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I am very grateful for this site! I am 52 with...

I am very grateful for this site! I am 52 with saline implants under the muscle for 8 years. I am sick of them. I have recently resumed running and though not huge (34 full C) I feel top heavy as the rest of me gets smaller. I weigh 118 lbs, athletic build at 5'3". I don't like the feeling of so much on my chest. My concern is I'm training for a half marathon in Jan. I can't afford time off from training. I have not met with my surgeon yet but do know that he would intentionally fail the implants, allow them to "leak" naturally then remove them some 2-3 months after the pin-prick procedure. I'm concerned about how the leaky or empty implants will look/feel. Should I wait to have that part done after the race in Jan or would it be feasible to go ahead and have the intentional failure done, train, then have the surgery. I guess my biggest concern is how long I'll have to wait before I can run again. Any other runners out there? Thank you so much!

Consultation completed!

I saw my PS today.He placed my saline implants in 2005. I trust him to do the best job possible. He wants to wait until after the race in January to perform the "intentional failure" of my implants. This consists of applying a numbing agent to the skin then puncturing the implant with a 22 g. needle. They will leak slowly over 3 months or so. This allows me to have a realistic idea of what things will look like and my skin will adapt to the change. I then go in and have them removed. By doing it this way it will be apparent if I need a lift or not. He was doubtful I will. I was thrilled that the cost is $2000. He didn't try to sell me more implants or pressure me in any way. He was optimistic that my breast tissue would rebound nicely, but of course admits it's not something he can know 100% in advance. I just wish I didn't have to wait until the end of April. He will do it all at once with no delay if I opt to do so. The good news for me is very little down time from exercise post-op. Couldn't be happier!

Scheduled today!

Well, it turns out the surgeon who placed my implants 9 years ago has accepted a position out of state. I was pretty devastated initially. However, I went to see a recommended surgeon today and was thrilled to learn he will remove them under a local. He is booked until the end of March except for next I scheduled! This will give me less time to stress about it. He said no running/skiing, etc for a minimum of two weeks but I can do the bike, stepper, walk, etc. So, this time next week I will get 2 lbs off my chest and hopefully love the old me again. I will post pics. Thank you all!


Surgery is this Friday...getting nervous :(

Tomorrow's the day!

Sorry for the poor lighting, I couldn't get the camera to work with me. I thought I'd post this before the big day. I can hardly believe I ever had these things placed. Wish me luck!

Surgery over

Wow, what a breeze! I had some "take the edge off" oral meds prior to the procedure. I felt one prick when he injected the local and then NO pain whatsoever. I was so relieved to have this done under a local. I ran some errands with my husband afterwards then took a major nap when we got home. Emotionally I'm up and down. I can barely believe how flat I am...OMG, it's shocking. But, I am healthy and athletic. As I watch the Olympics I've noted all week how flat chested the majority of athletes are. I must say it's comforting. I ordered a Handful bra and have a few others to help me transition. So far, so good. Just a tiny bit of of stinging at the incision sites. Ladies, it's a breeze to have this done without general anesthesia. My surgeon was incredible. Looking forward to the weeks and months ahead as I "fluff up." Please fluff up! Again, the color is yellowed for some reason and my skin has orange dye on it from surgery. I can shower in 48 hrs. Thank you all for your support. I'm feeling a little down this evening.

3 days post-op

No pain other than some minor incision discomfort mid-day for which Tylenol took care of. I felt really self-conscious at the gym this evening but I rode the bike, skipped the shower and headed home. It felt good to get some exercise but I admit to feeling a bit depressed when I left. I kept thinking I should have opted to have some small silicone implants placed. I know it's just part of the process and I'll adjust. I feel guilty when I think of the women dealing with breast cancer and "real" issues. Anyhow, I knew what I needed was my group! So, here are today's pics. The bra pic is a super comfy Genie bra to which I added my silicone inserts so you could see what it looks like on. It makes me feel better. Thanks for being such a wonderful, supportive group. :)

One week post-op

Well, it's been a week already. I have no pain just some itchiness along the incisions. On my right incision the incision site is lumpy and pushes my breast up a bit. I'm sure this will resolve as my body deals with the surgical incision, scar tissue, etc. I'm still accepting the new me. I LOVE how it feels to be free of those bags but I'm not diggin' the way I look in clothes. Prior to my BA I had some breast tissue (albeit very little). Now there is essentially none, just saggy skin. I wasn't prepared for that. My husband is super supportive and says his parts have shriveled up, lol! He's 65 so we're just gonna have to embrace this aging thing. I was able to lie on my stomach to do my exercises and it felt wonderful! I will continue to focus on the positive and embrace my healthy, athletic body. In the meantime does anyone have recommendations on one piece swimsuits that give us 34 A (or maybe AA) some shape? Yes, vanity prevails!


Well, I go see my surgeon this Thur. I've been feeling very self conscious, especially at the gym. It's a small community and everyone recognizes everyone else even if we don't know each other. I look like I've had a mastectomy. I feel guilty for feeling sad when I'm totally healthy. Anyone else go through this? I don't think my boobs will change much...just saggy skin. I'm not going to develop breast tissue at 52. I just didn't factor in the natural loss of tissue over the years. I need to get over myself, lol. I don't meant to sound superficial. I feel great, just itchy incisions. I thought I'd feel better emotionally. :(

2 week post-op visit today

Saw my PS today and I'm healing great! I'm cleared to run and strength train (within reason). As a treat to myself I scheduled a consult with the nurse esthetician following my doctor visit. I've been wanting to see her for a while. I'm making plans for a skin treatment to celebrate the new me! So excited! Feeling better everyday...especially now that I can RUN again! Thank you everyone. I'll post my 2 week pics tomorrow though I don't think there's much change. Your support and comments have been instrumental in my healing.

2 weeks and 2 days

I'm feeling really, really great! The emotional upheaval has subsided. I have not told my daughters...they don't even know I had implants because they were young when I got them. I'm debating telling my 17 yr old. She is at a stage when she knows EVERYTHING and is of course, critical of adults, especially MOM. I may just wait until she says something and then nonchalantly discuss it. I think it's important for her to accept her body the way it is, but I'm still not opposed to anyone getting implants if they desire them. I enjoyed mine for many years but then it was time to move on. I encourage anyone debating the procedure to seek out several surgeons if you don't have one in mind. Having it done under local was such a blessing for me.

3 weeks, 3 days

I thought I'd update mainly to share how healthy I feel. There isn't a lot of breast change but inside I feel 200% better. No regrets! I have no pain whatsoever and I'm back to my full workouts including strength training. I'm hoping as the scar on the right side reabsorbs I won't have that odd unevenness where it doesn't hang like the other. The suture line feels way different than the other side. But since I'm not a topless dancer I don't think it's a big deal, lol!

9 months post explant

I have to say it is much more comfortable physically to be implant free. When I run I feel so much freer. The rest of the time I feel so incredibly clothes hang. I wear a Handful Bra much of the time, which helps. I am still adjusting to saggy but flat. It feels very unattractive and though my husband says "you look fine" and he loves me just the same...well, it's not the same and it's harder than I thought it would be...emotionally that is. Sounds shallow perhaps, but I needed to vent. Admittedly if I were well- to- do I would get a very small implant to fill this saggy skin that has aged me beyond my years. Or a tummy tuck so at least everything would be small! Thanks for listening.
Missoula Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic surgeon and office staff. He is such a down-to-earth, caring physician. From the consultation through surgery I couldn't have asked for a more professional, compassionate group of medical professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Hardy and his staff.

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