37 Yr Old. 3 Kids. 5'5" 171lbs. 475cc - Brandon, FL

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So I'm going to be getting my breast lift with...

So I'm going to be getting my breast lift with implants. As of right now I'm 6 weeks post op from a TT, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Lipo. My Dr. said that doing the boobs at the same time with everything else would've been too much on my body. So the time is approaching...however not quick enough! I'm so excited!! This was the part I was excited about and couldn't wait for. I spent weeks going over how many cc's to get. I even made little rice baggies (saw it on YouTube) in order to get an idea of how much to get.

So my pre-op visit was last Tuesday. After a lot of trying on the different sizes I decided to go with 475cc silicone high profile. I was doing the testing in a DD bra, which is my goal to have full DD's. Right now I am a 36 large C, small D. So crossing my fingers that I get the size I'm looking for. I read a lot of reviews that said they wished they would've gone bigger. That after the dropping and fluffing that they appeared smaller than they wanted. I can't go any larger. I went with the largest cc that would fit in my pocket and be proportional with my body. So at least I won't wish I went bigger. Lol.

1 more week!!

I'm so excited. I can barely contain myself. To give more information I'm 5'5" 172lbs current bra size is very deflated small 36D. I am going with the silicone HP 475cc with a crescent incision lift. I've attached some before pics in a tank top and bare. Tummy tuck is healing well. Still a lot of swelling, but getting better.

More pics

These are pics of me in my current swim suits post TT. Pre- BA & BL

2 Days!!!

Omg. Sooooo excited! In 2 days is my surgery. Here's a couple before pics in my post surgery sports bra. I can't wait. Very nervous and extremely excited!


Well, today was the day ! I'm Sore. My muscles are not happy with me. Feels like they're trying to protest. Lol. Taking my pain meds. Definitely need to. Still just a little groggy, but surprisingly feel pretty good. I'm wrapped up pretty good, so I don't get to see my girls until tomorrow when Dr. unwraps me and puts me in my sports bra. Will update tomorrow.

Feeling better

Today is the day after BA & BL. Doctor unwrapped me and put me in sports bra. Got to see them for the first time! Swollen, still hurting, but they're looking great so far! Taking my meds consistently. Definitely worth it! Love love love them!!!

3 days post op pics

Updated pics

9 days post op

Feeling good. Still have a lot of soreness and periodic shooting pain. I researched the shooting pain and it's normal and supposedly regenerating nerves which is a sign of healing. I guess that's good. Doesn't feel too good tho. I think they're looking good and healing good. My right one is a lot more sore and looks more swollen than my left. Apparently it's because I'm right handed and the dominant side heals more slowly. I don't know why but I'm feeling kind of sad recently. I don't regret anything. I absolutely love my boobs, and my tummy for that matter ! I think I've just been a little overwhelmed. I'm so tired of hurting. I had my TT on July 29 (9 weeks post op today) and that's been a slow recovery with a few bumps in the road and now just had my boobs done (1 week post op). I'm just so tired of hurting. Of having to be careful and cautious with every movement I make. I feel like I should be a lot farther along as far as feeling better. My husband was probably right, that I should've waited longer before having the boobs done; but I was just so excited to have them done that I wanted it now. Lol. Don't ever tell him I said he was right. Im just tired. All the time. He keeps telling me that my body is working overtime trying to fix and heal my tummy and now my boobs. I'm sure he's right. It's very exhausting. I also feel like I can't complain about feeling bad or hurting or being so tired because I asked for all this. Everything was voluntary and I did it to myself and now I'm complaining ? I should be happy right? Anyway. Happy Friday and happy healing.

Updated pics

So frustrating

Loving the results! However my body does NOT like dissolvable stitches. Had problems with my TT also. It's sooooo frustrating to get tiny holes and openings where my body is pushing out the stitches. Ugh.


Loving my results!! I need to do better using the scar cream. But very happy with my girls!
Marvin F. Shienbaum, MD

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