36 Years Old. 140# Lost and Kept off for 5 Years - Brandon, FL

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I lost 140 pounds about 5 years and have been able...

I lost 140 pounds about 5 years and have been able to keep it off. However no matter how much I workout the "skin" aspect doesn't change. I knew I needed further help.
My first meeting with Dr. Ambay and I was put at ease. I had already had several other consults in the Tampa area, but no one else took the time to sit with me personally and ask my goals and my desires.


Just had my pre-op appointment today! Couldn't be more excited, little nervous too. I did change my mind and decided to get silicone implants as well instead of just the lift.

Post Op Day 2

Well it's day two now. I feel a little better. Been cleared to showed but haven't don't it yet. Plan to do that this afternoon, and redo my dressings. Drains are decreasing in output so that's good. Baby steps.

Pre-op pics

Thought I added these but I guess not. These were my marking before surgery. My surgery took 9.5 hours, removed 14 pounds of skin and over a gallon of fat!
Then my 1 day post op picture.

Post Op Day 4

Starting to stand more upright now today. My hips are definitely still swollen the most and sore. Which makes it tight to stand up, I am at about 85%.
Showering takes a lot more work than I thought. But in the end it feels so good.
My drains are still draining too much to come out yet. Hopefully by Tuesday, I can get the first two out.

Post-op Pics

Left breast had a little more bruising than the right, and it have more discomfort in it, but overall it feels good.

Post-Op Day 6

Moving around better today. Back and tailbone still sore from sleeping in the recliner, when did other move to the bed?
My drains are decreasing and hopefully two will get to come out tomorrow.
Here are some pics from today, definitely still swollen, but the bruising looks good I think.

Post Op Day 7

Today's big victory is that I slept 7 hours in my own bed last night. I did get up once to pee, but that was mostly because I was uncomfortable and needed to stretch.
Given that it's been a week, I did step on the scale today, expecting to still be close to my pre-op weight. But was surprised that it was down 6 pounds. That's exciting, but also goes to show me how much swelling I still have, since he removed about 23 pounds of skin/fat during my surgery.
I had one drain removed yesterday, was hoping to have two more pulled on Friday. However they are still putting out about 55-60cc a day, so still too high.

Post Op Day 10

I am feeling good. Still living life with 3 drains in place, but making the most of it. I am up and moving around. Showering is getting quicker let's say. Thanks to a shower chair!
I did find out today that my work isn't going to be able to work with my lifting restrictions, so may have a few more weeks off work.
The following are pics from my preop and then today. And then a today side view.

Post Op Day 14

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since surgery. It's been a long road, but it's getting better. I still however have 3 drains in place.
I am wondering when the scale is going to really start to reflect the weight of the skin that was taken off?
Also any tips for sleeping on my side??? My butt is getting sore right in the middle.
I have also attached a pic from day 0 and today day 14.

Post Op Day 18

This may be an odd question but the last two days I have started to experience sporadic burning on my right side of my incision. Sometimes when I move it feels like it's coming open. It's definitely not, the incision actually looks great there. Is this normal anyone else experience this???

3 weeks Post Op

Well I finally have all my drains out which feels great! But I will admit to feeling lost without looking for them to put around my neck.
My doctor was very happy with how my scarring looks and he then gave me these silicone wraps to use. Has anyone else used them? They have scaring cream in them and can be used for 3-4 weeks. They come off when I shower and I clean them and put them back on.

I have attached some photos as well.

Lymphatic massage

I am doing pretty good other than still having a lot of swelling around my waist. I am trying a lymphatic massage tomorrow. Has anyone else tried this?? How did it work?
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ambay and all his staff have been so helpful. left there after my consultation telling my husband, "I found the right doctor" and now a month later I am am booked. Pre-op next week and getting excited!

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