Swollen and Sore Almost 4 Months After Mini Tummy Tuck =O( - Bradenton, FL

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I was exctatic when I got my Mini tummy tuck. I am...

I was exctatic when I got my Mini tummy tuck. I am 40 years old and have 2 kids and since they are grown I decided to do something for myself. I work out 3 to 4 times a week and have done so for many many years. I had the loose skin thar I wanted to get rid of to achieve my flat stomach look that I have worked out for.
I the day of my mini tummy tuck my stomach was flat, tight, I was in love. I was very upset about the drainage because it made me sick to look at it (or even knowing it was there) so the Drs. nurse took it out 2 days post op.
I have not changed my diet at all (if anything eating healthier) and I have gained weight and love handles. I'm still extremely swollen and can't fit in my jeans. I'm very upset.....I do hope it get's better.
I was planning on coming out with a flat tummy and a bunch of stitches, didn't plan on this.

End result.

well they said it was going to take over a year to have the final result and they were correct! I have been so pleased with my results and feel confident in a bikini once again after many years of being ashamed and embarrassed

modeling again

Feels great to be confident!

I year later

Love the results... not having the full tummy tuck was the right decision for me.
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