Glad They're Gone but So Disappointed, Any Advice? - Bradford, United Kingdom

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This site has been brilliant, its been a real...

This site has been brilliant, its been a real comfort , though i could do with a boost now in more ways than one!

I had implants 17 years ago when my boobs were wrecked by my 2nd child, i never wanted to be bigger but was sold at least a double d, ive never really liked the size but they have been very natural looking and problem free. In october i found lumps under my arms and thought the worst but turns out they were silicone from a rupture. My consultant persuaded me to have them out without a lift and said he would remove them en bloc!

So im two days post op and though glad to be free of all that awful toxic silicone, im horrified at how awful they are, they look caved in to me and the consultant said that wouldnt change, which obviously made me cry. I've also discovered they have left capsules in and not done it en bloc, i understand this scar tissue can hold silicone droplets and bacteria. Please tell me there really is a fluff fairy, will post pics soon

So 2 weeks on and I have developed a seroma under...

So 2 weeks on and I have developed a seroma under my arm where they removed large amounts of silicone from my lymph, had it drained twice but it's painful and infected, also got a cord vein running down my arm from my arm pit which feels like trapped nerve BUT apart from that I'm pleased with them, clothes look better, I just can't wait for all the complications to pass! Starting Pilates tonight so that should help,onwards and upwards!

Free removal on nhs, site wouldnt let me put no cost in!

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