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I had a 5 mm overjet and a tooth on top that stuck...

I had a 5 mm overjet and a tooth on top that stuck out from the rest. Also my lower teeth were slightly crowded, although they didn't really bother me. I just didn't feel I loved my smile like I once did so I took the plunge. I'm currently 16 months into my treatment and my orthodontist says I'm pretty close to taking them off because my overjet has decreased to 1.5 mm so it's very good. My bite has improved. Currently my lower midline is off centre by a bit, but he said that my bite is so good that it's best not to compromise it by trying to fix something that cannot be noticed anyway.

Over the course of my treatment my teeth have moved in ways that really bothered me. I had to keep in mind that this is absolutely normal and any tweaking can be done near the end of the treatment once my bite was fixed. Also I am much more aware of the shape of each individual tooth. I've always felt my teeth didn't finish growing up top so seeing myself with braces in the mirror everyday really bothered me. It has nothing to do with my treatment at all. Braces do not fix the shape of the teeth, they just straighten how the teeth sit in the mouth.

Also, your dental hygiene is extremely important. Flossing is much more difficult and time consuming but it is still a necessary step at least once daily. Also, making sure the area behind the wires are free of plaque is also crucial or you will end up with discolored or damage teeth once the brackets come off. The first few days after having them put in and having had an adjustment is painful, but not unbearable. Eating is different and you have to be cautious of what you eat. Anything hard or chewy can damage the bond that holds the brackets on the teeth. I gotta say I can't wait to have them come off. I hate smiling and I miss taking good pictures. I look different in a bad way. I hate how meat and greens just get stuck behind the wires and around the brackets. I'm always having to clean my teeth after a meal. But I know the end result will be worth it!!

Braces are coming off February 5th, 2013!!! That...

Braces are coming off February 5th, 2013!!! That will be a total of 19 months of treatment time. The last appointment today (January 8) they did some tweaking and added an elastic wire to tighten the front teeth because I told them there was some small minor gaps forming. They also took impressions of my upper teeth to have a Hawley wire retainer made. They gave me the option of Essix retainer (clear) as well. My ortho said in his opinion he'd choose Essix because they retain better. But I really hate how bulky it looks and to have that in my mouth every night would make me gag. My husband has a clear mouth guard retainer after his Invisalign treatment and it looks so bulky.

My next appointment they will be removing my braces and then placing a lingual bonded retainer on the top and bottom of my 6 front teeth on top and bottom. This appointment will take approximately 2 hours. My teeth are so ready!! I am so done with canker sores and bracket hooks getting stuck in my cheeks. Flossing with lingual bonded retainers will be no different than flossing with regular braces on. I'm just so happy to be able to floss my molars normally again and to be done with food getting stuck in my brackets. 19 months is a relatively short amount of time compared to the average 2 year treatment time for most patients. I know someone who was in braces for 5 years!!! So I'm relieved it's only taken about a year and a half. :)

So after 19 months I finally got my braces off....

So after 19 months I finally got my braces off. I'm not sure how I feel about them seeing as my teeth were not too bad prior to braces. When the tech handed me the mirror to look at me teeth i was about to freak out and say they were crooked!!! I had an overbite that needed fixing and one particular upper tooth stuck out more than the others. Here's the thing, I don't think my teeth look symmetrical anymore. Before at least they were relatively the same length on either side and looked straight over all. Now they look fake and weird. Maybe I just need time to adjust to them. My right upper could have been taken in a little more so it looks symmetrical to the left. The left was the problem tooth that stuck out before and I think the ortho purposely overcorrected it in case it wants to settle back to the same position.

I have bonded lingual retainers on the top 6 and bottom 6. The bottom ones are fine but the top ones feel so bulky. It took a day to get used to them but it will always feel like something stuck in my teeth. I also chose a Hawley retainer. Maybe I should've chose the Essix. I thought the Essix would be too bulky but it turns out the Hawley is bulkier on the roof of my mouth and makes me wanna gag.

I don't know how I feel about my teeth. I guess I'm relieved to have them off. I wish that both sides were symmetrical but it was so hard to tell with the brackets and wire in place. I probably would have lived with them another month if I had known they'd look this way.

In hindsight I really wish only one ortho was overlooking my treatment the whole way through. At about 6 months to 10 months into treatment I had the senior ortho for a some of my crucial visits and I really believe he may have compromised my treatment somewhat. One was the repositioning of that one tooth I feel is unsymmetrical. That bracket was taken off when it was not needed to and when it was replaced I feel it was replaced poorly leading to an off placed tooth. So if you go to a shared treatment orthodontist it is best just to see one provider. It keeps things consistent throughout treatment.

So I'm still on the fence about whether this was worth it. Maybe I could have gotten better results with invisalign but my overbite would not be corrected. Perhaps down the line in the future I may opt for that treatment. I'm just not so confident in my smile anymore. Maybe I just need time to adjust. Who knows....

Three weeks post braces I am quite unhappy with...

Three weeks post braces I am quite unhappy with the results. I'm thinking I should not have had them removed. I sent emails to my orthodontist listing him my concerns and I will see him to discuss what can be done to remedy the issues. I hate how my smile looks in pictures now. I feel like I have a snaggle tooth because one of the them was over corrected making the canine appear even larger than it is. I am contemplating getting Invisalign Express to refine the smile. I don't want to go back into brackets, but I know that it will cost extra. I've spent a total of $5900 so far. The treatment was $5600 plus $300 for the next 2 years of after care if needed. (Broken bonded retainers, etc.)

So I called my ortho's office and got a same day...

So I called my ortho's office and got a same day appointment (probably because of a cancellation) and my visit was almost an hour long after some time waiting for him. I showed him the overcorrection of the top left lateral incisor. Also he mentioned my left top canine was 1mm longer than the right so he shaved that down some more. He removed part of my upper bonded retainer on the 2 left teeth. (Ouch!) He took 3 moulds to make clear retainers to try to correct the one tooth. I really hope this works or else I will want to try invisalign express and pay more to refine the smile.

Wire bending is such an art and at the end of treatment it is so important to point out anything that seems off before getting them removed. Going through the removal process was so hard on my teeth. They were so sensitive for a week. Now my one tooth is experiencing unbearable sensitivity because the bonded retainer was taken off exposing my nerves after some enamel was taken off to have the bonded retainer stick better. Ugh.

My braces came off on February after 19 months...

My braces came off on February after 19 months treatment but I knew I wasn't happy with my teeth. My left upper lateral was so over corrected inward that I looked like I had a snaggle tooth in the opposite direction! After a week I took pictures from different angles and sent them to my orthodontist and he had the retainer made to push that tooth back out. I wore it for about 18-20 hrs a day like invisalign. After 3 weeks I went back in and I suppose it looked OK, so he attached a piece of the bonded retainer back onto the back of 3 teeth. So now I have 2 separate wires in one line on my uppers as a retainer.

I'm not 100% happy. My laterals are definitely not symmetrical. My dentist even pointed out that one lateral was flared out. I just said I was done with complaining to my orthodontist. I am now having my dentist add length with bonding to my laterals and to one of my central incisors. My ortho contoured quite a few teeth to make them look more straight. I am regretting that because he did them while I was still in braces. Now that my teeth have settled one of my centrals is shorter from the contouring. My left canine, which was 1mm longer naturally before, is now no longer sharp but rounded off and shorter than the right. Basically my teeth are all different lengths when they never were prior to braces. He didn't do a good job contouring one of my lower laterals either. I must warn people in brackets to wait until treatment is done, and braces are off before having any contouring done at all. They are orthodontists and not cosmetic dentists so they don't seem to have an eye for shaping teeth, just making sure they're straight in the xrays. If cosmetic bonding don't last forever I may need to turn to veneers. I don't want to because my teeth are perfectly healthy but I am unhappy with the over shaving and poor shaping that's come about with braces. Sometimes I really miss my old smile. My goal with braces was just to bring in one tooth because I was perfectly happy with everything else about my smile. I get obsessed and a bit depressed. I know I'm just being a total loser for it but I miss my old teeth and how I smiled with them. Maybe it'll take time to get used to not having an overbite. I really hope the bonding will help.

3 months post braces

Was it worth it? For me personally I am going to say no. For others with major malocclusion braces are a great thing and absolutely necessary. Pre braces I had a little crowding in my lowers and just one upper lateral incisor that bothered me a slight bit. In hind sight I should have gotten Invisalign because it doesn't correct overjets to the point that brackets do. I miss my overbite!!! It gave my lips an anchor to smile with and made me look younger. Now when I look at pictures with my new smile I HATE it!!! My lips look sunken in and my teeth no longer show as much. I also do feel I look older because of it. So my advice to those with good teeth who need a little tweaking, go with invisalign!! Orthodontists are so big on that "NORMAL" 1mm overjet that they pull in your uppers to equal that measurement. For me, it doesn't work well. They couldn't even get my teeth to that 1mm anyway. It is a very unique thing. I don't think 1mm is the ideal for everyone. I would've been happy with a 3mm overjet if it meant I could still smile the way I used to.

Another thing with braces is that you notice every single flaw with the shape of every individual tooth. I had to get some cosmetic bonding to improve the shape of some teeth after some over zealous contouring by my orthodontist. I know I am being way to over critical, but I miss my old smile. Too bad there isn't a way to pull my uppers back out to give me back my youthful smile.

Cosmetic bonding to lengthen upper incisors

2 years post braces

I'll have to admit I was a bit hasty in saying that I regretted having braces. It took a while but my teeth settled nicely and I got used to my new smile. I had cosmetic bonding done on my top 4 front teeth to lengthen some and even them out. I'm really glad I had bonded lingual retainers put on both my top and bottom teeth. They've shifted ever so slightly but are still really straight. I look back at old pictures of my old smile and I really see the vast improvement. That 19 months totally sucked but it was worth the pain. My last visit was just a few weeks ago to have some more bonding added on a tooth that felt like the lingual wire was coming through. Flossing is still a hassle but I do it every single night with a floss threader. At least it is only for the top and bottom front teeth now. Also I am still using a Sonicare toothbrush to make sure those retainers stay clean! The difference is like night and day compared to a manual toothbrush, or even an Oral B one. The hygienist always comments on how well I keep my bonded retainers clean at every visit. I really love my smile. I think all that was missing was lengthening my lateral incisors with cosmetic bonding.
Dr. Ecklers & Black, Smile Solutions

There have been times I felt the wait was long, but I know it was no fault of their own. Clinics run behind when patients show up late or they become short staffed due to illness. But there have been occassions where I've felt rushed so that they could get through their patients without running further behind on schedule. I chose this provider due to the good feedback on Google from former patients.

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