30 Yr Old ,375cc HP from b to large c/small d

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I want to make sure i go big enough but not too...

i want to make sure i go big enough but not too big! right now we said 339cc silicone under muscle, moderate profile.
im going back march 17th for another consultation and to set a date. i have always had B or smaller when i had my kids inwas a full C i miss that lol. but im having tough time deciding if i should go a little bigger. i dont think i would mind a small D but i dont want to look top heavy or like i have huge fake boobs. i want a natural look hence the moderate profile.

wish boobs

set a date

so april 27th!!! decided on bigger than i thought 375cc high profile. . im surprised i liked the bigger size and hp!! i hope they arent too big! im so excited!!


so got my post op bras....about a month away!! i have been waiting for this for so long!!


i seemed to b obsessed with looking at before and afters and reading reviews. cant wait for my surgery 5 weeks away! i hope they turn out good! i think my boyfriend is tired of looking at boobs lol! Going with 375 HP round smooth silicone under muscle. i have been wanting this for so long!

almost here!

2 weeks away!!!

2 more days!

wow ....so im scheduled for Wednesday. .its Sunday now! im so excited! got some new uniform tops and some shirts ...havent bought too many bras I don't want to take them back if wrong size so i got a couple sports bras and two cotton no wire bras in a D ...we'll see!


so tomorrow is the big day...hump day if u will lol...i have been slowly getting more and more excited with each passing day...but these last few hours the anxiety is starting to kick in.

its done

omg im so sore...my back is sore too...

later same day

i feel so uncomfortable. .bandages r so tight....my back is killing me from sitting up halfway. .ugh.. hope they look good for all this

post surgical follow up

took off the bandages feels better a bit...just sports bra..no massage yet. follow up next week. everyone said looks great! boyfriend loves them too lol

here they are

side by side

before on bottom, after on top


just wanted to mention when i was coming out of anesthesia i was dreaming /hallucinating that i was waking up asking how it went happened 8 times i started freaking out ..like that movie Goundhog Day, but the last time anesthesiologist said no honey this is first time ir waking up...its funny now but at time it freaked me out i started crying. but im feeling ok now

day 2

still pretty sore when trying to get up, especially out of bed. try not to take pain meds unless i really have to

so day 3

much better this morning getting out of bed. had to take some dulcolax last night as much as i hate suppositories they work so much faster . and dr didnt end up doing the crescent lift to even out the nipples said once implants were in they looked good , no need to cut if not necessary and i agree. my left breast has always been my bigger breast and it still is which i feel gives a more natural look anyway, very happy with the results.

feeling good

im so happy with my new boobies, i think i overdid it with housework today, my boyfriend had to go back to work yesterday and he wont have any days off until next weekend, and i will go back monday, so it had to be done, at least minimally if nothing else. took a pain pill gonna take a nap, im not doing anything tomorrow, just rest to get ready for work monday. i think i miss ridingy motorcycle already! just got a new helmet too....having motorcycle withdrawl lol

feeling much better ..sunday funday

so today is sunday, surgery was wednesday at 11am. still feeling stiff and tender , still dont have complete range of motion but much better. didnt take any pain meds today.

one week today

still stiff but getting better

30 Yrs Old, 2 Kids

i always was very small breasted....a cup ...while breastfeeding my 2 kids had a c cup went to a b afterwards, never happy with my proportions. went with 375cc hp and i couldnt be more happy! dr sheinbaum and staff are fantastic i recommend them woth highest regards!! they are so accommodating and answered all my questions. very skilled and addressed any concerns i had! worst pain is the first 2 days mainly just getting im and out of bed. had surgery on a Wednesday went back to work that Monday.

bathing suit season

already having best problem...lol..cant seem to find a good top big enough :-D, finally got some new bras...38c and 36d from target... fit perfectly love em!!


feeling so much better. sleeping is still a bit rough as i have always slept on my side or belly and im still sensitive and tight. they are getting much better. i rode my bike all day today and was fine. tried on a bunch of bathing suits and bras. hard to find suits I don't overflow from but don't look huge. i didn't tell anyone about my augmentation and no one can notice because all my bras were always so padded but bathing suits r gonna b my give away lol so finding a suit that..well..suits ...has been difficult. there were some at vs that were bomb ! omg i would have been sexiest mom on the beach lol but I can't see myself like that with my kids. but I managed to find some really cute ones at walmart of all places. .went to target kohls Burlington vs belk but good ol' walmart.... anyway lovin' my boobies! !

10 days out

left one is much softer/jiggly than the right side. right side was my smaller breast so i guess it still has some stretching to do.

before and after


nipples very sensitive!


excellent surgeon!

loving it

new found curves

almost 3 weeks

before and after

4 weeks


6 weeks

Feeling like its been alot longer, they are so natural, no hardness, no pain, very jiggly, no problems at all

About 3 months out

Feels like its been longer

4 month update

4 months
Very natural look and feel.
I cant believe its been 4 months!

My 1 yr boobiversary!!

Couldnt be happier with my decision!!

he is the best and staff very caring and understanding too surgery was quick loved my experience with them

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