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So-Far-just GREAT! Had Ultherapy about 5 hrs ago...

So-Far-just GREAT! Had Ultherapy about 5 hrs ago and already have tightening (yes most likely swelling at this time) Chin is a bit swollen, but neck and head wrinkles are noticeably less visible. I took Arnica tabs for 5 days prior and also swabbed it on neck when I returned. However, I expect bruising might occur as I expect areas of soreness and numbness for a few days maybe longer. A far as the pain. At times spots hit an 8 and varied to a 4 on the pain meter.. (some were less ~especially in less depth levels). I held the vibrator and squish ball and would recommend moving the vibrator around in pain areas as it helps to further distract. NONE of the pain lasts more than 2-4 seconds . Theres a bit of an after effect but nothing I found too difficult. I did whole face and neck and was done in 2 hr 15 min. I believe there were 2400 blasts of radio ultrasound (2 full passes one at a depth of 4.5? and another at 3?) . I took 800 mg advil and 1 Rx of tramedol 1 hr prior. I also swathed numbing cream on neck and face. I had an extra tramedol if I needed it which I did not. I was definitely anxious going in ($$$$/fear of bad reviews/fear of pain) . I am tentatively WAY excited. I have to hold off as I know it could be swelling and this is a procedure in which real results take time. That said, am way happier than I expected . :)


3 days post. Have definite purple bruising along chin line and on cheeks. Have the "chipmunk" cheeks people refer to. Using arnica. Skin in jaw/cheeks and temples feels like a bruise. Neck looks way smooth. Hoping the bruises will diminish soon as it looks as if I was beaten a bit. Not so great for work ..still giving a plus review as I did expect some swell etc. I am hoping for overall results in all the areas of tightening/lifting/smoothing/texture/ that Ultherapy advertises.


2 weeks + post. I was bruised (dark purple, hard to cover up) all along jaw. Neck very tender and swollen w some bruising (felt like lymph nodes almost), slight bruising (again purple fade to yellow) all along cheeks. For me the after part has been more challenging . No DOUBT something is happening with this procedure . Not sure whether it will be excellent but am hopeful (for the needs to be excellent or its a waste IMO) .What I definitely do see (and confirmed by Gf's: Skin is more even tone. Left side of jaw is tightening up more that right (at this time).
anyway thats all to report. Other than aftercare : re call back's from office…are nil… I guess I could have called/just used Arnica and went onward. However, I think excellence in service might include calling back to check in and offer follow up care.
Marissa/ Pure Dermatology

Marissa was great, professional and seemed very knowledgeable. All the staff working with Ultherapy had had some Ultherapy performed on themselves so they understood the feeling and how people react differently. Will hold off on review of overall and after care as it has not happened yet.

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