41 Yr Old Two Kids Ready to Get my Flat Stomach Back. - Bowie, MD

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Hello all, I am new to real self but have been...

Hello all,

I am new to real self but have been looking at all the reviews and pictures and they have helped me alot. I went to see Dr. Benjamin on July 29th for a consult on smart lipo but after he saw me he told me smart lipo would not give me the result I desired and that a tummy tuck would be my best option.
Now I have researched tummy tucks for years and have gone to many surgeons for consults and always said to myself I would never do it because of the hip to hip scar. My concern with scarring is that I tend to keloid when cut and I just did not want to deal with a thick ugly mess.
In speaking with Dr Benjamin he made me feel very comfortable that he could do a great job. He made no promises that my scar would not keloid but said you just don't know until you know. He did say he would make a thin cut. I am still super concerned about the keloid but at the end of the day, I want to loose my muffin top more. I guess I'm just going to leave it in God's hand and pray that when I heal, it comes out nicely.

I have to say that Dr.B and his wife were very pleasant and he even took the time out to call me over the weekend to address any more concerns or questions I had. I am planning on having surgery in October. Now that I put a deposit down I feel the nerves kicking in. Overall I will say that I am happy with my decision to choose Dr. B.

41 yr old mother of 2. ready to feel good about my stomach again.

Getting more nervous....

So today I made it official with paying Dr. B his portion. No turning back now unless I want to loose thousands of dollars. :-( I am both excited and nervous about this as I have been researching this for about 5 years and going back and forth about whether I wanted it or not. I have been through so much in the last few years. Happy to say I am a breast cancer survivor (3 yrs) now. That def took a toll on my body both physically and mentally. I will be glad just to finally see a flat mid section after 2 kids.

I like working out and I love the gym, and part of me feels guilty for choosing surgery over just really kicking into overdrive to get rid of the fat. I did such a great job last year of loosing around 20 pounds and my mid section did go down, a lot, however I still had love handles when I sat down. I am still in the gym trying to loose a few pounds before surgery, but I don't want to go crazy with the workouts. IDK.. I guess I am just venting a little bit.

Anywho October will be here before I know it and im sure the nerves will really be in overdrive after that. I go see Dr B Sept 26 for my pre op appt. So that is something I have to look forward to.

count down....

So I have not posted anything in a while. I have been doing more viewing of other people post. A lot of what I read is really helping me.
My surgery day is vastly approaching. October 8th is just a few days away. I'm both anxious and nervous.

few more pics

So in 3 more days I will say good bye to this round belly and my muffin top.

Less than 24 hours....

Wow, the time is near. In less than 24 hours I will be a different woman.. Nerves are on edge right now.

Surgery Day

So the day is finally here. It is like 3 in the morning and I cant sleep.. In a few hours everything will be different. Praying that all goes well. I will post my results later.

Made it out of surgery

So I did it y'all. Got my TT this morning. Everything went well and Dr B did a great job of taking care of me. Once in recovery I remember waking up and being in pain and uncomfortable. Although I had the pain pump it just was not enough. So my husband drives my home the ride home was so so. Every bump in the road we hit I cringed a little.
So we get home to my already set up area on the couch /recliner and OMG I tried to scoot back to get comfy with my husband pushing me back which made me lean back a little to much and I hollered and bust into tears. That hurt so bad. We finally got it together and was able to get pillows behind my back. I. Definitely needed something to take the pain away so I asked my hubby to make me a smoothie so I could take the percocet. Then all of a sudden I got really cold and was shivering. My husband called the doctor and his wife said just make her something warm like tea. So I drank my tea and I was better. Drank the smoothie and took the pain pill. I dozed off for a few and now I am up. I keeping an eye in the time because I don't want to be in pain anymore so I'm going to take another about 530. The walking hunches over is taking some getting use too. Thank God for my hubby he is letting me use him as my walker lol as he helps me get up and move around. So that is that for now. Let the healing begin. I took a pic of me in my binder. I have not seen my tummy or scars yet.

Day 2 post op

Hi All,

So I had my surgery on Thursday and the first day home was a bit rough. Today Saturday I'm shocked at how well I am doing. No pain and I am up walking around more. I'm not as hunched over as I was either. Last night was kind of a mess as tthe gas the seems to be trapped is having a hard time escaping. I'm doing a lot of burping and I was finally able to pass gas a little bit. Besides the gas issues I'm doing great. I was able to even cook breakfast for the family. My mom thinks I'm moving to fast but I can't help myself. It hard for me to let others take care of me.
Dr B is suppose to come visit me today to change my bandages. Hopefully then I will be able to see my tummy. I will post pics soon.

uploading some pics

doctor came to visit me

So Dr B came to my house today to change my bandages and he was amazed at how well I am doing. He says he has never had a patient move the way I move and be almost standing straight 2 days after surgery. My husband is in awe of how well I am moving around from day 1 to now. I guess I can attribute my moving so well to being healthy and trying to stay fit (working out) before I had surgery. Idk I'm just amazed.

The pain has basically gone away. I will take Tylenol if I'm feeling the need for something. I'm going to still take it easy over the next few days. My only complaint so far is this horrible gas.. Arrgh. Burping so much burping. U finally had a bowel movement today thank God but I for whatever reason still have lots of gas.

Day 3 post op

Hi everyone. So last night I tried sleep I g in the bed for awhile and it was ok but my lower back was hurting something fierce. So since I have a recliner in my room I decided to sleep in that and it definitely helped. I'm still having lower back pain but its manageable.
I woke up this morning decides since my pain pump was done that I would remove it and took a nice bird bath since I can not yet shower. I also changes into my backup CG. Glad that I had an extra because the one I had on needed to be washed.

Fast forward a few hours I'm still up feeling ok and decide I can cook my normal Sunday breakfast, pancakes eggs a and bacon. It started out well then I had to pull up a chair and sit down and flip pancakes. Lol

So afterwards I ended up taking a Lil nap on the recliner then my 7 year old says so mommy you feeling better can we go somewhere today... Uhhh what do I say lol she been couped up in the house for 2 days . So I say ok we can go to the park. My first day driving since surgery and it was not difficult. I will just be glad when the drains come out. So I have been soaking sitting on a bench watching my daughter soaking up some sun for a few hours. Does anyone else find this unusual that I'm moving so quickly so fast? I don't want to set myself up for failure but I'm feeling pretty good. Just wish the back stiffness would subside soon.

Day 10

Hey everyone going to see the doctor today. Hopefully to get these darn drains out. I can't wait..? I must say I'm still feeling great and I'm so happy I did this.

Day 9 feeling awesome

So today is day 9 or is it day 10. Lol I'm loosing track. Today I got those aweful drains out. So happy to be free from them. I am feeling great. Dr B is still amazed at how far along I am in only 9 Days. Thanks god for being pretty active pre surgery. If I had one complaint about my finished look it would be my love handles. I feel like I still have handles on the left and right. Dr says you can't get all the fat. I do not know about that. I will just have to work out and get that Lil bit of hang to become flat. Other than that I'm satisfied.

Day 11.

Just wanted to give an update. It is day 11 and I'm still feeling great. I got the clear to start back at the gym. I'm excites but I know it is still early so I won't do too much. I posted a few more pics.

3 weeks out. Day 22

So it has been 3 weeks since surgery and I am doing good. I went to the gym twice this week. First day was good. Second day I think I over did it and hurt myself a little. I ended up talking to Dr B about the tightness and pain I felt after doing some cardio. So I guess you can say I'm a bit hard headed but lesson learned. I won't be back in the gym for a few weeks. I will stick to just walking.

Any who I noticed something about how I am healing and find it odd. While one of the reasons I held off from getting a TT for a long time was fear of keloids well I guess my fear is kind of hear. I find it weird that on the right side of my body the scar is beautiful and very light you hardly notice it. However on the left it is much thicker. I know I'm still healing but it just baffles me why one side is one way and the other side looks different. I'm going to talk to Dr B about it tomorrow. I have attached pics. My only other thing that I still dislike is these little flaps I have on my sides. I swear every time I see it, I'm just disappointed. I pray in time maybe months from now when the swelling won't be so much and I can finally see the benefits of what I paid for .. Maybe then I will feel better.

sort forgot to add photos

Day 23

Hey hey.. So today I went to see Dr B and everything went great. He says that I look good and that I am healing well. I must say, that my scars last night when I took the pics look different from what I see today. Idk what happen. Who knows.. Anyway Dr B gave me a prescription for some strips that has cortisone in it. I will see how that works, and he told me to switch from that once I notice my skin color change. I will switch from that back to my scar away strips.

One thing I am happy to say is that Dr B finally got on the same page as me when it comes to my sides. I have mentioned since I saw him after surgery that I did not like my sides. Today he finally said that if he could change anything he would change my sides.. YES!!! lol. So he said we can address that in a few months out. Can't wait... :-)

6 weeks out and about 85% happy

It has been a minute since I posted. Today marked 6 weeks since surgery. I have been healing pretty well. I am about 85% happy with my results. As I stated in one of my previous post I still have love handles that I just assumed would be worked out doing the intital surgery. Well six weeks out and I can still grab a chunk of fat on both sides. I plan on having lipo retouch up by Dr B. Not happy that I have to pay an additional out of pocket fee when I feel like what I paid in the beginning should have covered this. At this point I'm so not happy with my sides that I'm willing to put out more money and pray that he gets it right. If after this second go around I do not get the results I desired I am sad to say that I would not ever go back to Dr B nor will I go back and have any more plastic surgery. This has left a sort of bad taste in my mouth. Dr B and his wife and staff are great and I have nothing g personal against them but for paying thousands of my hard earned money I just expected more. I also will just get back in the gym and start making better food choices.

I will post again once I have my revision surgery.

pics of my sides and why I'm still not happy

Here is pics to back up my previous post.
Bowie Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Benjamin is very pleasant and knowledgeable. He makes you feel at ease and make sure he answers all of your questions and concerns. His wife is so knowledgeable and she too is awesome. Natasha is so sweet and she also is great. Dr B and the while staff have been wonderful.

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