24 Year Old, Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Boston, MA

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Since I was at least 7 years old I've been aware...

Since I was at least 7 years old I've been aware of my "big nose". I don't really remember being self-conscious but I do remember my brother calling me names! It wasn't until I came to live to the U.S at the age of 10 that I became VERY self-conscious. For example; If I had to speak to someone face to face, I would find myself playing with my eyebrows every so often to take the focus from my nose or if I had to walk on the streets, I would and still do look away or walk with my head down if there's people/cars near me. Now I drive and when I let someone cross the street I find myself looking away to not make eye contact. Another thing is that I've never worn sun glasses to walk in public... In my mind since the lenses are dark it emphasizes the nose WAY more. I do wear regular, prescribed glasses and I feel like it somehow makes it look less noticeable (in my mind that is). If I am going out, I do wear contacts BUT with a lot of make up to contour my nose :/.

So for at least 10 years, I have been telling my mom that one day I will get a rhinoplasty and she's always said okay! lol my father on the other hand, doesn't like the idea because "what if...", over all, my immediate family is okay with it, which helps.

It wasn't until 2 months ago that I was planning for a big trip to go away from my 25th birthday in the summer! But, then it clicked...why don't I just put the money towards a rhinoplasty and it will be the best 25th birthday gift to myself!!! So I started looking for doctors etc..and came across realself which is very helpful. This past Monday, 5/4/15, I met with Dr. Darrow for my first consultation ever! I was very nervous and I don't think it went as well as I wished it did. Maybe because I was too nervous, but also because I met with him at his Braintree location and not his main office in Boston, where he has his computer. I guess I wanted to see what we were talking about. But today he sent me what he thinks he can do, and I'm a little disappointed. Could be because I was too adamant about the things I didn't want that may have given him no room to work with... although the "after" looks smaller, it's not there yet. I will be meeting with him again in 2 weeks to talk about the pictures and see what else can be done and I should communicate better with him as well! I also have an appointment with Dr. Spiegel at the end of the month! If anyone has met with any of these two, please let me know how it's been! Attached you will see the before and after of Dr. Darrow.

Another consultation, different Doctor!

So obviously it's best to meet with more than one Doctor so you have different opinions. That being said, today I just came back from meeting with Dr. Del Vecchio, Boston MA. In my search I had seen his name come up a few times and I even took a picture of one of his before and after because I liked it so much and wanted to show doctors when I meet with them. When I went to his office today, I felt very comfortable right away. He does have great bedside manners. I told him I wanted a rhino but didn't say much on how I wanted it because I actually prefer to see first what they can do to see if it's anything near what's in my head. The results were great and he really explained himself. He even had an intern come in who actually wants to focus on breast implants and butt implants but he wants her to learn rhinoplasty too specifically on ethnic noses because he feels like there's not many of him out there. He seemed like someone who likes to do ethnic noses which I obviously liked because my problem is not a bump like most caucasians, but more the base which is wider. At the end I felt so comfortable that I am considering getting it done as soon as June 5th...which is around the corner. I'm just so nervous because everything sounds too good to be true. But he is the only one I've seen doing ethnic noses that I liked (in Boston, MA).... So I might just be positive and get it over with!

Just thought I'd share....

OMGGGG... I just paid my $500 deposit (wide open eye emoji haha) I can't believe that my consultations were on 5/4 with Dr. Darrow and 5/12 with Dr. Del Vecchio and already getting surgery on 6/5 with Dr. Del Vecchio. Reason behind it being so quick is that when we were speaking he asked about dates... I said, "in my perfect world I'd like to have it a month before my birthday which is 7/2...so that would be the first week on June..if not it'll be in August or September" He told his assistant to try to make it happen on the first week of June and she did!!! AND on a Friday which is exactly what I wanted. Everything seems to be going smooth! I'm really trying to push away any doubts...God willing I'll be happy on the first try!!

Am I feeling ashamed....?

So I don't really want to explain all this to my boss. I don't think I should have to. However, my company is VERY small and it's more like a family environment, I'm the youngest one so they get very concerned with small things when it comes to me. Yesterday I told my boss I needed to take days off. I've been leaving early for my appointments which I never do. So I briefly said to her yesterday I needed to take days off for a surgery. If I didn't say surgery she would have asked "where you going for vacation?!" she always talks about her plans to me so I didn't want to be rude or fabricate a whole lie about some other plans. But now she's giving me the concern look... she doesn't want to ask what is wrong out of privacy/respect but she really wants to ask lol if that makes sense. She's probably thinking the worst, so I feel like like I should tell her -_-. I'll be honest... I don't want to say it's solely for plastic surgery... I might have to add that it's for health reasons too. I did have surgery in my nose for polyps a few years back...so I kind of want to say that it's partly because of my health... :/ (trying to avoid her for a few hours until I figure it out lol).

Things I'm looking forward to...

So there's some things I can't wait to do/buy once my surgery is over with!!! 1. Sunglasses. Like I mentioned above I've never walked in public with sunglasses because I feel like it emphasizes my nose way more than it should. 2. SKYDIVING. Yes! My thing behind it is with the strong wind in my face my nose will just look even wider and I really want to record/take pictures of the whole experience and love it. Might have to leave it for next summer though. 3. Take selfies... and love them! haha..I have taken selfies but with weird poses hiding my nose or simply deleting it right after taking it lol and with that, I will let my friends take pictures with their phones now because I won't be worried about being the first one to look at it :) simple things that'll make me happier! And I keep day dreaming of what my life will be like with a smaller nose and I'd say I'm going crazy!!!

Tomorrow is my pre-op btw!!! and two weeks from Friday is surgery day!!!! :)

Done with my PRE-OP!!

So yesterday I met with Dr. Del Vecchio for my pre-op! Went over instructions, signed forms, and paid his fee! Now I need to call the other two entities to pay them (anesthesia and hospital). We did a quick review of what he was going to do and thankfully he just performed an ethnic rhinoplasty two days ago so he was able to show me that and told me he will be using the same technique for me which made me feel great because the lady looks great so far! He knows what he is doing and basically just wants me to trust him! When he was taking my post pictures he said, "yea your nose will look great" and of course I smiled lol!! Now I need to start buying all the goodies I'll need!! I read Make Me Heal is great because they sell the whole kit of what you can possibly need!

I don't have a morphed picture from Dr. Del Veccio, but I'll take a before and after when the day comes!! The pictures attached are from my first consultation with another doctor.

The week of surgery!!!

So I'm starting to get anxious and nervous, FRIDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!! I'm trying to imagine myself with a different, beautiful nose and I can't! 24 years too long with my current nose!

Today, I'm doing fast shipping on a few products from MakeMeHeal.com, picking up my prescribed medicines, buying the neck pillow, and a few other things I'll need. I plan on scrubbing my body like I haven't showered in weeks because I know showers will not be the same for at least a day or two. I also happen to have one microdermabrasion session left from groupon I got a few months ago and decided to use it for this coming Thursday. I'm going home on Thursday night since my mom will be taking care of me and she will make me a big meal before 12am hits lol I eat a lot and can't imagine not eating breakfast or light meals after the surgery, but I know it'll be worth it! My friend is nice enough to take the day off to drive my mom and I. It will be a very early day since I have to drop off my brother at the airport at 4am, to then go back home and take the commuter rail back to Boston, MA where my friend will pick us up. I have to be there at 9am, with surgery time at 11am.

BTW, my father does not know! He's always known I've disliked my nose and that I've looked at pictures etc...but no clue that I met with a Dr never mind have my surgery paid for. It happens to be that he is on vacation this week and will be coming back on Sunday to a bruised up, taped up daughter... not sure how I'll brake the news before him getting back (Dad, I have a surprise for you when you get back?! ha! )

Just 4 more days!!! :)

24 hours away...

Okay.... IM REALLY ANXIOUS/NERVOUS/HAPPY/PETRIFIED... can't believe I'm just 24 hours away from changing my biggest flaw. I'm at work just shacking my legs, logging into real self every 5 min smh not sure for what lol, and just being so impatient. Can't help but think about the worst case scenario (which I know I should be thinking positive cause everything will be alright) but after I smack myself in the face I get back to my senses and know I have a great Dr. - Ugh!!! Way too nervous to see my results. Will probably post pictures tonight of myself as they will probably be my last pictures taken before surgery and might add all the necessary things I got for after surgery.

Finally home...

Here are the pictures... Need to get used to the pointy look. I'm Just really tired...so resting now. My throat feels great which I thought was going to be a problem. No issues with breathing through my mouth. Had two episodes of nausea and dizziness but went away quick. My head and teeth have been the only thing hurting me... And can't stand the light so been covering my eyes. Happy is done with and ready to recover!

More from yesterday...

So I was supposed to be at the medical center at 9 but got there at 9:30 because of Boston's traffic. I was in within 15 min. I changed, got asked questions, and finally got the IV in after his 3rd try...my veins were nowhere to be seen lol. Surgery was supposed to be at 11 but I got to the operation room at 12...was probably conscious for 15 min....then I wake up at 2pm. Lol coughed to see if my throat was hurting but nope. Still today I have no problems with my throat. Breathing through my mouth is not hard at all either. I put some Vaseline on my lips just to do it but they're not really dry. After, I went to another room till I felt better. My head and teeth were hurting so the nurse gave me something twice...I didn't leave till about 4:30pm . on my way out I went to the bathroom and felt really nauseous and sweaty. She put a wet towel on me. Then went outside to leave. My mom was freaking out cause I took way longer than expected and she didn't know what was going on. Every negative thing crossed her mind. She had my friend asking nurses for her daughter lol poor thing. But apparently Dr. D came out to show my friend and mom the pictures! The ride home should have been about 45 min but took 2 hrs cause of traffic. And when I got home I came to bed..took my medication as indicated. Was in and out of sleep. Changed the gauze about 4 times. Ate light things. But if I got up I'll feel nauseous...a few crushed ice did the magic. The light has been bothering me a lot so I always have my eyes covered too.

Today my mom cleaned the area where the stiches are, twice. I have a small bruise on my right eye and very small to no swelling. My nose feels a lot more congested today...can't wait for the days to go by and be able to take everything off... Really excited!

Tomorrow I take off the yellow packing inside my nose and do some more cleaning.

Day 2

Yesterday was day two! The swelling and bruising really kicked in towards the end of the night. Anesthia I feel like went away cause I can feel the stitches so need to keep up with my medicine. My tolerance for pain is veryyyy low lol but pain level has not been more than 1!

Day 3 - Yellow packing removed

So this morning my face was feeling really congested, big headache, and was just feeling uncomfortable overall.. But no actual pain on my nose. I'm very swollen! I've been eating and drinking light. I took a shower and finally removed the yellow packing and did some cleaning inside my nose. I texted Dr. DelVecchio regarding the yellow packing and he answered my questions quickly! He's great!


Patiently waiting!

So today I'm on 72 hours since I left the hospital! No pain, very stuffy/congested nose. I keep changing my gauze, but not bleeding a lot. I've cleaned my nose about 3-4 times... Scared to clean too much inside my nose cause I don't want to touch the wrong thing lol. Tomorrow I go to Dr. DelVecchio to remove the stitches, already! Although a little scared because I feel like it'll hurt but will be taking some Tylenol to hopefully reduce the pain.
I've felt the urge to scratch my nose at times but don't have an option but to wait till it doesn't itch anymore lol. and I'm still pretty swollen! Ugh!

Stitches are off!!!

Hey all!!

So today I had to drive to Boston for my first post-op appt with Dr. Del Vecchio. Driving around was a little embarrassing but whatever lol and once I go to Newbury st. Finding parking is a nightmare... I found one just around the corner but still had to walk and be seen with all the stuff in my face. I did hit myself with my car door right on my nose. I was scared for a bit but didn't really hurt.

I was most scared for the stitches. I took some Tylenol before hand. He took the side stitches off and it didn't hurt, but the middle ones HURT. I few f*cks came out, I was so embarrased lol. My palms were so sweaty and my eyes soooo teary! But that soon ended and then he removed the cast by pulling it off... I was more scared at how he was doing it than any pain lol. I can start letting the water run on my face and keeping it really hot the first few minutes so I can breath it in. I noticed how my little bruise on my eye turned into a BIG bruise after he was done. Found that weird, but I'll just be putting arnica gel. He also said to keep cleaning it and the tape he put on will come off in like 5 days and i dont need to put anymore after..also found that weird since everyone ive read about tapes their nose at some point after.

My actual nose... LOVE IT! I love the profile and the front look. I do have to get used to the upwards tip..I feel a little piggy but a lot of it has to do with swelling. But regardless, I'm staying with what I get. Its a lotttt better than before and I didn't get into this looking for the perfect nose, just a better shape to my previous nose and he sure did it!

He said how he felt proud of himself and my dad said " of course he does, your nose is a huge challenge for him" Lol smh gotta love my dads jokes.

A quick pic!

The two top pics are before ( left I have make up so it looks a little defined... The right is the day of the surgery so no make up) and the bottom pic is today...cast and stitches off. Still a little messy!

PS. can't wait to hit the hair salon and some skin product for my face!

Day 5-6


So yesterday was day 5. Its been pretty standard. Sleeping was better since I didn't have my stitches and cast on, but still wake up often in the middle of the night to clean up anything coming out of there lol. I FINALLY let water run down my face!!! My mom had me paranoid because since the stitches came off just the day before some blood was still coming out of it and she didn't want me letting water run in case of infection. But I gave it one day and did it... It felt sooooo good. Even let water run down my hair.

Today, just woke up a few hours ago. The mornings are a drag. My nose feels harder and just bothersome. But I get up and do my usual cleaning with peroxide, a bunch of qtips, neosporin, and saline spray and feel good. Also, can't go without mentioning that my mom has been with me the whole ride. The first 4 days she woke me up evey 4 and 6 hours to make me take my medicine, literally fed me, and gets me everything I need. She just wants to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Something I've noticed on my nose is that one nostril is wider than the other one. I think it has to do with swelling because his picture of right after the surgery, my nostrils looked pretty even. Currently, my left nostril is wide but I see it as my regular size. I can fit a qtip to clean deep enough. But my right nostril the qtip only goes in slightly because inside its still swollen, but its the nostril I find to be smaller, although still a good size. Which ever nostril I end up with I'll be happy lol.. If for some reason they stay one larger than the other I guess I'll be fine too cause you can't tell anyways unless you look below my nose.

More pics

I think I will have to look into some scar treatment eventually. I mean, its only been 6 days so I will probably wait 2-3 weeks before putting anything on there. I will be meeting again with my doctor in 3 weeks so will probably ask then.

Nose is still swollen so my tip looks piggy and my eyes are still a little bruised...but my profile looks BOMB!!!

A week!!

So I went out today for an eye exam! Wore some make up but not around where the insicions were. I asked the doctor when I could get my hair done and eyebrows and he said as soon as today so I'll be doing that tomorrow so I can look human again! Ha!....

Now, I do have one worry. My nostrils. Its only been 7 days and my nose is still numb so I don't want to freak out yet. But one nostril looks more like circled shaped while the other one is more oval making it smaller. Like I mentioned in the other post, the one looking smaller which is my right side seems to be swollen from the inside. I'm hoping its just swelling and not badly stitched up. I am meeting with Dr. Del Vecchio in 17 days. I haven't told him yet because its too soon I feel...if by next Friday it doesn't change maybe I'll ask to see him sooner. Ugh!

Some pics!

Today I'm back to work! The front view I feel like you can't tell much difference but its still swollen. The day I went to get my cast removed it looked very narrow and perfect, so hoping it goes back to that soon!


So Saturday was a pretty eventful day! It was more like the day I took to get pretty before going back home to my boyfriend lol (I stayed at my parents for the week). I made the mistake of not getting my hair and eyebrows done before surgery, so I was looking a mess during recovery! At the hair salon everyone kept asking what happened, and I kept the story of getting hit with a bat lol oh well! They actually were extra nice though, getting me drinks, some finger food and all that lol. After, I went food shopping and to get my eyebrows done. A few people stared, but I purposely went out with the tape because my right side of the nose is taking longer to heal so you can see where the stitches were. It looked a little gross to me so by leaving the tape it would be obvious that something is happening with my nose. Getting my eyebrows done was a little nerve racking because I feared the lady would hit it when she removed the wax strip. But she didnt! It was actually funny, because when she took me in and closed the door..the first thing she asked was, "you did your nose"?!?! I actually didn't lie to her because I've read/heard that a lot of Asians get their nose done, and she said it in a tone like she was interested in finding out like she wanted to get it done herself. And I was right! I told her I did, and she said OMG I want to get mine done too!!! lol I showed her pics and gave her the details!

Anyways, yesterday I was in bed all day. I did make breakfast for my boyfriend since I had not been around for a week! But I was careful with the stove and the heat. My boyfriend insisted I didn't, but I did miss catering to him :/ lol

Today I am back at work. I woke up late because I'm still having a little hard time sleeping. I took my time getting ready and made it an hour late...they don't care. I've been here for an hour and everyone keeps saying "welcome back! you went on vacation?" lol I keep saying I had some nasal problems which needed surgery... I look funny talking though because my nose is still numb and hard. But I feel like the difference is really not that big for them to think plastic surgery. It's really a smaller version of my old nose. Like some doctors make some definition on the tip, but mine is not like that... so there's no obvious difference. Even my boyfriend says he sees no difference, but that's also because I never liked starting at people face to face and always used an angle to speak, plus I never mentioned my dislike for my nose until recently so that I didn't cause more attention to it and I was good at contouring my nose. So all that, plus a week without seeing me... I guess it helped! But if I show him my before and after, he'll be like...oh! lol But let's not dig up the past :)

As for my nose, I'm still using peroxide and qtips. On my right side of the nose I'm still putting some neosporin. I'm getting annoyed at one side being perfectly healed , while the other side is still struggling. But, what can I do! I get pretty itchy at times and sneezed twice on Saturday, felt good lol. I do have a lot of blackheads, but I try putting some makeup to cover it. I am obsessing over the tip. I remember my first post after surgery, I said how I need to get used to the tip. I don't know if it's because it's still hard, but it feels/looks so pointy to me. I don't think you can see it on the pictures. it sorta reminds me of Michael Jackson...not the ideal image. I didn't want to write about it cause I know I need to wait a few weeks until everything settles...but I need to get it out of my head before it drives me crazy! I've read a lot of reviews of girls seeing imperfections just a few days/weeks after surgery and I always thought.. it's only been a few days! but now I get how they feel! time..time...time...

How I taped my glasses...

Hey! So when I went to see the Dr on day 4 to get everything removed, I had to drive myself. At the time I didn't have contacts (now I do) so I only had my glasses. On my way there since I had the cast I wasn't too worried of the pressure but still put some cotton balls in between. On my way back, since it would be directly on my skin, the Dr taught me a little trick. It was a little embarrassing lol but I made it!

Day 11

Some more pics!!! I am loving the side view.. Looks so perfect lol. The front view is still a waiting game because its swollen. He said for me to stop using the neosporin, which I was using after cleaning the area with peroxide. He Wants me to leave it dry, specially the side that is taking longer to heal...so it can heal.

Day 12

Some more pics! Not that much has changed since yesterday :) I have to do a photo sesh everyday at work, can't help it!!!

One change is that yesterday and today I have found myself breathing through my nose..not much, but its a progress!


So in one of the reviews I mentioned how having my nose so pointy and tilted up kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson lol... This is what I mean...

getting better!

hi!!! So last time I was here I was freaking out lol I had a little episode of " I didn't get what I wanted" and freaked out. But, patience is key coming into this. I should have sat down and spoke with myself before the surgery to make sure I was emotionally ready lol because I definitely was ready for a smaller nose and didn't even consider the emotional part. But I am feeling a lot better and loving my results more and more as the days go by. My nostrils are getting more even, but I'm still swollen. I went out to a family event today and got all pretty and just loved my confidence level! Once these scars are gone, I know my confidence will be on a 100! I didn't take pictures, but here is one from yesterday. My t bone is getting more defined. At first I was wondering if maybe he should have taken more from the sides but this is perfect to me. People can only really see a big difference if I show them the before and they're response is always " oh, yea! There's a difference" lol goes to show how much people don't really pay attention and we are our worst critics! But I'm happier now :) in the meantime I've just been cleaning out my nose from dry boogers and blood :/ everyday I find something TMI. Nose is still numb and hard... But better everyday. In a week I'll be seeing the doctor again for my 3 weeks post op appt!

Before & After


Hey all! So here are a few pictures at exactly 3 weeks post op! Profile is looking good! Front view I actually think it looks better in person. Although seems a little piggy to me but the scarring in between my nostrils has a lot to do with it. When they go away it'll look more natural. One nostril is still larger than the other. My right nostril is still swollen inside making it look smaller or droop down. He actually left a stitch in that nostril. Doesn't look infected or anything so I'm meeting with him on Tuesday and he said he'll remove it then. The scars on my right side are also taking longer to disappear while the left is gone.. Idk what it is about my right side but it's not cooperating very well ugh! When I smile I still look weird cause my nose is still numb and def tender. My birthday is in a week and have to try to not smile a lot or I'll just look bad! Also, I've been yawning A LOT and it's so annoying because I feel like I'm messing up my results lol not that I can control it lol. Every morning I wake up a little swollen so I take an ibuprofen. Q-tips are my best friend too! I've never used so many in my life! Everyday I remove some dry booger TMI and sometimes I find myself picking inside my nose is terrible! Not what my momma taught me lol but once I feel something it's soooo hard to stop. I am of course very careful.

Going back to recovery period, there were three things I realized I just didn't use much or at all! Throat spray and straws I didn't use at all. Everyone I read about talked about the discomfort with their throat, I'm not sure if they used a different mask on me but my throat was never a worry. Straws, I mean, it was impossible to suck in anything. Still today when I drink dunkins I put the straw like on the side where it's easier. I drink fine straight from a cup. And ice, I just don't like the feeling of ice on me. I did use frozen peas at times but really not for long. Maybe 5 min on each side and took it right off. It's uncomfortable to me and I really didn't go out during the 10 days I was home so I didn't really care.

Lastly, getting used to my new nose is a little hard lol. It's definitely A LOT better than before, like I wouldn't go back to my old nose. But I still find myself doing things to hide my nose like I used to before. For example, I haven't been wearing glasses and I hated how I my nose looked without glasses.. So sometimes I find myself trying to hide my face forgetting that I have a new nose lol. Specially cause I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup. It's all a matter of getting used to it! And I have a lot of blackheads! I do clean the area with some face wash but I need to squeeze and of course I know I can't! Does anyone have a special trick or use a specific product to help with this?

26 days later (Including surgery day)

Hi all!

So today I met with Dr. Del Vecchio for my 3 week post op appointment since the day he removed the cast! Javonika the assistant brought me in a room right away where I waited for him and when he walked in he was like " Woah, I didn't even realized it was you when I seen you come in the office" lol He loves his work, needless to say :).

So I came in with a few questions: 1. Did you leave a stitch in my right nostril? 2. Why is my right side taking longer to heal (where the stitches were)? 3. Why is my right nostril smaller than my left? 4. What do you recommend for my blackheads? 5. Can I start wearing some scarring cream?....his answers...

1. I had texted him a few days ago regarding the stitch, but it's one of those that dissolve. In fact, it wasn't there today lol.

2. So my right side, like I've mentioned so much lol, has taken longer to heal. He said it felt behind because the day he took off the stitches some puss was coming out, but he sees it better than 3 weeks ago. It's just a matter of time.

3. My right nostril is smaller, and he said it was a little smaller to begin with which is true, but not significantly as it is now. He said for the time being to just use a q-tip and go in circular motion like stretching it. If in 2 months is still smaller, he'll take a look at what he can do to fix it. He joked saying, "not like you're going to date a 4ft tall man lol" I told him mine is 6.2 lol..but still :) Also, the inside of my right nostril is swollen so when that goes away it'll help too.

4. For my black heads he said to use neutrogena...

5. For my scars he said a name which I can't remember and the paper is in my car lol but basically said I can start putting something on it. For scarring, I had stitches on both ends and in the middle..the left end is scar-less, like you can not tell a thing! the middle scarring are still noticeable, and my right side very noticeable. So I will put some scarring cream on and see him in 2 months to see the progress.

-He took some pics today too

LASTLY.... he put some Botox on each side of my cheek because he feels like I'm stretching (smiling too much) and I told him I've been yawning way more than usual. So he said it'll kick in in like 2 days and it'll last about 2 months which is what he said I need to finish healing for the most part. Of course when he said Botox I was like...ummm excuse me? lol but I get his point and I had a feeling all the stretching was a problem. But I trust him.



So I think the botox is kicking in. I was expecting my cheeks to somehow be numb (where he injected the Botox) or whatever it is the feeling that Botox makes you feel lol, but my nose seems to be tight again like the first week or two so I guess that's where I'm suppose to feel it. The rest of my face is pretty relaxed and smiling looks better.

I had asked him for something for my scars and he said Scarguard which is apparently the #1 recommended but also the pricier one from the selection at Walgreens lol. The .5 fl cost me $30. I hesitated, but anything to rush the process I guess.

Also, my clogged pores are SCREAMINGGG!!! I have one small pimple as well... which carefully I've been messing with everyday because I refuse to let it build up and get bigger. Although I got the Neutrogena the Dr. recommended and prior to it I was using Clean & Clear face wash, my nose is just disgusting!! I went to get my make up done for my birthday last week and poor girl was doing her best at cleaning up the area without hurting me so that the makeup comes out smooth. Anyways, I got the nose strips. I've read a few people asking if it's okay to use and Doctors don't really recommend it because of the pulling .... BUT if you don't pull I think it's alright. I tried it last night, and yes the strip got really hard and if I had pulled my nose would have been squeaky clean, but I didn't. Slowly, and by wetting it, I removed it and still got A LOT out. Will continue doing it for the next few days.

Before vs July 1st (4weeks)

So here is an update of a before pic (bottom) and after pic (top)... It is undeniable that there is a difference, however, I keep thinking that maybe he could have done more based on pics of other patients. Again, I would not go back to my old nose, but I do think he could have done better in terms of definition on the front view. Some days I like it better than others, it's only been 7 weeks so swelling is def an issue, but I'm sure the shape won't be too different in a few months. The profile view and looking from bottom up, give the perception of a perfectly pointy nose.. But when you see it from the front, it looks wide.

My nose is still hard and numb, when I smile my top lip stays straight lol so I look like I have no lip in some of my pics lol but I know eventually that will wear out. I'm seeing him on Sept 1st, at the 12 week mark.. Can't wait!

Allergies + recent rhinoplasty = ughhhh!!!!

So yesterday I started with a runny nose and eventually got really congested. I just want to squeeze my nose and let everything out....but I can't unfortunately. I think I'm going through way more qtips because its running constantly! I didn't think using more qtips than I have been was even possible! My nose is swollen because of it, but hopefully this goes away soon!

I wonder if the surgery has anything to do with making me more prone to seasonal allergies because it's been a few long years since I had an episode like this. Like I mentioned before, I had my polyps removed in middle school and used to get 4 shots a week for allergies, but it was all worth it!



So here is an update! It's been 4 months and 11 days since surgery.

So I keep looking at my nose everyday lol although I'm trying not to be so hard on myself about it. So since the beginning my right nostril has given me a hard time. one issue was the my left is more circled shape than the right. This is still an issue today. On my before picture you can see a little difference which I had never realized before the surgery, but I guess with the surgery the difference is larger... It may or may not get better with time since it still feels swollen. A good thing about it is that the only way I notice is if I look up my nose.. Thankfully, you can't notice at eye level. Another issue was that my right side scars weren't healing as well as my left. You can still notice something on my right, while barely on my left. Also, I noticed a little dot on my right side near the start of going inside my nose (hard to describe lol). When I looked closely it kinda looks like there's a tiny piece of threat in it. I tried removing it with my tweezers but I need something thinner than that to be able to pick it out. NOW... There's a new issue lol you'll be able to see in the picture how there's like a little ball inside my right nostril. Idk if to freak out or not. It just came up like 2 days ago. It can pass for a pimple.. But seeing my history with my right nostril, I'm not sure what to think. It kinda hurts when I touch it when I'm cleaning my nose with Qtips. Unfortunately, Dr D is out until October 27th, and then really booked until Nov 10 th which is when I'll be seeing him. I didn't go to my 3 month appointment because I was really sick, so I'll be seeing him at my 5 months mark since he removed everything. The rest of my nose is still numb and hard, the sides not so much. Some days are more swollen, specially in the morning. Also, I keep starting at my nose and keep noticing how the difference is not very big and my friends can't really tell. I also find myself still not liking most selfies I take because it still looks on the bigger side. My first days pictures it looked smaller.. But I feel it expanding. It is smaller than before though.

update on last review

Hi again!

So I couldn't stand looking at that little thing in my nose and decided to put pressure on it to see if it pops or what..and it did pop! a little nasty! but it's finally gone. and as for the little piece of what looks like threat I'm seeing, I now see where it starts and where it ends, so I guess he did leave something really small, but it's there.


So I found the bottom pic of my old nose last night... Boy, I had forgotten how huge it was! And I made sure to send this picture to my friends that were saying " it's not a big difference".. Ahhhhh 100% it is a huge difference lol! It could be smaller, but like I've said a million times, anything slightly better than before is good enough! It's slightly a different angle, but I'm sure you get the point. And it's still swollen.

5 months...

So today I met with Dr. Del Vecchio for our first follow up since he removed everything (I was sick and canceled our 3 month apt)

He touched and moved and we agreed on my two concerns. 1. He noticed my scar on the right side is not healing as quick as my left. He said that if in 3 months it's not good, we will talk about possibly opening and closing again. Now, I'm not scared by that. I'm actually glad he thinks about perfecting what he did and not just letting me walk out the door. Not sure that it'll be needed, but it does assure me I chose the right doctor. 2., we agreed that the size of my nose after surgery was smaller than it is now, which is why he put Botox to begin with because he wanted as less stretching as possible( smiling, yawning, etc) but that only lasted some time. And regarding that, he implied he'll fix, if it becomes an issue where it expands more.

Honestly, my first concern out of the two is the scarring. The size is already smaller than before and it was like a "need" for me to have a smaller nose... If I go smaller it'll be considered a "want"... And sometimes obsessing over it and wanting to "perfect" it could make it worst.

Finally, we both agreed on my nostrils being a little different in size, but that would not be something to change in the future. It's not a big difference and it was already there before surgery, so it's not something I'll worry about.

I'll be back to see him in February!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Within a month, I met with Dr. Del Vecchio, set up the surgery day, AND had my surgery for Rhinoplasty!!! I am 34 days post op as of 7/9/15, and the profile view is AMAZING. At first I thought it was too pointy, but with time it's getting better. My front view is smaller as well if you notice my before picture. Without it, others would not really tell. Which to me is a plus. It's not the perfect button nose, but it's enough in my eyes! I think Dr. Del Vecchio is amazing at what he does! He was very excited to perform an ethnic rhinoplasty and he's very much aware of there not being many like him out there. It made me feel comfortable because he knew what he was speaking and has a whole list of credentials! After surgery, he sent me pics and whenever I had any questions I would text him and hear back within a few hours. He has been as excited as me through the whole process. He's a great guy!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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