurse who does the treatment scheduled off and no calls from the office to tell me she wasn't coming in. The second time she did this, which was 3/2 when I got it done, I made the office have her come in as I had taken the day off, taken anxiety medication and 800 milligrams of ibuprofen. After I got my lidocaine shots on one are, the doctor came in and told her she should use LESS on my other arm and all I can come up with for his reasoning was that he wanted to save money because they ended up having to put more right before my procedure. Anyway, I was all numbed up and the machine did not work. I wanted to walk out of the office so bad and even told them I was leaving as I could still make it back to work and work a half day. They didn't want me to leave since I was already numbed up (again probably so they didn't' have to do it again and waste more lidocaine) they finally got it to work after 45 minutes. I got there at 8:45, they didn't start the procedure until 12PM. Anyway, just venting on the office which by the way is CABAN SKIN INSTITUTE IN BRANDON, FLORIDA and would not recommend this place to my worst enemy but unfortunately they are only 1 of 2 offices that do the Miradry procedure so I was limited in choices.
Having said that, I got the procedure done at a level 5, level 4 the first time and I must say the recovery is 10 times better this time around. I am not as swollen, but am a little more bruised that the first time. Not bad at all. I will post in a month or so once I am fully healed to see if the odor and sweat have improved even more. They did improve about 60% with the first procedure.
Caban Skin Institute

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