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About a year ago I lost about 90 pounds through...

About a year ago I lost about 90 pounds through making some radical diet changes and incorporating regular exercise into my life. I'm a mother of two, and unfortunately my past pregnancies coupled with my weight loss have left me with stubborn back fat and a significant amount of loose skin around middle. I did t realize that it wouldn't go away with continued exercise until I started looking at this site and finally consulted with a plastic surgeon and had my fears confirmed. I still have about 30 pounds to loose and I'm working towards that goal prior to having the surgery. I've gone from a size 20w to a size 12 or 10 but I'm uncomfortable in many outfits because of the sagging skin around my middle. Anyway, I'm hoping to meet more ladies who have gone through this or are making this journey with me this year! I'll update regularly as I countdown to my procedure. I'm planning to have an extended TT with lipo of the flanks and inner thighs.

I need some advice from any of you ladies who have...

I need some advice from any of you ladies who have had the bbl at the same time as a TT. I spoke to the dr and he said that the two surgeries would produce the best result according to my states goals. But the recovery process scares me. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had both done at once!!

I added a few pictures. Depressing.

I added a few pictures. Depressing.

So my husband and I are meeting with Dr B again on...

So my husband and I are meeting with Dr B again on Wednesday to discuss the procedure a bit more in detail! I have so many questions!!

I added some wish pics this morning. I'm going to...

I added some wish pics this morning. I'm going to show them to Dr B when I meet with him tomorrow. My plan is to lock in my May date! The two models I used are Dolly Castro and Trista T. Trista's height and measurements are similar to mine, except for her waist and hips!!! What do you guys think? Realistic???

Well, my husband and I met with Dr. B for nearly...

Well, my husband and I met with Dr. B for nearly two hours this evening. I really like this man. He answered all of our questions and really took his time with us. He didn't think my wish pictures were realistic for my frame for two reasons: one...I'm broader through the shoulders and my narrower through the hips than my models and two...he just doesn't think I have enough fat to harvest to amplify my hips and rear to that extent. It's amazing bc I feel like I have a ton of fat but he questioned whether he could harvest enough from me to get between 700-800 per cheek. I'm comfortable with his assessment though and am leaning towards just a tt and lipo....just like before. He believes I will see dramatic differences in my figure but I won't have the curves. I'm ok with this because I'm not interested in butt implants at all. He wants me to come back in about a month to assess my fat levels once more and we can come to a final decision then, but I know right now my husband and I are thinking that the bbl may be inconsequential. I'm ok with this...a bit sad...but ok...I kind of liked my wish pictures....but I'm confident I'm going to love the new ME even more...

I'm about 5 pounds down since I last updated my...

I'm about 5 pounds down since I last updated my review. Since I've decided to not bother with the butt lift, I'm no longer worried about holding onto this excess fat. I know the more weight I lose the happier I will be with my final result. I went to a bikram yoga class yesterday and the entire time I was practicing I couldn't stop focusing on my belly. I'll be glad when its gone! Just a few more months! Time flies so it will be here before I know it. I've been following so many of the ladies here on this site! Wow...I've seen some awesome results!

Ok. Just got my blood work done. It's on!!!

Ok. Just got my blood work done. It's on!!!

Deposit paid. Date locked in. On Monday ill let my...

Deposit paid. Date locked in. On Monday ill let my boss know. Wow. The countdown is on. I'm about 10 weeks out from my surgery!!

Ok. So call me crazy, but I've asked Dr. Benjamin...

Ok. So call me crazy, but I've asked Dr. Benjamin about doing a breast augmentation along with my tummy tuck. Stand by.....

So I met with Dr. B last night and I do want to go...

So I met with Dr. B last night and I do want to go with a lift and augmentation in addition to the TT. He was really informative about the process and his pictures looked great. I'm waiting to receive my updated quote today. He said it shoul be around 14k-15k for the TT, lipo and the lift and augmentation. I'll have to go back in a few weeks to discuss sizing and such. I am thinking a moderate profile (Natrelle) and he recommended we start looking at around 400 cc to obtain a very natural look. I'm so excited!!!!!

Ok. So I love a challenge. I'm always trying to...

Ok. So I love a challenge. I'm always trying to push myself. My goal is to drop 20 by my surgery date. I'll be working out 2 x a day for 5 to 6 days a week and being very strict with my diet. I track my calories on my fitness pal. Wish me luck. I'm going to get as close to my ideal weight as possible by the time if my surgery! I want my results to be amazing!! I've lost about 6 pounds since I posted my pictures so I will update with progress pictures each week. Anyone else dropping weight before the big day? Let me know how it's going!

50 days and counting.... 5 pounds down!

50 days and counting....

5 pounds down!

Ok. For folks trying to add me on

Ok. For folks trying to add me on My email address is

I'm keeping my calories under 1200 a day and I'm trying to burn at least 1000 per day. I'm a vegan and many of the foods I eat are very low fat. I supplement my diet with protein shakes made with vegan protein almond milk fruit and greens. I also take assorted multivitamins.

I work out six days a week for about 90 minutes each session.

I'm 45 days away from having my surgery! I'm going...

I'm 45 days away from having my surgery! I'm going to order my compression garments soon. My doctor has told me he prefers Marena Garments.
I'm going to order the 4D female bodysuit and the corresponding vest which is like a binder. I'm also going to order the implant stabilizer. I've been reading a lot about how important it is to have the correct post surgical garments and I think the Marena garments have gotten good reviews.

I'm still going around and around about my implant size. I have my sizing appointment in a few weeks but I'm thinking I want to go large. My one hesitancy is that I'm so physically active and I don't want to be hindered by my breasts. Right now I have to wear two sports bras when I run and my well endowed girlfriends say things will be worse if I go with large implants. I want a curvy sexy figure though. I guess I'll keep debating for now...

By the way, I had lost 7 pounds but I'm up 2 pounds today. I'm chalking that up to a big Easter dinner and my cycle though. I ran a total of 30 miles last week over 5 days and have been eating clean.

Ok. Anyone interested in taking on a challenge...

Ok. Anyone interested in taking on a challenge with me? I'm 45 days away from my surgery. I'm going to go on a raw food and juice feast to detox and prepare. No cooked foods. No animal products. No alcohol. No coffee. Just all the raw foods I can consume between now and then. I know it's what my body needs bc I am listening to it closely. Anyone interested? The last time I did this for less than a month I shed nearly 30 pounds. Lets go!!! No gimmicks. Just beautiful raw organic foods in abundance!

Ok. I spoke to the folks at Marena and I've...

Ok. I spoke to the folks at Marena and I've settled on my garments:

The rep said that they can ship out immediately so it's best to take measurements about a week out from surgery to ensure they are accurate and the garments fit correctly.

Anyone else use Marena?

Woke up this morning with a horrible headache....

Woke up this morning with a horrible headache. It's probably the lack of caffeine. That stuff is no good. I'm down two pounds from yesterday morning. I drank a lot of detox tea and water and I'm sure all the raw foods helped with cleaning me out. It's mostly water weight I know but I feel lighter and my energy level is high. I'm heading into work once my headache subsides and I'm planning to run this evening. I'll go four miles or so. Enjoy the day! I'll check back in tomorrow!

So my headache finally subsided. I had a ton if...

So my headache finally subsided. I had a ton if water and detox tea along with apples, pears, bananas, tangerines, and two huge raw salads. I did use a tiny bit of light goddess dressing on my salads and I did top both with avocado. I got in a 4.5 mile run and basically felt good. This morning the scale shows my at about .5 pounds down. I'm going to try to get out of the habit of weighing myself daily because I can become obsessive about it. I think I'll weigh in once every three days just to be sure I'm going in the right direction. I'm running this evening with my running group. We normally do 4 miles. And this morning one of my very good friends is going to take a Bikram yoga class with me. It's her first time taking a Bikram class and we are going to take a few hours leave during the work day and slip away since this is a really quiet week in the office. I'm actually looking forward to the heat and e sweating. I always find Bikram to be cathartic on so many levels. I hope those of you who are working towards shedding a few pounds are having successes! If so, let me know what you are doing and how it's working!!! Enjoy the day!!! I'll check in tomorrow!

Day 4 of my raw food feast/fast! I'm down a total...

Day 4 of my raw food feast/fast! I'm down a total of five pounds from Tuesday and I'm feeling good. I've managed to stay all raw except for a few handfuls of roasted almonds. I'm working hard to cut those out. I'll buy some raw almonds to snack on this weekend. I thought I would be struggling more with not cooking my food, but I have been enjoying my raw salads, my fruits and my juices. It's been chilly, so I've been fighting the chills with warm mugs of tea. I use Arbonne's detox tea mixed with my probiotics and probiotics. My half marathon training schedule has me running about 11 miles tomorrow and I think I will be fine with it. I've been running all week except for yesterday when I did Bikram yoga. That felt good, but I'm sore today. I'm sleeping better and the headaches and breakouts that were plaguing me earlier in the week are gone. I am excited about this journey and do believe I will be in the best physical condition I can be in next month when I have my surgery!

A new personal best this morning on my run. I got...

A new personal best this morning on my run. I got in 10 miles in 1:50 minutes! So much for the theory that the raw vegan fast would make exercise impossible for me! I feel great and the scale has me another pound down!

33. days away!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I've had a...

33. days away!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I've had a pretty good week. I've been a bit more tired than usual, but I'm attributing that to my lower calorie intake. I'm down about 10 pounds. My doctor called me two nights ago and we chatted about everything from cc size for my breasts to scar placement for my TT to recovery times. He thinks I should recover quickly bc of my physical fitness level. I sure want to believe that but time will tell. I'm running 12 miles this weekend. I'm just two weeks away from my half marathon. Looking forward to getting over that milestone but looking forward to my procedure most of all!

I had an amazing run yesterday and am happy to say...

I had an amazing run yesterday and am happy to say I'm about 12 pounds down. I added a few cooked items back into my diet to help get my energy levels up. Basically, for one meal a day I'm eating cooked yams, beans and veggies. My 12 mile run was one of my fastest ver at thy distance. I even had a few sub ten minute miles in there. I go for my breast sizing tomorrow at 7pm!!! I'm so excited!!! 31 days and counting down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. So I met with my doctor today and's...

Ok. So I met with my doctor today and's really about to get real. I'm 30 days from my surgery date.

He took my measurements for my garment and also extensively measured my breasts. I tried on some demo implants and settled on 425 cc. I had on a bra that was a 36 D and the implants really filled it out. My doctor recommended high profile implants to give me the projection I want while maintaining a natural appearance. He intends to perform a lift using a lollipop incision and plans to even out my nipples which are a bit oval in shape instead or rounded.

But now here is the real news...back to the tummy tuck. Recall that I've lost about 100 pounds through diet and exercise. He asked if I would consider a fleur de lis incision to maximize my results. He believes that I have so much excess skin that a fleur de lis would give me the best result. The downside....the scar and risk of necrosis at the incision site.

I'm leaning towards the fleur de lis. He said there would be no additional cost and it only extends the surgery time by an additional 20 minutes or so. If I'm going to do this, I want the best result possible. I would rather have a vertical scar than excess skin. What do you all think?

On another heart is with Boston tonight and all those harmed by the terror today that befell the marathon participants.

I'm beating myself up this morning. How on the...

I'm beating myself up this morning. How on the world did I ever let myself go so much that I put on all this weight? Why was I not more concerned about my health and well being before? I lived on fast food and junk, which is the real reason I weighed close to 300 pounds at my heaviest. I'm grateful for having made it this far but my body is destroyed basically because of the poor choices I have made for myself over the past 15-20 years. I mean my doctor said I have that much loose skin. It's not fat, despite the fact that it looks like all fat to me.

Deep breath....I'm going to the gym. I'm not feeling too good about myself this morning. :(

28 days until my surgery. I've got a few...

28 days until my surgery.

I've got a few friends and family members being negative and telling me I shouldn't do this. I'm not ready for the procedure. I may just put the weight back on. I'm doing too much at once...I'm trying not to feed into the negativity.

I went for a five mile run yesterday and it felt good to move and clear my head a bit. I woke up this morning feeling a little less anxious. I must say that the support I'm getting here on realself has been awesome and seeing so many awesome results is encouraging to me.

My doctor gave me contact information for a few references, so I'm going to reach out to them today and just see what their experiences have been like.

I'm still eating about 95% raw and still slowly shedding pounds. I'm working out 5 days a week.

These last 28 days are going to fly by.

Ok. So the negativity continues from some close...

Ok. So the negativity continues from some close friends. I'm just going to withdraw from them until I make it through the surgery. I find that their opinions depress me and make me question myself.

This is not a negative journey I'm on. I am not heading towards anorexia. I am not food obsessed. There. I had to say it and I know it's true. I love to eat. I just now love eating foods that are more apt to nourish my body as opposed to harm it.

I spoke to one of my doctors references last night. She had a TT and augmentation a year ago and loves her results. She said she chose Dr Benjamin after consulting with many surgeons in the DC area and felt she liked his style and approach the best. She had been referred by a good friend who had been worked on by him with success. She talked to me for about an hour and really answered all my questions about her journey. She gave me a good feeling about my own.

Today is exactly 4 weeks away from my procedure. This time in 4 weeks I will be under the knife. I'm very excited.

I'm going to run with my running group tonight and this weekend I'll get in one longer run to prepare for my half marathon which is on 4/28.

My husband and I celebrate our 8 wedding anniversary on 4/29 and we are going away for an overnighter in WVA after the race without the kids. I'm looking forward to that time with him and just away from the grind.

Hang in there May Ladies! We are sooooo very close!

26 days!!!!!! Less than 4 weeks now!!!!! I'm...

26 days!!!!!! Less than 4 weeks now!!!!!

I'm about 15 pounds down and hopefully I will continue to lose. I've been researching the fleur de lis and I'm more worried about necrosis than I am about the scar. But I still want the best result possible. I've seen pictures of women who have not gotten the fleur de lis cut and needed it. They were left with sag and needed revisions.

I'm still going for it!!!!

I'm going to start gathering my supplies soon and I'll be ordering my garments probably next week!

Tonight I'm celebrating bc Boston can rest...

Tonight I'm celebrating bc Boston can rest peacefully. It is done and he is in custody!

I ran a good hilly 15 miles this morning! I felt...

I ran a good hilly 15 miles this morning! I felt pumped up about my upcoming surgery and the changes I hope come with it. I felt my tummy a jiggling all the way and couldn't help but wonder if folks passing me on the road were thinking I need to just run harder to get rid of that belly. Probably no one was paying me any mind but that negative sense of self was trying to get into my head. I'm so self conscious about my body and especially when I am working out. Oh well, hopefully in a few short weeks those types of thoughts will be a thing of the past. 15 miles though! I couldn't run a mile when I started running a year ago. Who says a leopard cannot change her spots? I'm changing every day!

24 days and Ok, so I asked a...

24 days and

Ok, so I asked a question on the site and I've had seven doctors respond so far. It seems most of the doctors believe I would be best served by a full body lift and a cut that goes all the way around my waist. My doctor and I had not discussed this as an option. I'm so confused. I've emailed my doctor asking him the question and plan to follow up with him later today. We've been discussing all of the options in such detail. As many of the doctors on this site pointed our, my body presents very unique challenges. :(. I'm scared.

Ok. So I spoke to Dr B at length. I know that man...

Ok. So I spoke to Dr B at length. I know that man must be so tired of me stressing. He said that there is no need for me to have a lift because my lower body has no issues that could be helped by a lift. I've posted a picture and I'm sorry if it burns your eyeballs out. But I really am very lean below the waist. Maybe this is the result if too much running and too few weights. I'm very imbalanced. I'm like an nfl player up top, which I hate. I have no waist line. Dr B thinks there is a very thin layer of fat, alot of skin and the rest is just my honest to goodness big boned build. I'm getting extensive lipo on my back and flanks and he says that the fleur de lis should help draw the skin tighter around my waist and define the line as best as I can. No hips and no butt. I never had either though, even when I was thin before my first child was born. I'm going to trust the expert. I just want the best result possible. I see so many of you looking awesome and I'm so far away from that. But I'm moving closer to being improved. 24 days.

23 days! 23 days! 23 days! 23 days! I'm not...

23 days! 23 days! 23 days! 23 days!

I'm not even really able to comprehend how I'm feeling right now. It's so close but still over three weeks away. I'm swamped at work and we have a ton of weekend stuff planned the next three weekends so I know that time will fly.

I've been studying some pictures my hubby took of me last night from behind. One was the picture of my back that I posted. It's amazing how I never really focused on my body before this journey. I was clueless about what I looked like...the good the bad and the ugly of it. I guess I was thinking that what's on the outside didn't matter and I was focused on all of the other stuff. Being a wife. Being a mom. Being successful at my career. My horseback riding and the support of my oldest daughter in the sport. I probably haven't shared this hut aside from my health issues back in January of 2012, I also started to try to lose weight because I have a passion for riding and my obesity was making it hard for me to spend time in the saddle. We own horses and before running, riding was my passion. I'll post a few pictures up of me in the saddle and show you how my weight was holding me back. Now that I've picked up running, I don't ride as much. I just don't have the time. But after my surgery I plan to start riding regularly again. I have a gorgeous thoroughbred who is a wonderful mover and babysits me to death when we are in the show ring and on the trail. He is too nice a horse to waste. Funny how life can move you away from things you love, even if in doing so its preparing you to enjoy what you love even more. I will tell you that 100 pounds has made all the difference in my riding when I get out there now. I can do things now I was unable to do two years ago because I am fitter and smaller!

23 days! 23 days!

22 days. I need to pay my doctor in full by the...

22 days. I need to pay my doctor in full by the ten day out mark. Drawing a deep breath.....I'm going to pay half today and half next week! Paying in full is the final step in my mind!!!!!

Running the Nike Women's Half Marathon tomorrow...

Running the Nike Women's Half Marathon tomorrow with my daughter and a whole army of incredible ladies from the DC area. Nike's slogan for this race is #werundc! Tomorrow morning starting at 7am we will be doing just that. I'm running for every woman who is thinking what I was thinking 15 months ago: I'm overweight and I could never do that.

Yes you can...if I can, you can!

Thanks to everyone who told me the very same thing even when I didn't want to listen!

Oh yeah.....18 days!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.....18 days!!!!!!!!!

We ran DC today! It was a great race!!! I...

We ran DC today! It was a great race!!!

I didn't make my goal time of 2 hours 15 minutes. I came in in officially at 2 hours 31 minutes. But there were 15000 runners and it was hard to move out the first 2-3 miles because the crowds were so dense. But anyway, it was great!

I ran with my daughter and a bunch of my good friends. I'm so very fortunate!!

So, mission accomplished!!! Now on to the next big undertaking....

17 days and counting!!!!

I'm thinking of increasing my implant size to 450...

I'm thinking of increasing my implant size to 450 and 475cc. I was originally going to go with 400 and 425cc. I've been looking at all of the reviews of lifts and implants and I'm starting to get boob greed/envy. I was worried about being too large before and now I'm worried about not being large enough. I emailed my doctor yesterday and told him and also sent him pictures from my half marathon. He said its doable and I would be more voluptuous. He said he hadn't ordered my implants yet so the change could be made. What do you ladies think? I'm taller and broader in terms if my build. I'm a saggy c/d now depending on the bra but I don't look big at all. I want to come out of the surgery looking feminine and sexy! Who is saying that??? Me!!! Lol. My doctor said larger breasts would be harder to strap down on runs and in the gym but that a 50cc increase is not unreasonable at all to consider.

I keep going back to gobigtallgirl's profile and review. I adore her look and she is very athletic!

Ok. Just talked with Dr. Benjamin. I'm going in at...

Ok. Just talked with Dr. Benjamin. I'm going in at 5:30 this evening to try on 500cc and up. I'm going to go big I think. Wish me luck! I'll take some pictures for comparison purposes!

Mentor 500 cc silicone high profiles under the...

Mentor 500 cc silicone high profiles under the muscle. I tried on both high profiles and moderate plus profiles and my doctor thinks the high profiles will give me a more natural and less matronly look. We also decided to place the same size implant in each breast instead of trying to artificially correct my natural asymmetry. He intends to do a donut incision which will result in the lollipop cut if I have skin redundancy. He's going to try really hard to avoid an anchor scar.

No more stressing over implant size. I'm going with 500 cc's on May 16!!! I posted a picture. My boobs look huge! Lol

I hit send too soon!! They look huge, but still...

I hit send too soon!! They look huge, but still natural!!!

Paid in full! It's beyond real at this...

Paid in full! It's beyond real at this point!

15 days.

Sorry I haven't checked in for a few days, but...

Sorry I haven't checked in for a few days, but work has been crazy. I'm so glad that the weekend is almost here!

So exactly two weeks from today, I'll be having my surgery. My doctor plans to start operating on me around 7:30am and expects the procedure to take about 4.5-5 hours. I'm having the fleur de lis tuck, extensive lipo to my flanks, bra rolls and back, a breast lift (lollipop) and a breast implants inserted. It's a lot to have all at once but my doctor says he is comfortable with me having these procedures concurrently and the amount of time I will be under anesthesia. He routinely performs these operations together.

One thing we talked a lot about the other day when we met was the possibility of the need for revisions. He explained to me that it was his belief that plastic surgery patients are served by understanding that the change to the body may in fact be an evolutionary process and that sometimes revisions are required to get a patient close to their ideal. I certainly have seen many women on this site need to have revisions after their initial procedures to correct minor issues, so I'm comfortable with embracing this reality. I also realize that my doctor cannot make me look perfect. I am a 38 year old woman whose body is what it is because of many factors. Age, weight gain and loss, genetics, two pregnancies all have taken a toll on me and left me with a challenged physique. I'm confident that my doctor will improve my contours on May 16, but I accept that he may need to tweak things afterwards because tat is the nature of these types of surgery. I'm saying this mostly to remind myself to keep my expectations grounded and to say that it will be ok if I come through this with a dog ear, or a scar that's a little crooked...or whatever it may be. It's going to be ok...and revisions are always on the table. My doctor charges 1/4 of his fee for most minor revisions, plus anesthesia and facility costs if you have to be put to sleep again. But he is a fair man and I think he would eat his own cost if the revision was directly the result of something he did or didn't do the first time around. I've known him to do that for others.

Despite my definitive post the other day about my breasts, I'm on the fence again about 500cc. I'm worried they will look too huge. I have until tomorrow afternoon at 1 to decide. My doctor is ordering my implants tomorrow, so I told him I would call him by that time and let him know. E said 500 ccs would make me voluptuous, which is what I want...I'm just worried that it will push me into the enormous range and I'll be struggling to dress them down at work and struggling to find bras and tops that fit them. I've been looking at pictures online, but what I just don't know if I need the cc volume because of my height and weight or if that cc volume will push me into stripper boob land because of my existing breast tissue. I posted a question on here but so far only oe doctor has responded. They probably don't want to even go there with me!

I finally ordered my Marena garments yesterday and they are on their way. I ordered two high back stage one garments in size XL and a waist binder. I was right between sizes L and XL and the representative recommended I go with the larger size to accommodate the post surgical swelling. When my garments arrive, I'll try them on and see how I feel. I'm not supposed to order my stage two until my doctor clears me to move to tat garment and remeasures me after the initial swelling subsides. I'm hoping the tuck and lipo will at least have me in a medium stage two. I wear a M or L in clothes now (size 10 or 12 depending on the brand). My tummy alone takes me to a 12 in some pants, but my 12s are always baggy in the hips and butt. :(

My doctor told me to shave and/or way about 7-10 days out and to bring a bathing suit I like to be marked in. Like I even own a bikini! Have you seen my pictures??? Lol. I'll pick something up at target I guess. That will be a crazy shopping day.

I'm not planning to buy much pre surgery. I'm going to keep it simple. I'll make a few casseroles and freeze them in advance, but I think I'm going to stick to my protein shakes initially for me and fresh fruits and veggies. It's getting warmer too, so my family is more inclined to berating salads now anyway. My mom and dad are going to come stay with us the first few days. They are both local and have taken off from work to be there with me on surgery day and the first few days afterwards. My mom is a great cook so I'm going to let her take over while I'm down and out. My dad can help my husband by helping the kids move around to heir various activities. My oldest drives, so she is pretty independent, but my surgery is taking place right in the middle of AP exams, final exams and the prom season. She goes to an all girls private school so she as gotten invited to two proms and she is attending her own. Luckily, since she is a junior, she is being low key about the 2013 prom season and focusing on her grades/SAT/Subject tests/AP exams and finals. Just a lot of moving parts.

I'll update again soon!

It's getting really close. Exactly one week from...

It's getting really close. Exactly one week from this coming Thursday.

I'm trying to stay focused at work and at home. My compression garments should arrive today. I'm looking forward to trying them on with my binder.

Happy Monday, everyone!!!

7 days, 22 hours. Wow. My husband just said to...

7 days, 22 hours.

Wow. My husband just said to me, "you know you only have one week until your surgery....enjoy your last days with all that skin!"

I don't think any of us have been focusing on how close it really is. But this will be my last weekend with this tummy. This is my last full week with all this hanging skin.

I'm fighting some sort if cold, which I'm not happy about at all. I have a sore throat and a headache. My three year old has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics. If I don't feel better tomorrow, I'll go see my primary care about it.

My binder and garments came yesterday but I haven't had time to try them on. Work has been crazy. I guess I'll get to that later today.

I'm seeing a bunch of May real selfers crossing over to the flat side and getting their mommy make overs. It's very exciting!!! Best wishes to all of them!!!

I've been soo hungry and eating lots. No weight gain but no more losses either. I'll try to get back on track this last week, but I won't go nuts because I want to be in good health when i have my procedure and if I'm fighting a bug, I need nourishment b

Wow. Ok. I tried on my Marena garment and binder...

Wow. Ok. I tried on my Marena garment and binder to see if it fit. I got a size XL because that was closest to my current measurements (the rep said I should not go because of the amount of initial post op swelling). The stage 1 garment fit perfectly on the tightest closure hooks and when I cinched the binder around my waist my figure was completely transformed. I was shocked. I don't have much of a waist, but I could really see definition for the first time!! That made me feel like perhaps there is hope for me to obtain a nice figure through this procedure! I was tempted to wear my garment to work today but I won't. I put it away and the binder. I'll let them both stay in my top drawer until next Thursday!

I didn't share that I went window shopping this past Saturday by myself and felt very emotional. I tried on bikinis, really cute dresses, some pretty sharp business suits, etc. and was really pleased that I was wearing a size 10 so comfortably. No jelly rolls around the waistline, none of that snugness that has plagued me my whole life. I know many of you may be much smaller, but I'm down from a 22w at my biggest so this is huge for me. Anyway, I kept trying to imagine how different I would look with my breasts lifted and augmented and all the loose skin gone. The thought of how my body might change was enough to keep me from buying anything. I'm going to wait for my final results before I start rebuilding my wardrobe because the one thing I have learned from people posting on realself is that results will vary and may take time to really see. I'm not going to stress myself by buying size small clothes and then besting myself up because they don't fit the way I imagined they would. Patience. I'm claiming it.

Enjoy your day and make it a good one for you and those you love!

Exactly one week from today! It's Thursday morning...

Exactly one week from today! It's Thursday morning around 6am and this time next Thursday I will be arriving at the surgical center. This is my last weekend with this tummy.

I'm fighting some sort of cold and my doctor has told me to go get meds from my primary care physician so I can get over this. I feel like crap. I haven't been eating much nor have I been working out. No weight gain or loss. I'm just tired.

I spoke to my doctor a long time last night and he wants me to take arnica and bromelin so I ordered both. He said one helps with inflammation and the other helps to encourage healing. We also discussed the lymphatic drain massages that I'll need afterwards since I'm having extensive lipo. I've found a physical therapist who does them. A good friend who just had extensive lipo went to this therapist for the first time and had a great experience.

I've purchased some pretty caftan dresses for lounging in during my recovery but I think I'll also buy a few lounge pants and tops from old navy. I was going to treat myself to Victoria's Secret pink, but I'm not paying 100 bucks for outfits that I may get soiled as I recover. Ain't nobody got time fo that!

Anyway, I'm going to try to get a few runs in this weekend. Hopefully I'll start to feel better. I'm going to a winery with a group of friends and their hubbies on Saturday and in Sunday my family is taking me someplace for Mother's Day, but that remains a mystery bc they want to surprise me. Next week at work will be a crazy three days. I'm very busy, but I imagine it will be hard to focus in those three days!

Happy Friday Eve!!

I cannot sleep!!! My husband said that this tie...

I cannot sleep!!! My husband said that this tie next week, I'll be recovering! Omg. I've got so much going on this weekend and next week leading right up to my surgery day! It's getting to me tonight.

Ugghhh!!! My 3 year old passed her sinus infection...

Ugghhh!!! My 3 year old passed her sinus infection on to me. I started cipro yesterday along with singulair. Hoping I can knock this out before Thursday. My primary care physician thinks I can...

Never a dull moment in my world!!!

Ok. Drugged up with antibiotics! I can feel my...

Ok. Drugged up with antibiotics! I can feel my sinuses draining. I talked to Dr. Benjamin today and he says he agrees with my primary care physician that the cipro and Cingular combo should get rid of the infection in time. I'm on 10 days of both which means I'll overlap with my post surgery antibiotic which is fine. Dr. B. warned me about yeast infections but said he will treat it if I wind up with one.

He did totally surprise me though when I talked to him this afternoon. He and I have been stressing about implant size so he told me he ordered three ranges of sizes of high profile mentors: 425, 450 and 500. He said he will use a sizer on the day of surgery to determine which one hits me best and looks most natural! Woohoo!!! I'm so excited! He says he is going to take good care of me and get me the best results! I believe him! We've talked so much these last months that I do believe he knows what I want but I trust that he will balance that with his professional judgement about what will best serve my body. He also said he will try to avoid the vertical scar if he can and will only cut me vertically if he needs to do so to get me tight. He said he appreciated my trusting him to make the decision while I'm asleep.

Faith is believing in something in the absence of actual definitive proof. I have no proof that things will turn out ok for me, but I have faith that they will.

4 days 15 hours!!

3 days 23 hours. I'm lying here in bed getting...

3 days 23 hours. I'm lying here in bed getting ready to motivate myself to get up, get dressed and go for a run. I'm not feeling super hot right now because of my sinus infection, but I keep thinking I should go run because this is the last opportunity I will have to make my Sunday group run for some time. I'm a group co coordinator for a local running group and our standing group run is every Sunday at 7am. We usually run between 3-5 miles. Some of the runners are beginners, others are more seasoned, but we all encourage each other and support each other. My 17 year old usually runs with us and has actually agreed to fill in for me while I'm recovering. My goal is to be back at least walking with the group in four weeks. I'm thinking that even if I'm just walking 2-3 miles, that will be something that will help me get back on track with my post surgery fitness.

Last night I was worrying about my results a bit. I couldn't sleep and all the negative thoughts crept back in...what if the surgery doesn't make a difference for me...what if I still look fat...what husband said I was getting unnecessarily anxious. I agree. I've been so buy I haven't had much time to think about what is happening on Thursday. Are any of you/did any of you go through this?

Motivated! Got in a good strong 5 miles this...

Motivated! Got in a good strong 5 miles this morning. I actually felt like my head and lungs opened up a bit while I was running.

I will be over this sinus infection before Thursday!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

2 days and 22 hours. Feeling MUCH better...

2 days and 22 hours.

Feeling MUCH better thanks to antibiotics. I have a little chest congestion but think it should be gone in a day or so.

I need to buy a few more zip front sports bras and some smaller panties to be marked in. All of mine are stupidly huge. Going to Target today on my way home.

Today, tomorrow and Wednesday should be very busy at work so I believe the time will fly by.

I'm not totally crazy nervous yet. It will hit me Wednesday evening I'm sure.

I have to drink that stuff that cleans you out on Wednesday to prep for surgery. I have to still buy that too. Yuck. Wednesday will be a fun day at the office. Maybe I'll try to telecommute that day.

Monday workday is done. T minus 61 hours and...

Monday workday is done. T minus 61 hours and counting...

So one of my favorite songs is Lazy Eye by the...

So one of my favorite songs is Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups. Their sound reminds me so much of the Smashing Pumpkins. I was a huge Pumpkins fan in the early to mid 90s when I was in undergrad. Both bands always made me feel like I was walking on air....their sounds made me believe anything was possible. People don't change...but time marches on. I feel like I'm in my early 20s again, and I recall that innocent euphoria with enthusiasm.

I listen to this song when I need an extra dose of motivation on a run. The lyrics and the melody take me away from the here and now and let me focus on the impossible...and then strive for it. I'm listening to it right now as a type this.

Check it out if you haven't heard it. I hope tonight if you are reading his, you listened to your favorite song today and it made you feel like anything and everything was possible and within your grasp.

I especially like this remix. I'll be listening to it in about 56 hours and it will be all good.

Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups (Jason Bently remix)

I've been waiting
i've been waiting for this moment all my life
but it's not quite right

in this 'real'
it's impossible if possible
at who's blind word
so clear but so unheard

i've been waiting
i've been waiting for the silence all night long
it's just a matter of time

to appear sad
with the same 'ol decent lazy eye
fixed to rest on you
so clear but so untrue

everyone's so intimately rearranged
everyone so focused clearly with sunshine

everyone's so intimately rearranged
everyone so focused clearly with sunshine

locked and loaded
still the same 'ol decent lazy eye
straight through your gaze
that's why i said I relate
i said we relate
it's so fun to relate

it's the room the sun and the sky
it's the room the sun and the sky

i've been waiting
i've been waiting for this moment...

On my way to the office. In 47 hours I'll be...

On my way to the office. In 47 hours I'll be arriving at the surgical center. Got my zip front bras yesterday and some size medium panties to be marked up in.

I just need to drop off my prescription for Percocet and pick up the stuff to drink the day before to clean out. I'll do that this evening on my way home from work.

I'll be in meetings all day long at work so hopefully my mind will not be wandering too much.

Tick tock.....

Just picked up the last of my meds. Percocet and...

Just picked up the last of my meds. Percocet and magnesium citrate. I'm working from home tomorrow so I can take the mag citrate in peace and basically relax a bit.

I didn't get waxed. Will have to shave tonight.

I'm also going to pick out my outfit for surgery. What to wear oh what to wear? I've got the undergarments but do I go with sweats? A caftan? An easy dress? It's supposed to be almost 80 degrees on Thursday.

Tick tock.....just under 32 hours to go! I'm wide awake, but I should try to get some sleep!!!!!

18 hours!!!!!!!!!!! Just got the call from my...

18 hours!!!!!!!!!!! Just got the call from my surgical center letting me know my final details. No food or drink after midnight tonight. I'm eating really light today and juicing.

This is it!!!!

Dr B just called me to check in and see if I was...

Dr B just called me to check in and see if I was ready. He wanted to know if I had any unanswered questions. He is so awesome! It has made all the difference to me to have someone so accessible and personable performing my procedure. He is a great guy!!! If you are local and considering any procedures, please add him to your consult list. How awesome is it to have your doctors personal contact and to have him responding to text messages just like any other friend!?!

Ok. It's 900pm and I'm scheduled to be at the...

Ok. It's 900pm and I'm scheduled to be at the surgical center tomorrow at 6:30am. This is it!

I'm procrastinating a bit. I still haven't picked my clothes out yet and I haven't showered. I'm just surfing realself and texting friends who know what's going on with me.

It's pretty chill in my house. My hubby is watching a basketball seventeen year old is studying for a final and my mom, who is sleeping over to help me for a few days, is downstairs watching a cartoon with my three year old. Even my two chihuahuas are calm and resting. Normally they are running around playing like wild wolves...albeit, 4 pound diva wild wolves.

I'm pretty at ease right now with what's happening tomorrow. It's funny too because I've had a few surgeries in the past and I was always a wreck the night before. I had laparoscopic surgery to remove some terrible endometriosis adhesions and I've had an emergency d&c after the birth of my youngest daughter. I also had my oldest by Caesarian. Anyway, I was afraid those times, but this time so far, I'm at peace. It's probably because I've convinced myself that this surgery will take me some place good in the end and because I really want to do it. It's that whole faith thing...believing it will be ok in the absence of any proof or guarantees.

Dr. B is in control in terms of the final decision of how to cut me (fleur de lis or extended horizontal) and he is in control of my final implant size. It makes sense to delegate in this case. I feel I'm best served by having the board certified plastic surgeon in charge instead of the lawyer/mommy! I've communicated my wishes and I believe we are on the same page so I'm letting go.

I'm prayerful that tomorrow will go well for me and without complication. I have that same prayer for soulnik and every other friend I've met here who is making his journey tomorrow with's the same prayer I've had for all hose who have crossed over before and that I will have for those following behind us in the days to come.

I'm really thankful for all of the well wishes I've been, friends...strangers...the love is coming to me from so many places.

I'll update again tomorrow when I wake up around 5am and again from my iPhone when I get to the center. If I could update during the surgery, best believe I would! I won't ask Dr B to update for me, although I bet he would...I don't want to distract him bc he has a lot of work to do on this body tomorrow.

Tick tock....tick tock....9 hours to go.....

It's almost time

I cannot sleep. I've got to be at he surgical center in about 2.5 hours. My entire house is so quiet, but in about an hour the madness will begin.

I'm almost ready to cue the "Benny Hill" music and get the madness started!


Body Under Construction Today...check back later!

I made it!

I had my mom makeover today. The procedure lasted 4.5 hours and I was in recovery about 2 hours before coming home. I was very nauseous when I woke up and vomited small amounts of water 3-4 times before that passed. That was horrible.

So Dr B. didn't have to do the fleur de lis. He said he got me very flat without it. He also went with 500 cc in my right breast and 450 in my left bc of my assemmetry.

I have two drains and a pain pump. Pain is about a 2/10 right now and I'm very fatigued. I'm lying down in bed on my back straight but I'm not standing straight. I'm able to get up walk around briefly about every hour with little or no assistance.

I'm very dehydrated. All I want is ice water.

I'll check in again tomorrow. No need to take pictures now bc I'm so covered up and swollen I look crazy.

I'm hopeful though. The nurses in recover who attended my doctor said I looked good. Dr. B. said he was happy with the surgery.


Ok. Sleeping soundly. I woke up about 30 minutes ago. I'm uncomfortable but I'm not unbearable pain right now. I do have some phlegm in my throat and trying to cough it up as painful due to my muscle repair. Right now that is the worst of it. I want to cough but it hurts too much. I'm coughing a bit by holding a small pillow to my abdomen. It's getting better. I'm not needing to take the Percocet. I really don't want to take the narcotics if I don't have to. I don't like that constipated feeling. That's why I insisted on the pain pump.

I am able to get out of bed with help and I can walk and use the bathroom on my own. I'm almost straight but not quite there. In not pushing myself bc I don't want to injure myself or rip anything. I'm so wrapped up I can't see anything. But I do look think I look flat and my breasts look large. I can tell I'm swelling though.

I'm hopeful I can sleep through the rest of the night and that tomorrow is a good day.

I'm going to unwrap myself tomorrow to wash up and I'll take some pictures then.

1 day post op picture

I'll try to get some more later. I can hardly believe that all that skin is gone. I've got alot of swelling but my doctor said everything looks great. He removed all bandages and let me look at my scars. He said I have a little abdominal fullness above my belly button that he couldn't get. It may require a lipo touch up. But I'm very happy so far!!!

Day one post op is almost in the books...

Today was a good day. The pain was tolerable and my doctor came by to check my incisions and help me dress in my garment. He sent me home in a binder yesterday and I was ready to change.

I don't know if it really registered with me what I was seeing when the binder came off. The tummy was gone. That hanging flap of skin that has plagued me for the better part of seventeen years is gone. I say seventeen years because that is the age of my oldest. I put on 100 pounds when I was pregnant with her and I never really got my figure back.

My mom and my husband were there when my doctor undressed me and they were both in awe. My husband said he has never seen me like this and he thought I looked mom said later on when we were alone that she thought I now had a great figure. She was there yesterday when my doctor marked me up and he wasn't happy at all...but now she thinks it was worthwhile and she understands why I did it. That really affected me because my mom is very attractive, very petite, has never struggled with her weight and has at times derided me about mine. I know I did this for me, but there was a part of me that felt validated when she finally gave me her approval.

My children are happy I seem to be feeling ok. My seventeen year old thinks its fantastic and my three year old just keeps asking me where my old tummy is!

One of my girlfriends stopped by for a visit. She had lipo a few weeks ago and was surprised at how I was moving around. She said she also thought I looked totally different.

I'm feeling very tired from today and suddenly very warm. I hope I don't have a fever trying to come on. I'm going to rest and I'll check in later.

Waking up in the middle of the night.

I seem to take cat naps. I'll sleep for 2-3 hours then wake up. Usually, I'll use the bathroom and lay back down. I do that all through the night.

No fever right now, but I seem to have one drain not working. There is blood in the line but its not going into the drain. I'll call my doctor about it in the morning.

My abdominal pain is getting better but I am feeling more pain from the lipo all along my back and flanks. I'm just achey like I've worked out. My breasts seem fine for now.

I hope you all are healing well. Hugs for now. I'm going to go back to sleep.

Day 2

Lots of swelling but very little pain. I'm feeling the lipo in my flanks. It's like I've been hit really hard with a bat. Coughing is easier. I can also sit up from a lying down position much more easily.

I had sliced apple, orange, banana and warm tea for breakfast. It was good. I was hungry. I had some homemade veggie broth last night. It was flavored with lemon and I kept the salt out. It was very soothing.

I'm posting a picture of me in my bra and panties. I'm still very very swollen. You can notice that I have a pocket of swelling in my upper abdomen above my belly bottom. My doctor said I may require some additional lipo to remove that but that I may see great improvement in time. I'm very patient. I've seen so many people go through such great changes and I know my results can not be seen this soon. My tummy flap is gone though. I'm very flat below my belly button and I think he did a great job contouring my flanks. I'll post more pictures soon.

Happy healing everyone!!!


I've been so focused on my tummy and on my recovery, I feel like I haven't shared much about why I decided on the lift and augmentation. Originally, I wasn't considering either, but as I worked with my doctor on contouring my body and on what would be possible, I decided replacing the saggy girls would be a good thing to do.

I went round and round about size and ended up with a range and letting my doctor choose. Well he went with 450 and 500 cc because of my asymmetry and I think they look good. They look big to me, but I tried on a dress shirt and a suit jacket today for fun and they were totally concealable!! They are riding very high now but I hope they settle in time.

Are any of you who got implants wearing a stabilizer to help them settle? My doctor didn't recommend one but I've heard they are helpful and I'm wondering if I should order one.

Appetite coming back with a vengeance...

I am really hungry!!!! LOL!!

My mommy is making me some roasted sweet potato and some steamed string beans!!!!!

Bye bye pain pump

My doctor told me that it would run out late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning and I think it has. I'm having burning at my incision site which I have not felt before. I took my first Percocet around midnight and it helped with the pain alot. I slept soundly for about three hours. I had taken my garment and binder off and just rested in my compression bra. It felt very good to let my skin breathe a bit. My scars are all covered so nothing was really exposed but I was very swollen and uncomfortable in my garment, I guess thanks to the yummy sweet potatoes and string beans I ate.

I woke up around 3, emptied my drains, went to the bathroom and put my binder back on. The swelling has gone down alot.

I'm going to try to go back to sleep now. I go to see my doctor tomorrow. He is going to remove the two pain pump lines and change my dressings. I'll have another chance to really see my scars. It will be a big day for me. My first day out of the house since my surgery.

Hope you all are doing well!!!

Beating my doctor to the punch

I woke up this morning to find I had pulled one of my pain pump lines out last night. So I removed the other and just like that its done. No pain at all at the site and no blood. I hope the drains come out as easily. I'm having coffee this morning for the first time. I'm really worried about the Percocet slowing my system down and coffee usually does the trick for me in terms of getting my system to go. I haven't needed any drugs since midnight last night, so I'm happy about that. I feel better today than I did yesterday. When I washed up and changed my clothes this morning I peeked at my scar and its really low! I'm so happy!!! I'll check in later!! I'm loving reading all f the great stories and updates on this site! I feel like I'm not so alone in this!!!

Day 3 Post Op

Today was a really good day. I haven't needed any pain meds at all, despite my pain pump being removed and I've been on my feet all day for the most part. I had a vegan smoothie for breakfast and was so busy that I only had a handful of nuts for lunch. I drank green tea though and even had 2 cups of coffee. I'm watching what I eat but I'm not restricting calories. I should have made time for lunch today. For dinner, I made up for it by having a big salad and some steamed spinach. The salt from my salad dressing got me though because I was instantly swollen like a puffer fish. Binder too tight. Had to lay down.

I had a friend stop by and visit today and I sat up with her for about an hour chatting. She and I ride horses together and she was amazed at the surgical outcome.

After her visit, my husband drove me to my doctor's office to have my dressings changed. My doctor is really accommodating. He is like a saint. He has a home office and he works out of it as much as he can, to the schedule of his patients. I realize that because he lives so close to me, I'm fortunate he can make house calls, but I also love that he allowed me to come by on a Sunday afternoon just to walk me through my first dressing change. He said everything looked great. Again, I was amazed at how low my scar is. It's a bit higher on my left side than my right, but I'm sure it can easily be concealed by any clothing I want to wear. I had a little puffiness in my belly button and he showed me how I should clean it with peroxide. I couldn't feel a thing as he swabbed around in there. Totally numb. It looks fine though. He recovered me tummy and breast incisions and instructed me to change them in two days after giving me ample medical grade dressings to use. He noticed that my right implant is higher than my left and he told me to get a stabilizer, which I ordered, and also to just push down on it now and again to help ease it into its pocket. I'm not going to start stressing...I know it takes time, but he's very observant...probably because he knows how I I felt good we were seeing the same thing.

He said he intends to remove my drains on Saturday...provided I am putting out less that 20ml in a 24 hour period from each drain. Right now, I'm putting out about 40 ml or a little more per 24 hour period, but he thinks that will decrease this week. I'm not to shower with the drains in...he recommends bird baths and wash ups to minimize infection at the drain site from shower or bath water. I'm ok with that...hopefully my family can survive.

He also cleared me to start light walking. He said I seem to be recovering really well and he was amazed at my mobility levels! I'm going to take it easy, but to the extent that I can, I'm going to try to get a short walk in the next few days...just to see if my body can handle the activity.

The one thing that is sort of a bummer that I am experiencing is bad nerve pain and numbness in my right leg. I thought it was attributed to my pain pump entry point, but it's gotten progressively worse, even after the pump was removed. My upper leg is very numb and I experience burning pain when I walk. I spoke to my doctor about it and he said he has had other patients report this, but that it had resolved itself in time. Being the Internet freak that I am, I googled my symptoms and found posts all over the web...and even here in realself about it. Nerve damage from the tuck...usually resolves itself over time. I'm hoping that's what it is. I'm took ibuprofen just for that about an hour ago...hopefully it will bring me some relief.

Well, it's time for my Game of Thrones fix. I hope you all are healing well and have had a great day!!! Day 3 is in the books for me. I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow. Hugs.

Picture with dressings. Post op day 4

My doctor doesn't want me to remove these dressings until tomorrow. I'm supposed to replace them only if there is weeping at any of the incision sites. You can't see much, but you can see how swollen I am!!

Today has been pretty good so far. I wore my compression garment all day and I've been dressed moving around all day. I had some sautéed mushrooms on a baked potato for breakfast and a large salad for lunch.

Pain has been about a 2/10 and swelling has been bad. I'm drinking lots of warm water with lemon to try to flush my system.

My drains are starting to run clear I think. The fluid looks more clear and less red.

My mom thinks my breasts look different every day. I feel like they have both dropped a little but the right is higher than the left.

I tried on my size 10 work pants with my garment and they fit sooo much better. No tummy pouch visible and my hips actually look larger than my waist! I'm hoping this means that when the swelling subsides, I'll be down a few inches in my waist.

I'll update later. Time for more warm tea with lemon and time to catch up with all of you on realself! Hope your day has been great!!

Day 4...let the swell hell begin.

I don't think I ate that much. I had some vegan eggplant parm...a little salad with my favorite lemon vinegarette dressing....water...POOF. Puffer fish swelling. Instant hot air ballon. A beach ball instead of an abdomen. WTH? It was horrible. My binder was killing compression garment was screaming...I was instantly back to walking hunched over. Ain't nobody got time for dat! I'm going to have to watch my meals a bit more closely. I don't like this feeling at all. I'm not sure what triggered it. I'm may just go all raw tomorrow in protest of what my body did this evening. He'll, I may just fast and drink water.

In other news, my right drain is filling up with orange...not red. My left is still red...but it's hardly collecting anything the last 12 hours or so. I'll be glad to get these drains out. I pulled one today and it hurt terribly...I'm scared of infection at he entry site too.


Day 4 is in the books...and I'm marking it as the day I really learned what swell hell was all about.

Day 6

I unwrapped my breasts this morning. There was a little bit of blood seeping from the hotizontal scar under the right one, but nothing too serious. The look of them freaked me out a bit. They don't look anything at all like my breasts looked before surgery. I'll be honest, I'm not in love with them. I'm scared of them. They look hard, sliced up, square, and the implants are way up at the top. They also look really big! I don't know. I guess I need to just be patient. Will they change?? Everyone's else's look so delicate and dainty. I cannot imagine these squares in a real bra. Oh well. I'll update later.

Day 5. I had to wine down...

I haven't had to take any pain drugs really...I've just been taking ibuprofen...but this evening I needed some wine to take the edge off. I normally don't drink during the week, but I was stressed and a bit sad about the pain in my leg, which I do believe is some kind of nerve damage.

Well a glass did me right. I had it with my dinner of brown rice and steamed kale and a good old fashion pillsbury grands biscuit. That biscuit was soo good! Lol. Anyway, no swelling and I eased right into a nice long sleep afterwards. I slept from probably about 8pm until 130 when I woke up having to pee.

No pain really...just achy as I type this. No swelling beyond the usual. I actually took my binder off just to rest everything for a few hours while I try to get back to sleep.

My house is quiet. My family is asleep. I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day for me in terms of my leg pain. The thought of this being permanent scares me.

I'll check in tomorrow. Happy healing to all of you ladies out there walking this road. We can do this!

Day 6 Post Op

Today is day 6 and I must admit I'm feeling better each day physically although emotionally I've been struggling. I've been feeling almost like I'm in shock and I'm scares of my body. It doesn't feel like me and it doesn't look like me. I'm coming to grips I suppose with how much I've changed. And I know more changes are coming.

Life hasn't slowed down in my house. My oldest is preparing for the end of the school year and for prom season. I've been looking for limos and dress shopping and shoe shopping online with her. Nice distractions from my own reality. We also just got her a car and she is so excited. I'm very proud of the young lady she is becoming. My youngest is turning four in a few weeks and she is a joy. She's looking forward to summer vacation at the Lake and her birthday and hopefully getting a new Barbie doll on her special day. My hubby is being wonderful. He is doing all he can to be sure I'm comfortable and giving me the space I need to heal. I think he senses that I'm struggling a bit with all that is happening as I'm healing and he always has a kind word for me. He's a very good man. And a very patient and indulgent man. I'm very lucky.

I'm moving around better today. I took a few pictures which I'll post now. I removed my scar bandages and its very low. It's totally hidden by my panties. It's higher in the left, but I also seem to be fuller on the left side, so we shall see how that progresses over time. My breasts actually look a little more normal today. I think I can feel both implants moving lower. My left feels like its out of my upper chest and my right feels a bit lower. My implant stabilizer should be here in a day or two and I'll be glad when it arrives.

I'm having lunch with A realself friend in about an hour. She's local and has been such a wonderful and kind supporter since we met online. I'm excited that she's coming over to have lunch and spend some time with me today. I'm making a huge salad, something that won't make us swell up!!! Lol.

Take care everyone and I'll check in later today! Hugs!

Day 6 Post Op

Today is day 6 and I must admit I'm feeling better each day physically although emotionally I've been struggling. I've been feeling almost like I'm in shock and I'm scares of my body. It doesn't feel like me and it doesn't look like me. I'm coming to grips I suppose with how much I've changed. And I know more changes are coming.

Life hasn't slowed down in my house. My oldest is preparing for the end of the school year and for prom season. I've been looking for limos and dress shopping and shoe shopping online with her. Nice distractions from my own reality. We also just got her a car and she is so excited. I'm very proud of the young lady she is becoming. My youngest is turning four in a few weeks and she is a joy. She's looking forward to summer vacation at the Lake and her birthday and hopefully getting a new Barbie doll on her special day. My hubby is being wonderful. He is doing all he can to be sure I'm comfortable and giving me the space I need to heal. I think he senses that I'm struggling a bit with all that is happening as I'm healing and he always has a kind word for me. He's a very good man. And a very patient and indulgent man. I'm very lucky.

I'm moving around better today. I took a few pictures which I'll post now. I removed my scar bandages and its very low. It's totally hidden by my panties. It's higher in the left, but I also seem to be fuller on the left side, so we shall see how that progresses over time. My breasts actually look a little more normal today. I think I can feel both implants moving lower. My left feels like its out of my upper chest and my right feels a bit lower. My implant stabilizer should be here in a day or two and I'll be glad when it arrives.

I'm having lunch with A realself friend in about an hour. She's local and has been such a wonderful and kind supporter since we met online. I'm excited that she's coming over to have lunch and spend some time with me today. I'm making a huge salad, something that won't make us swell up!!! Lol.

Take care everyone and I'll check in later today! Hugs!

Day 6 Thoughts

Ok. So day 6 is almost a wrap. I had a great time today having lunch with one of my realself friends who is now a real friend! I love this site. Then I went out for a short drive with another friend and finally came home and made dinner for my family. I have really missed's something I enjoy. I made a really simple meal of steamed potatoes, mushrooms, and onions and sautéed spinach. It tasted sooo good to me and my family also seemed to enjoy it. No salt added and I'm happy to say no crazy swelling this evening.

A few things I think I learned today:

1. I do think each week will bring real change. I'm very different in terms of the way I look and feel as I move into day 7. I've read that on so many different people's pages and I understand that now.

2. I do think that my leg and thigh pain is related to my binder. I don't have the pain when I wear my compression garment alone. I bet that the binder is hitting a spot that is triggering the pain. I'm going to continue that this is the case and that I dont have permanent damage. I had a pain free day today and that was huge for me.

3. Fatigue and salt trigger swelling for me. When I'm well rested and when I avoid sodium, I have far less swelling!


5. I'm going to have to work at changing my perspective. I don't have to wear clothes that hide my tummy anymore because it isn't there anymore. Honestly, I'm afraid of form fitting clothes. I'm going to work harder to try to overcome my own insecurities about my body. It's not going to easy and it's going to take time.

So I'm almost a week out from having had my extended tummy tuck with breast lift/augmentation and lipo of the flanks. I'm hoping for good stuff next week...continued healing...improved physical strength and mobility...removal of my drains...continued weight loss....

I've learned that sometimes saying what you want will help bring it to I'm being open and honest about what I'm hoping for. And for all of you making his journey, I'm wishing the same....good things coming to pass...for you too!!

Day 7 check in

Having a good day so far. Had a few friends in. I grilled some chicken for them and made some vegan bean burgers that turned out well.

No pain meds needed at all today.

Drains are putting out about 10 ml every 12 hours. I'm hoping my doctor will remove them tomorrow.

My cycle started. Ugghh. Additional nonsurgery related breast soreness and tummy swelling.

I'm pretty much functioning at 85%. I just get tired easily and drains are a pain. If my doctor removed them tomorrow or Saturday, I'm going to go out with my running group Sunday morning. Goal will be a mile walking.

No real changes in how I look today.

Super swollen

So I'm ready for bed and I undress and I notice I'm horribly swollen all in my belly and in my pubic area. I was wearing my garment and my binder. Salt has been kept to a minimum, and I'm not uncomfortable, but ugggghhh. Depression is setting in. I look huge!!!!

Drains coming out today

I'm getting them out at noon today. I do think I may have a seroma already though. Tons of swelling below belly button and the waterbed effect when I touch it. Ugghh.

Day 8. Drains gone!

Just like that they are gone! I'm really swollen now but removal didn't hurt. I'm going to grab lunch with my hubby and then heading home to rest! Dr. B. said that rest is the only way I can combat swelling!

Day 9

Well, somehow I survived the rehearsal dinner last night. We were there from 6 until about 9 and we had a nice time. I wore my garment and I was swollen like hell by the time I came home, but I was in one piece!

I slept really well and woke up stiff this morning but not really swollen despite the fact that I didn't sleep in either a garment or a binder.

No real changes in my body this morning. I think I'm going to start posting pictures every few days to a week and track changes that way.

My breasts seems less swollen and I feel like both implants are dropping. My left implant, which is smaller, is so low, I cannot really feel it anymore. My right is still high but I think it's dropping every day just a bit. My doctor reminded me that the right is the larger implant, so it may just take it longer to migrate into position. I'm wearing my strap though, just not all the time.

My belly bottom was bleeding a bit this morning, so I just cleaned it out with peroxide and allowed it to air dry. My drain holes are still weeping a little but I don't have any pain there.

My right leg is still numb, but I'm not have any pain when I walk, thank goodness.

I'm still rocking the ken doll look, with most of my swelling being below my belly button down through my pubic region. I'm also definitely fuller on my left side than on my right, but it's so odd because in clothes, I actually think my figure looks better on the left side...the is a more dramatic hip to waist curve. Lol. But when I sit down, even when super swollen, there are no rolls, and my clothes fit a lot better. Some of my size 10s are tight, but it's because I am so swollen. But despite the tightness, there is no pooch visible!!!! I'm so excited.

My oldest daughter wants me to do a juice fast with her this week and I will. Not sure what day we will start. I leant my juicer to a friend and need to get it back. She's ordered her own, so know she isn't using mine anymore.

Today is the big wedding! My youngest is the flower girl. It's an outdoors wedding at a farm where we used to keep our should be fun. Only issue is that it s unseasonably cold!!! Lol. Well, at least it isn't going to rain! I'm going to sit a lot! Lol..

Day 10!

Day 10 is in the books. I'm feeling really good. I hosted a BBQ for some friends and was fine. I still have a lot of swelling, but that's to be expected. I took the last of my antibiotics today. I'm also off of all pain meds.

I don't really have any issues being on my feet. At the wedding last night, I daced and today I grilled and was basically fine entertaining. I move slowly, but I'm able to do a lot more than I could just a few days ago.

My implants are definitely dropping. My right is still high, but it's lowering and my left has dropped. I'm still not in love with my breasts 100%. I'm being super critical, but I've noticed that my right nipple is a little larger than my left. I actually think they were like that before and I thought Dr B was going to make them more similar, but I don't think he actually did it.

Two other issues I've noticed. First, my belly button is slightly off center to the left. It's very slight, but I can tell. I'm not too happy about that but I recognize that it could be swelling. Second issue is one I've noticed since day one...that I'm fuller on my eft side than I am on my right side. It's not noticeable in clothes, even very form fitting clothes, but I can see the bulge and it bothers me. I'm going to continue trying to shed the pounds, and hopefully, this will improve...and of course revision and more lipo is possible.

But still, all in all, I feel really good and I'm happy.

At the wedding yesterday, I got a ton of compliments on how slim I looked...I had on a form fitting dress and my garment kept my swelling my secret! Lol.

Looking forward to this week. I'm still home from work and I'm hoping some of this swelling will go down. I'm still worried about a seroma, but I'll check back in with my doctor in a few days.

Happy healing everyone!!

My inspiration...

Day 12 photos

Here you from today. They don't look very different from my pictures last week to me.

I'm feeling really good. No real pain, just stiffness when I wake up or when I sit too long. I'm down about 10 pounds and I'm going to start a strict juice fast on Thursday. I think I want to fast for about 10 days and since I'm not very active, I can deal with the calorie deficit.

I'm not happy with how full I am on my left side as opposed to my right side, but I'm going to be patient and just point it out to Dr. B. I know I'm still healing...

I like my body better in clothes now than out of clothes! No regrets!! No regrets! It's a journey, right?

Happy healing ladies!!

2 Weeks Post Op

Feeling pretty good. I'm starting an extended juice fast today and looking to shed about ten pounds. I'm really looking to get lean and now is the time to fast since I'm not working out yet.

Belly button is being slow to heal. I'm just keeping it clean and dry and watching it.

Breasts are dropping into place slowly. No pain. I still like them better in a bra than out of a bra!

My incision looks to be healing well. I have a seroma below my belly button that I will have drained on Sunday. Other than that, I'm just focused on the fullness on my left side. I spoke to my doctor and he wants to do laser lipo touch up in about 2-3 months. We can address contouring issues then. He wants to do more lipo in my upper abdomen and along my flanks to further define my waist.

Left leg pain is gone but I still have numbness. Abdomen is numb. Breasts are still swollen but sensitivity is returning to my nipples.

Happy healing and let's go to all my girls fasting with me!!!

Juice Recipe!

5 carrots

1 large navel orange

1 pound collard greens

1 lemon

1 tomato


Day 16

Just a quick morning update. Starting day 3 of my juice fast. I'm down an amazing 7 pounds. I know most of this is swelling and water but I'll take it.

I'm going to have my seroma drained probably tomorrow. My doctor is willing to do it today but my oldest has her prom to attend and I don't think I'm going to be get over to his office bc I'm running her around.

I go back to work on Monday. Ugghh.

One odd thing. My right ear has totally closed up. I have a constant ringing in my ears which is maddening. I couldn't get in to see my doctor, but I'm wondering if it could be an ear infection or maybe the singulair I'm taking. It sucks. Oh well... Hoping this passes soon.

I'll post pictures once my seroma is drained.

Seroma had receded!!

So I went to see my doctor and he said it had reduced in size and was not worth doctor said to keep watching it. I'm thinking its the juice fast!!!!!!

Got on a pair of jeans today!

Size 10. Way too big in the waist, but I can button them over my tender belly which is good.

Headed to the mall. I just want to see what I look like in smaller clothes!


Only two weeks out and still swelling, but I'm down two sizes as a result of my tummy tuck. I was shocked! Does it get better when I'm not swollen and puffy??? Wow!!!

Talk about motivation to continue the journey!

First day back at work.

So today is day 18 PO for me and I went back to work. I have an office job, but its a stressful one and today I had to dig out from under all the stuff that had piled up the last two weeks.

I got to work around 830 and stayed until after 500. It was fine, but I was very tired by about 300. I kept my heels on all day and managed to walk straight for the most part. I got home and made dinner for the family and by 1000 was in bed. Im swollen, but its not crazy.

Here's a picture of me from when I got home this evening. I wore a stretchy dress and a sweater...totally comfy. I'm not ready to put on a suit just yet.

21 days...3 weeks post op

I'm three weeks post op today and I woke up with some serious pain in my left breast and arm. It feels like a muscle pull. I just talked to my doctor and I'll probably go in to see him this evening. He recommended I take some anti inflammatories and see if it helps. My left breast as also much more swollen than my right breast and I'm self conscious about it. I'm hoping there isn't anything too serious going on. My nipples seem low to me but my doctor says its because my implants haven't settled and that when they do they will rise.

I've been back to work since Monday and all I can say is that it's been fine except my swelling is significant by the end of the day. Aside from my arm and breast issue today, I haven't been having any pain or other issues.

I broke my juice fast yesterday and I was down about 15 pounds total so I'm feeling very light, despite my swelling. I'm still wanting to shed about 20 but friends are telling me I'll look like a bobble head if I lose anymore weight.

I can't wait to be able to work out again. All I can do is walk. And I cannot walk that far. About a mile is as far as I've gone and that takes it out of me.

In clothes I look pretty good and I can hide the swelling but out of clothes I feel I still look odd. My scar is a little higher on my left side which is my fuller side and it is causing my vijayjay to look a little lopsided. I'm being super critical I know, but I guess I'm just hyper focused on my body's imperfections because of all I've been through.

Here's a picture from yesterday morning before the swelling kicked in. I made it to the gym yesterday evening and walked a nice slow mile on the treadmill without incident. The only problem I had was that my size medium spandex leggings felt right on my belly by the end if my walk.

More to follow after I meet with Dr B later today.

Happy healing everyone!

My body is constantly changing

So I went to see my doctor yesterday evening about the horrible pain in my arm and he ruled out anything associated with my left breast. He and I both has been concerned I was experiencing the early signs of capsule contracture but after a thorough examination he determined the pain was limited to my left arm only and was like muscular. So bursitis maybe? A strain that I incurred somewhere along the way? I slept on it wrong perhaps? Who knows. Truly. But I woke up this morning and the pain is nearly gone. Crazy. The only thing I truly wonder is if I could have strained it walking my dogs. I did go for a mile walk with my chihuahuas on Wednesday evening and I hold both leashes in my left hand. My dogs pull, but they are less than 5 pounds each. Could 9-10 pounds of chi rambunctiousness have caused me so much pain? Maybe. But it does seem better this morning. I'm going to take it easy today and let my older daughter handle the chihuahuas.

So I feel like my body is changing every single day. Swelling comes and goes at different rates and times and different aches and pains pop up. I seem to think at times that one issue is presenting itself and then that fades and something else pops up. I guess that will be my reality for the next few months as my body heals.

I'm working from home today so my first week back had me in the office for four long days. It was a rough week but I survived it. I definitely noticed that my end of the day swelling was far worst at the start of the week than it was yesterday. I wore high heels all week and managed to walk straight for the most part even though it wasn't always easy.

I'm looking forward to resting this weekend. To maybe going to a movie with my Dad or maybe out to have a drink with friends. I know how quickly the weekend will fly by and then I'll be on to week two at the office. I'll also be moving towards my one month post op date next Thursday. Time is flying and every single day is bringing me changes. I'm embracing them as part of this journey!

Before and after

Just because I was so down yesterday...I'm posting this before and after. Despite my issues, there has been real change.

One more comparison picture!

Front view.

One size smaller

Well today is the first day I'm wearing my stage 2 vedette compression garment. Let me tell you this bad boy is no joke. My Marena is an XL and my vedette is a size L but it is rubberized and has hardly any give. Wow. Talk about compresses down a full size. Totally. I'll see how long I can last in this bad boy today. It will definitely take some getting used to.

First day back with my running group!

3 weeks and 3 days post op and I was finally able to return to my Sunday morning regimen of working out with my running group. My oldest runs with us so we struck out around 6:30 to meet the ladies. We normally run between 4-6 miles but today the group leader had a Bootcamp of sorts planned. Basically, she had the group do a short two mile run to a local park and then she put them through their paces doing Bootcamp style exercises like push-ups, sprints, high knees, etc. Then the group ran back. I couldn't do that if course so I simply walked to the park, walked around the pond while then worked out and then walked back to the starting place going a longer route. My timing was perfect! We all got back at the same time! I had my two chihuahuas with me so they kept me company since I couldn't find my headphones. I really do miss being able to run, but I'm going to take it easy and have faith that I will get back to running soon. I think I probably walked about two and a half miles today. It took me about an hour. Check out the picture. Talk about being a part of an awesome group of fitness conscious ladies!!!

The obligatory....

Victoria's Secret Fitting!

36 DDD! Lol!

I told the girl who fitted me I had just gotten them done! She was like wow! They look awesome!

So my band size went down and my cup size went up. I'll take it! I'm sure I'll go down a bit. I was actually fine in the DD in some styles.

Those bras are way overpriced though. I'm going to Nordstroms when I'm ready to shop for bras for real. I'm staying in my sports bras for now!


Ok. So I woke up this morning less swollen and low and appears my belly button is in the correct place. I'm not sure what to think about that...I guess this is an example of what folks mean when they say we must WAIT for the final results. It's definitely not askew like its been the past few weeks. More to follow....

Opening in my TT incision.

So I'm almost 4 weeks post op and my TT incision has an issue. It opened last night. No pain or fever yet. I texted my doctor and sent him a pic this morning. He said its common but he is starting me on antibiotics right away and an antibiotic ointment. Pray for me! Pic is gross... You've been warned!

4 weeks post op

Checking in...

Thanks to all of you for the kind words and well wishes about my incision separation. I started on my antibiotics and I'm happy to say the wound does look like its healing. It hasn't expanded and I'm still pain and fever free. I'm going to continue watching it closely. Hopefully it will scan over soon.

I'm still in swell hell. My weight continues to ease downwards slowly now that I'm no longer juice fasting. I'm able to walk about 3-4 miles slowly but I hate that I swell so much afterwards. I wake up in the morning fairly flat but within a few hours I'm very swollen. It's interesting because my swelling is all in my lower abdomen right above my scar line which is really really low. I'm still sporting that ken doll look. Lucky me!

My breasts are settling. My left is slightly larger than my right and my right is slightly higher than my left! I'm not going to obsess about it though. I need to be patient. I won't see final results for another month or longer. I know I've still got swelling going on I know.

My leg pain is gone, but parts of my leg are still numb to the touch. I think that feeling is slowly returning though.

My hearing is returning too, thank goodness. I think the hearing loss was related to a sinus issue. I'm still hearing a ringing in my right ear but its not as bad as it was last week.

I miss working out alot but despite my recovery so far I'm just not physically ready for more than walking a few miles a few times a week. I am back to work full time and back to running my house but I tore easily and when I swell I know it's time for me to rest.

I started taking my vitamins and supplements again today. I had stopped taking them per my doctors instructions a few weeks before my surgery.

All in all I'm very happy. No regrets but I will say to anyone contemplating this procedure to mentally prepare for this because its a tough surgery. The recovery period is long and slow and complications are possible. But despite it all, even when I'm swollen up at my worst, I'm still down two sizes and feeling good about myself. I'll update tomorrow with some pictures.

Happy healing everyone!

I resume my running today!

I ran about 2.5 miles today and felt pretty good. Not much, but its a start.

I'm feeling a little better every week. I can go a bit longer without swelling. Right now, the swelling it what is bothering me most.

I've got three spitting stitches: two in my right breast and one in my left. No pain, just sharp points if what appears to be plastic peeking through the skin. I'm going to ask my doctor what I can do about them, if anything at all.

My TT incision opening seems to be very superficial. I'm cleaning it daily and painting it with Bactroban. It's still open but not really oozing or anything. Hopefully it will heal soon.

I've attached a few pictures. Here's to moving into month two.

Happy healing everyone. Hugs!

Feeling better

The last two days have been noticeably better for me. Swelling seems to be present but I'm not bent over at all even after wearing heals all day. I'm back to taking the steps at work and I'm hopeful by next week I'll be ready to resume daily workouts. I'll be 5 weeks post op on Thursday and I have to say that it has been between weeks 4 and 5 that I've finally felt like my old self.

My doctor showed me how to remove any stitches that may pop through my breast lift and augmentation incisions. No pain in removing them at all and as soon as they come out the tiny holes are closing.

I'm excited to say that as my swelling is subsiding, my clothes are fitting looser. I purchased some new clothes a few weeks ago for work and nearly all of the clothes are fitting me loose around the waist.

I love my new garment. It's a vedette high back girdle. It has a rubberized panel that really keeps me firmly in place. It was really tight when I first got it but its comfortable now. I'm hoping I can eventually transition from the large to the medium size. I do think they run a bit small.

I think I'm going to trash my binder. It's really tattered. I'd like to get a corset, but I'm going to wait awhile.

I was telling a friend the other day that I have no regrets at all. I feel sooo much better about myself and my husband cannot keep his hands off of me. He is a great guy and I really think it has more to do with the fact that I'm feeling more confident and sexy. I know he likes how my body has changed but I truly believe he loves how my confidence has improved!

I'm definitely going back for some very minor revisions in August or September. Right now, I'm thinking I may only have to undergo more lipo on my left side of my abdomen and my doctor has offered to lipo below my belly button down to my moms if the swelling subsides and I'm still feeling that area is too full. We shall see. My body is changing so much everyday though, so I want to really heal before I go back to make adjustments.

Soulnik13...go send her some love right now!

We both had our surgeries five weeks ago today. She's having a procedure tomorrow to help resolve an infection. She's my surgery sister and I want to really send good healing vibes her way. Please do the same. are going to come through the procedure all better. See you on the other side!!!!

5 mile run in the books

I got up this morning early, got dressed, had an Arbonne fizz stick drink for some quick energy, walked out my front door and ran 5 miles in my neighborhood. I told myself that I was 5 weeks post up and that it was time for me to get serious again about working out regularly.

The first two miles I was stiff and achey but by mile 3 I was feeling like I was back to my old self almost.

It felt great just to move my body like I used to before I had this surgery. My music was pumping on pandora and the sunshine felt great on my face. It took my just over an hour to run 5 miles today. Prior to my surgery I could run that distance in under 50 minutes.

I'll get back to where I was but only if I push myself a bit. I can't convince myself that I'm too weak or that I'm incapable of doing this. That's the wrong mindset.

The tummy tuck is not going to be the end of my transformation. It's just part of it. Dr. Benjamin has given me a push in the direction I want to go by removing some excess skin and by contouring a body affected by age and obesity. But it's up to me to keep improving myself. Clean eating and regular exercise is essential and I'm totally committed!

Talk about feeling really good right now!

Getting back into a routine...

I ran with my running group this morning. I pushed myself to run another 5 miles. I felt pretty good and I ran the distance a little bit faster than I ran it yesterday. I felt really good, although my quads are sore now. I'm going to keep up with the daily cardio now and also going to start with some light weight training this week. I've never lifted enough. I'm going to try to work on that.

I'm seeing a huge improvement in the amount of swelling I have. I'm still swollen but its minimal and doesn't seem to really increase with activity or certain foods. It's just there. I know it's swelling bc it isn't there in the morning when I wake up. I've certainly got little areas of fat that are above my belly button, but right along my incision line, I've got swelling. I'm going to continue to be patient. It's annoying, but far better than it was just a week or so ago.

I'm wearing a high compression garment all day and most nights I wear nothing when I sleep. I feel that when I'm lying down sleeping I don't really need the compression. I wake up pretty flat most mornings and keeping the binder and garment off seems to allow my belly button to heal. It's still a bit yucky and weepy.

The separation along my TT line has just about completely healed up! It has left me with a bit of a scar, but its not too bad. I haven't been using any scar therapy strips or gels and honestly my scar is very fine and faint. The scars on my breasts are almost completely faded too, which I'm really happy about. It's amazing how that just happened in time. Those scars looked pretty rough the first week.

I'm still completely without regret. I really think that having the mommy makeover was totally worth it despite how difficult healing has been at times. For me, the key has patience. When I get anxious about my results, I reflect on the journeys of other women I follow here on real self and I find comfort in knowing that our bodies do heal in time.

I hope that by sharing my story, others contemplating this procedure will be reassured too!

Started weight training

I've added weights into my exercise routine and I'm excited to see how it goes. I felt good after my workout this morning. I'll go for a run this evening with my running group.

I'm wearing a size 8 dress today! Woohoo! It was snug in the boob area and I had a ton of cleavage so I improvised with a tank top beneath. It's loose in the waist though!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

From then until now...

I don't think I've ever put up before and after pictures. I started my journey in January 2012 when I was probably at my biggest.

Checking in during week 6!

Hey everyone! Just checking in briefly. I'm about to head out for a quick run but I wanted to let you all know that I'm doing well. I'll update with pictures soon! I'd say I'm back 100% but I still have swelling in the evenings sometimes. I'm still wearing my garment and my body is changing for the better by the week.

I'll get some pictures up later today. Happy healing everyone!!!

7 weeks post op tomorrow!

Lots of changes! It truly is amazing. One day I'm concerned about swollen areas along my flanks or lower abs and the next day those areas seem flat. I'm also noticing much more of a curve along my waistline. It has to be the effects of the lipo finally starting to show.

I feel very good generally. I'm swelling a bit in the evening, but I'm
able to deal with the swelling, even when not wearing my garment.

I went bra shopping at Macy's and fell in love with the lunaire line. I was sized at a 34DD in that line and a size medium panty. In clothes, I'm wearing a size 8 or a 10. I'm hopeful with a good diet and continued exercise I will keep shrinking. I've still got a ways to go.

7.5 weeks post op!

Just checking in...

My belly button has finally healed! It is dark from the scars but its a nice shape I think and it's centered. I didn't think it was but as the swelling has subsided, it moved into place.

I ran 6 miles and walked another 4 yesterday, so all in all I got 10 miles done. I'm still slow for the most part, but I'm definitely getting stronger and faster. I also took my youngest daughter to the pool yesterday and got in and did a few laps. It was much harder than I expected. My abs burned and I got winded very easily. I made it across and back twice and I was done. I wasn't doing any strokes. I just kicked with my legs. It hurt when I tried to add my arms so I didn't push it. I'm able to lay on my belly for short periods of time now and I'm planking and able to hold for about 20 seconds but my abs are really tight.

I haven't been super strict about my diet but I'm going to get back on track. Despite the scale creeping up a pound or two, I'm continuing to loose inches. My size 10 clothes are really loose, especially around the waistline.

I'm still planning to have Dr B perform a bit of revision lipo but as I said earlier, everything seems to be changing so much, I'm wondering if I shouldn't push that until the end of September. I just see how mucho body is changing week to week.

I wanted to share with you all that I purchased a miracle suit bathing suit and really like the brand. It's pricey, but the suit has a good amount of compression and it is customizable, which may be a good thing if you had your breasts and tummy done at the same time. I was struggling bc I don't want a bikini but the suits that fit my torso were too small in the bust area and the ones that fit my DD's were too loose in the body. I was able to buy a miracle suit size 10 DD and it fits great. I do think the cups run big though. I probably would have been fine in a D cup.

I'll update with more pictures very soon.

Hope you are all healing well!


What is wrong with me??? Was it the long run yesterday??? I could eat a HORSE. Fried. With hot sauce and a side of fried pickles. Help!!!!!

8 weeks post op tomorrow!

So I'll be 8 weeks post op tomorrow! It doesn't seem like 2 months have gone by. I'm back to exercising daily and I feel fairly normal. I'm still swelling alot if I come out of my garment for too long but as long as I'm in it, the swelling stays away.

I feel like my figure is totally transformed. My waist continues to shrink as my swelling subsides. Most of the fullness I have is in my mons area below my scar. My size 8s are snug in the thigh but loose around my waist. It's incredible. My breasts have settled nicely. I like them. My nipples are a wee bit low still, but I'm not going to tempt fate by having them revised. They healed so well and without issue I'm just going to enjoy them. In clothes, I love how they look. I feel very feminine but they don't feel too heavy or cumbersome at all when I work out. I'm glad I went with this size implant!

I'm going to have more lipo done and my tt scar lifted slightly on the right side. Right now, my scar is higher on the left side than the right which makes my mons look lopsided. It's a very minor revision but I think it will improve my appearance when I'm undressed.

My scars are healing well. I have a bit of a keloid where my tt scar split but it doesn't bother me at all. I suppose its because its hidden under even the skimpiest of panties and because I've embraced having a tt scar. It is what it is and what it's not is a huge saggy skin pouch anymore!

I'm back to running 4-5 miles daily and I'm training for a half marathon which I'll run on September 14. I plan to have my revision the following weekend so I won't interfere with my race. I want to prove to myself that I can get back to where I was and do this. I think I can get there in 10 weeks. Everyday gets better!

Here are a few pictures from this morning.

Comparison pictures!

Progress pictures!

The Ken Doll!!!

I'm 8 weeks post op today and still rocking the ken doll like a champ when I'm out of my garment!

Getting's a process!

Just finished a pretty grueling 6.5 mile hill run and I'm getting ready to tackle the weights. I'm doing ChaLean Extreme which is a video series by Beachbody.

I just wanted to say that working out isn't easy for me and I don't mean to be boastful when I post what I'm doing at all. I'm posting to let all if you know it's hard for me and I struggle but that its doable. I was totally out of shape less than two years ago and the only reason I can do what I'm doing is because I chip away at this every single day little by little. And I judge my success based on me. Not on others. There are so many of my friends that can do so much more than I can do. But I try not to get discouraged because this is my journey and I can only be the best me I can be. Today I was struggling running up the hills in my neighborhood. And I felt fat and slow doing it and my abs hurt. But I kept at it and 6.5 miles later I reaffirmed that I can do this. I don't have to give up and I'm encouraged bc I know I wasn't strong enough to do this two weeks ago. In two weeks, hopefully, I'll be able to do a bit more.

Anyway, I'm sorry for rambling but I just wanted to say to any of you looking for motivation to start exercising either before or after your procedure, just do it. There is no right or wrong bc at the end of the day it's about you. And whether you run 10 miles, walk for 15 minutes with your dog, ride your bike or take a yoga class, you are doing something for yourself that can help you live a better longer life. One day at a time. 30 minutes or so every day. Do it just for you!

Heading out to a BBQ.

Size 8 jeans. Feeling pretty good!

It's amazing how things are changing!

Ok. This is really crazy. I purchased this skirt as a wish skirt a few weeks after my surgery. It fit at the time, but it was TIGHT. I was swollen I know and I've lost weight but wow...this is a size 8!!!! How do I have this much room in the waist???

It was always about getting back in the saddle!

I wanted the weight off so that I could ride. That's what started this whole journey for me. Today was my first day back in the saddle post op. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome I feel. Everything has been so worth it!!!

9 weeks post op

All is well. Posting comparison pictures today between week 2 and week 9. I'm still swelling but its totally manageable. I'm back to working out at a pretty intense level. Physically, I feel great. I'm wearing a size 8.

10 weeks post op today!

I'm feeling amazing! I think I've even turned the corner with my running because I'm picking up speed and my stamina has increased!

I'm still swelling, but my garment keeps it in check.

I've regained all feeling in my right thigh. That came back about a week ago.

I'm still looking forward to my revision, but I'm definitely going to schedule it in mid September after I run my half marathon. I plan to have my pubic area lipoed and my flanks sculpted a bit more.

I'll take some more pictures soon. I'm really excited to say that I'm still shrinking. My clothes fit looser around my waistline. I think I'm toning up and residual swelling is starting to subside! I'm guessing this can continue for months. I just want to keep working on maximizing my results.

Happy healing everyone!!!

Changes keep coming.

Just wanted to upload a few more progress pictures.

No longer trying to I'm trying to be the best me I can be and then some!

I'll be 11 weeks post op tomorrow and I'm full on pushing myself. No excuses. I'm eating clean and really pushing myself physically during my cardio and weight sessions. I'm starting to feel like I can do more than I believed I could do a few weeks ago. I'm getting stronger and faster but it's because I'm pushing myself every single day. I have to. I can't make any more excuses about why I can't do this or that.

Starting to weight train seriously.

I'm going to start a 12 week weight training program. Here are my current pictures. I'm feeling 110% at nearly 3 months post op. Swelling is manageable and I feel like I'm close to where I want to be in terms of my physical appearance. I'm ready to start sculpting my body. Ill post updates often. I'm a cardio junkie so focusing on weights will be a challenge for me!

12 weeks post op

I've almost made it through week one of weight lifting. It's been interesting, but not nearly as bad as I thought. I'm going to keep posting pictures to chart my progress. Hopefully, there will be progress! Lol!

Swelling isn't really an issue anymore. It's so minor, but its still there. But compared to a few weeks ago, it's much better.

No pain. No weird sensations. No discomfort except for when I do an work. Full sit ups still hurt and hanging knee raises are very hard for me.

I'm going to have my revision surgery towards the end of September. I'm thinking I will just focus on lipo of the flanks to contour more and definitely lipo below my belly button and of my pubic area. That's noticeably large compared to the rest of me.

90 days post op!

Just a few pictures. I'm looking forward to my revision next month. Hopefully, my results will be even more improved. But I'm happy. I love my breasts and my waistline!

13 weeks!

Feeling AWESOME!!!!!

Bra Line Back Lift, Breast implant revision, Lipo

Hey all...I'm sorry I haven't been updating here as much. I go in tomorrow at noon for a revision of my breasts...they never fully dropped..along with more lipo and a back lift to get rid of excess skin.

I'll see you all on the other side!

Pics from a few weeks ago! Size 6!

Just a few pictures! Hope you all are doing well!!!

Post op day 1

So I had my procedure yesterday. It lasted about 3 hours and I was in recovery for about 3 hours. My doctor lipoed me extensively, revised my TT scar and lowered my implants into their pocket and excised skin from my back to remove those terrible bra rolls that really pop when I wear form fitting clothes. My back and breasts really ache today. I'm all wrapped up so I cannot see my results, but my doctor will be changing my dressings tomorrow morning. I am very swollen, but I don't have any lower body pain. I will update more tomorrow. Here's a picture of me marked up right before surgery.

Headed back to work

I didn't take any time off after my revision. My doctor didn't think I would need to. I rested all weekend and I'm feeling good this morning. I'm very swollen. In fact, I'm wearing a size 10 suit today. It's baggy everywhere except for in my tummy. I'm very swollen in my abdomen, flanks and back from the lipo. My breasts are tender but they do look much better. I can tell that even though they are swollen they are lower and in a better position. Here are a few pictures from this weekend. Happy healing everyone!

Round 2 sealed the deal!

I'm 9 days post op and feeling much better. Already I can see huge improvements. My pre surgery garments are starting to feel a little loose. Back rolls are gone and I even think that Dr B gave me a little curve with the back lipo!

More photos!

Yesterday I took some pictures to see just how much round 2 has changed me so far. In form fitting clothes, I have no back rolls anymore. I used to have then badly under my armpit, especially when wearing a snug garment. The lower back lipo has made my sad non existent behind look larger. I'm happy about that! Lol.

Today is day 10 post op and I'm not quite ready to get back to working out. I'm still sore and I'm swollen. I also still get tired very quickly. I'm going to start back with light treadmill walks at my two week mark I think. I've been eating badly so this week I'm focusing on cleaning my diet up and getting my mind right.

TT scar revision photo

Back in my pre revision clothes.

Very little swelling in my belly area this afternoon! My breasts are very swollen though.

6 months post op and bodybuilding!

Hey everyone! I'm six months post op TT and about 2 months post op from my revision. All is well. I started bodybuilding with a local coach and I'm planning to try to compete in 2014. I'm also considering having my arms done as the loose skin there is really bothering me.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures. 100% pleased with my results so far. No regrets!!!!

Progress....but I've got a long way to go!

Happy Thanksgiving! Much to be thankful for!

Today I woke up and went for a nine mile run. It was just what I needed. I've had a lot in my mind lately and it felt good to take a break from the gym and simply run outside with my music.

I gave a lot of thought to how much my fitness level has improved since I had my surgery back in may. I'm about 30 pounds lighter and most of the loose skin is gone.

I feel like I've recovered from my procedures and for that I'm thankful. No pain, very little swelling, no real issues. I ran a half marathon back in September and then started bodybuilding. I've been enjoying discovering just what my body is capable of when I feed it properly and work it with a purpose.

With every passing day though, I am more convinced that I want my arms done and I want more lipo and a bbl. I hate my lack of curves and I want to know if I can improve upon my figure.

I'm doing the research and takings time. I'm leaning towards going out of the country to have it done. Stand by.

I hope if you are reading this you are well and happy and with loved ones enjoying the start of the holiday season!

I'll be starting my bbl thread soon. I'll post the link to it here when I do!

7 months post op. 9 weeks bodybuilding.

I'm loving my results and working hard to improve them every day. I'm 9 weeks into a body building program with a local trainer. I've lost about. 10 pounds and definitely increased my lean muscle mass. I'm excited to see where I will be a year out from my TT!
Bowie Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go with Dr. B after consulting with a number of plastic surgeons in my area. I found out about Dr. B based on some reviews on this site and was impressed by his work and by his demeanor and honesty. I'm nervous of course, but I am very excited!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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