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Hello Ladies and Gents (if any are in this forum)....

Hello Ladies and Gents (if any are in this forum). I have always been fascinated by a woman with curves. I WANT MY OWN!!!!. I have always been a stickler about having someone "cut up" on me if I didn't need to have surgery. I have never had a broken bone in my body (knock on wood). I am new Sports Motorcycle Bike Rider and come next riding season I want my curves on my body to go along with those curves that I take on my bike! You Feel Me??.. sooooooooooo I have prayed about it and I am having a consultation on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 with Dr. Benjamin in Bowie, Md. I have read his background and seen his work and read reviews and I just want to say that I am sooooooooo ready and excited. I just pray this is not a mistake just because its something that I want. Everything is not for everyone and just because one has what you desire it does not necessarily mean that it is going to be beneficial for you. I am not a BBW (big black woman) but I do have fat in my abdomen that I can't seem to remove with dieting and exercising. So i figured hey I want a nice fuller, rounder booty, Not necessarily J-Lo but something I can be proud of. So with all this being said I will keep you all posted and for those that had the procedure done and are truly satisfied. God Bless!..My journey to a new me in 2015 starts here and I appreciate those that have put out the morale support that we all need so much! ..FYI I will not be posting any before or after procedures until after my consultation to ensure that the Doc says I have enough to do what I want..I will say that I am 5'9", 170lbs, size 38D in Bra but I am not sure of my waist nor thigh sizes. I would say my thighs are nice from exercising and running track and also holding up my bike!. lol.. so if it can be avoided I don't want anything taken from my thighs. I am taking some weight gain pills and will start drinking weight gain shakes to be on the safe side. ok that's it for now!. Peace, Love and Hair Grease! :) @ you guys soon! XOXOXO


Ok Ladies. so i had my consult with Dr. B and he was very nice and answered my questions. he even called after reviewing my pics further to dvise based on my size and shape how many cc's he can get and would attempt to get..he told me 800cc but it could be potentially 1200cc..which im hoping for..will keep you all posted.


Consultation/Change of Doctors

Hello ladies. so i have had my consult with Dr, B and he was a very nice man. but i don't think he is going to give me what im looking for. i know im a small woman (body wise). i have nice breast 9that i dont want touched) and no butt!!!.. i want a butt and a waist. not necessarily a small waist but if it should happen then so be it.. so i ve decided to change doctors. after reading most of the reviews, feed back, posts, pictures and even going through the web site itself i have decided TEAM SALAMA it is!!!!. so im scheduled for my surgery 01/22/2015!!!.. lets hope all goes well. you know when you plan things they never go as planned. i have my physical examination (including blood work) with my primary care/ob on 01/16/2015.. i think i may reschedule it for earlier. after i speak back with Cynthis (who is great @ dr. salama office) then i can decide.


OK so i had a phone conversation with Cynthia (Dr. S) on Friday, 10/03/2014 and everything was explained to me..much better than the assistant @ Dr. B office. i was quoted a price which is more than DR. B but you get what you pay for :))). so from $8900 to $ not gonna be made about it. im prepared. i have applied for financing with United Medical Credit (10/03/14) and today (10/06/14) they emailed me that i was approved :))))))))...OMG!!! im so happy. as for my down payment, i have that money already and will be letting go of that hard earned $$$$ on 10/17/14 to secure my surgery date...i don't want to get caught up in the tax season, no point intended to those waiting for their taxes..wish i could but i wont get that much to pay for my wants!. OMG!!! ladies/my bbl SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PSYCHED!!! cant wait for my new transformation and for those heads to turn( men) and eyes to roll (ladies) cause you know that saying from Mike Jones the rapper::: BACK THEN YOU DIDN'T WANT ME, NOW IM HOT YOU ALL ON ME!..cant wait to say that some folks..but then again i think i will kill them with kindness and let them look and say NAYTHING!!.. i will put this out there cause i have to be honest.. i also sent my pics for a quote to Dr. Yily (she was my next best selection) but im not mentally prepared to travel to the DR..although i would be paying half the price..i had build courage and still building courage to go to Florida and i can drive there..but my male bestie is going and we both are in need of a mommy , yes i said mommy, may go if she can get the time as it stands its me and excited and nervous and i havent even got to the initial consultation yet!..sheesh but im gald im on this site for support because we all need it some type of way.. well ladies until my next avenue i will end this post and bid you a due and see you when i post another part of my journey! xoxox C


SO. I received a quote from Dr. Yily.. OMG 1/2 the price of Dr. Salama. my delima is the language barrier. i know some Spanish but not fluent. i don't know what to do. you are suppose to shop around. not like looking for a prom dress but this major serious surgery. i want to stay in the states but the finances are expensive. i was approved by the health credit folks but i don't want to be paying them back more than hat i borrowed. not to mention i didn't get approved for the entire amount. i have the cash right now for the DR..but again im concerned about my safety and recovery. i can stay for the entire 10 days or more if needed... i need to make a decision.... im not asking for anyone of my sistahs to decide for me but i love the support and encouragement of everyone i read about on the 10/31/14..i will have made my final decision. actually before then because im suppose to make my deposit for Dr. Salama on 10/17/14..and we know its NOT REFUNDABLE!!..OK LADIES UNTIL MY NEXT POST..HAVE A BLESSED AND PROSPEROUS DAY!.


waiting to hear back from dr. baez..


hello my sisters..this is REAL!!.. i am still @ work.. well worked OT anyways but supposed to be gone. gotta go home and walk my sonson (Prince) he so spoiled. anywho..i have read some recent review about baez from more than one sister thats not happy with their results. that they have lost a tremendous amount in their booty!.. it seems duran is the one but with her popularity im hoping she reponds to me with a quote. i have sent an email (in english and spanish) so im praying for a speedy repsponse. i was so ready to put my deposit down for baez but this is what real self is about. the support.. i have no read any posts where the ladies on here are hating.. only GREAT feed back, which is what we need. this surgery we are all opting for is serious. and no matter your , race, color of your skin, language, age, the eay you live, the way you make your money, we all bleed the same and are all a creation of GOD and we all depend on someone!. so i wont get too just going toleave work now because i will sit on real self all night looking a phat booties. lol. talk @ yall soon. hoping to be a duran doll!.. FINAL CHOICE!!


HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!.. hello my RS Sisters. i need help. i want to communicate with Dr. Duran in spanish on whats app. does anyone know how to do it??? how do i select the words to be in spanish or do i need to type them myself??? any help would be appreciated.


ok soooo. i have found that i will have to be patient. which is not a problem because its a virtue. so i have emailed Dr. Duran, sent her messages (whats app) and on Facebook.. both in english and spanish and now i will wait..if all else fails i will pay the $250 for bella vita


Thank you for thinking of me for an evaluation of plastic surgery, for realization of all the surgeries you requested the most important thing is that you must be healthy and the cardiologist must approve that we can perform all procedures. Price for the surgeries that you are requesting, tummy tuck, liposculture to abdomen, waist, sides, back, under armpits, inner thighs and Brazilian butt lift is US$ 3700 dollars, which includes:
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Cardiovascular evaluation (any other evaluation needed by pulmonologist or any specialist is not included)
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic (only for the day of your surgery )
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups (transportation not included)
-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)
- Lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages are not included, cost is 300 dollars extra
- Recovery house is not included in the quote
-you can request a full package with recovery house, transportation and massages
You can include a medical insure for complications after a plastic surgery, it covers all services you need in and out of country, it costs from 150-200 USD depending on the amount of surgery you will get. If you have any clinical condition you must obtain clearance from your doctor, if you smoke you must quit two months before surgery and have clearance of your pulmonologist. The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction. Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done. You can begin to take vitamins once your surgery appointment is near (Iron, Vitamin C and B12 plus Folic acid are very helpful).
Important info:
Your date for surgery is important because I work from Monday to Friday (days for surgery are from Tuesday to Friday). I just have one patient per day, you also have to arrive one day before surgery to be evaluated and have lab work done, and if you are arriving early it is better for you because lab tests can be done from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.
Medication included in you package are antibiotics, analgesics and gastric protection medication, all drugs provided are given to take by mouth, but you will have to buy Enoxaparin, water pill and creams for bruises (arnica gel) and any other medication not previously included, medicines aren’t expensive here so you will spend around 200 dollars. Massages are not included. You should bring compression socks to wear them after surgery.
You can also bring your own medication; here is a list of basic meds
Augmentin 1gr every twelve hours for ten days (antibiotic)
Omeprazole or any other antacid for 5 days one every day
Arnica gel
Medication for nausea
Water pill
Lovenox 40 mg every day for 5 days
Medication for itching (not every patient but some feel itching)
Any strong medication for pain like percoset every 6 to 8 hours for 5 days
Your compressive garment included is a Mariae’s brand item if you want one more garment cost 120-150 dollars. You will need to buy a stage two faja 5-7 days after your surgery so if you want you can bring one or buy it here in a faja store.
I work with a team, my cardiologist will evaluate you and my anesthesiologist will examine you and discuss what type of anesthesia suits you right, you might have epidural block or general anesthesia. Anesthesiologist and cardiologist have the last word about how many procedures can be done safely on you.
If you have a tummy tuck, we include with a tummy tuck muscle repair. If you are aiming to have a breast augmentation, there are several brands of breast implants but all are silicone gel cohesive, texturized implants (Silimed, Eurosilicone, and Donasis) depending on the brand you choose then your quote might be lower or higher, (Silimed is the most expensive brand as they have the approval of FDA ). In the quote you receive we generally include Eurosilicone implants for your surgery. PLASTIC SURGERY IS NOT THE SAME AS WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY; YOU HAVE TO BE INSIDE NORMAL RANGE OF BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) OR JUST OVERWEIGHT TO HAVE SURGERY. ANESTHESIOLOGIST REQUEST THAT PATIENTS MUST WEIGHT LESS THAN 200 POUNDS. IF YOU SMOKE OR USE ADDICTIVE DRUGS YOU MUST QUIT THEM ONE OR TWO MONTHS BEFORE SURGERY AND TWO MONTHS AFTER TOO IN ORDER TO GET GOOD RESULTS AND NO COMPLICATIONS. PLASTIC SURGERIES ARE FOR HEALTHY PEOPLE OR THOSE WHO HAVE ANY CLINICAL CONDITION BUT ARE UNDER CONTROL, IF YOU HAVE ANY DISEASE YOU HAVE TO CONSULT AND GET APPROVAL OF YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE SURGERY.
We are located in Santo Domingo (capital of the country), Dominican Republic; the nearest airport is Las Americas International Airport (SDQ). I work at Instituto de Cirugia Especializada, the clinic is placed in Gazcue neighborhood (Address is Bolivar Avenue 208, suite 405, 4th floor), and it is near to hotels and colonial zone;  if you can’t reach me at this numbers you can call my husband Dr. Rodriguez so he can answer your questions, he is available in the morning from 9am to 1 pm. If you need transportation or a recovery house, there are several in Santo Domingo areas; I don’t work with an exclusive recovery house and i don’t have a preferred one, these recovery houses are near clinic: Yasmin, Real recovery Armonia, Maria and Daisy. If you stay in a recovery house you will have most of services you need in just one place, most of recovery house include airport pick up if you need a taxi driver to pick you up at the airport I can included but you need to requested at least 3 days before your appointment, transportation included is from Las Americas international airport to my office only. You can stay in a hotel but you will need to come with someone else so that person can take care of you. You will need to come to my office for follow up 2-3 times during your stay in the country.
You will have to stay in Santo Domingo from 10 -14 days depending on the surgeries you will get done. You will be able to get back to your work in two weeks (average). I know some English but I can’t speak fluently, my assistant will help me in your evaluation to have a better communication.
Quotes are good for 6 months after that cost might change or some items could not be included. I just accept payment in cash (US dollars) for your surgery. It is necessary to deposit to my bank account to lock a surgery date unless you are requesting a date in a week or less, you can do a deposit of 200 USD to lock your date and this deposit is not refundable. Once you do a deposit that amount is deducted from your quote.You can transfer total cost of your surgery if you are willing to when your date of surgery is approaching.

I don’t have paypal account and I don’t like to receive money by western union as I don’t have enough time to get the money. Once you deposit the money you can send me an email and i will confirm that everything is ok. Questions or doubts about the price or the elements included in your surgery package just email and I will reply as fast as I can but please try to send all of them in just an email in order to make things easier for me as I receive several emails in just one day.


Australia Fragoso Baez, MD.

in my honest opinion you need a tummy tuck, you can consult other doctors so they can tell you if what i say is right or wrong, if you need transportation from airport to my clinic is included if you need it, i have available Feb 17th


Hello RS Ladies. Hope all is well for you today. Well its like that old daying your mama and g-ma says to you..go with your gut instinct and most of the times your 1st choice is your best choice (depending on the situation).. for me its going down with Dr. B..!!! i have read reviews, saw post pics, communicated with previous patients.. both good and bad (very few bad maybe 2) addition i have googled her and went on several surgical pages to find out if deaths occured while under her care.. while doing this research on her please note that i have done the same for all my consults: 1) Dr. Benjamin here in MD, 2) Dr Baez in DR, 3) Dr. Yily in DR, 4) Dr Duran in DR and i actually have a consult scheduled with another doctor here in VA 5) Dr. Centora.. But none the less i will be going with Dr. Baez in Dr. paying my deposit is being paid today and she will receive my email with proof and then i will begin to work on my list of things to take with me and making my travel arrangements before the holidays come and the prices get high. well ladies thats all for now until the day i leave for surgery!


Hello RS sisters. I paid my deposit to today with DR. Baez. only 1/2 and will pay the remainder when i see her.. didnt want to send all and i dont want to carry all that cash around with me. waiting for her confirnation of receipt becasue i sent it via wire..HAVE TO HAVE MY RECIEPTS AND PROODF IN CASE I WANT MY MONEY RETURNED.. anyways I should be set for confirmation of February 17, 2015...Just a side note: although i have officially met Dr. Baez I love her spirit and response time. they say go with your gut feelings. I know some have doubts about traveling overseas because of the stories. but i am not a judge nor was i put on this earht to judge anyone. no matter where you go in state or out of state you are prone to any issue. I say go with your gut feelings. I feel that Dr. B is going to be successful on me. All i can do is pray and continue to stay in prayer because this is something i want for ME and i only know 1 person who can judge me and hopefully i wont be seeing him for a long time coming. anywho. have a great day, afternoon or night my sisters and i will be talking to ya soon. xoxo

Knowing is 1/2 the battle!

hey my RS Sisters. No real update. just that i go on RS EVERYDAY!. Yes EVERYDAY! And that’s because you need to know. Whether it’s good or bad. if continuously do research on doctors and rh..don’t get me wrong. I AM NOT CHANGIND DOCTORS!!. I’m completely satisfied with my choice. ladies you have to do research and fell comfortable and TRUST GOD!.. even if you are not religious. and all i can say is that Dr. Baez, she may not be a duran, but she is certified and in all types of unions and boards. So please check your resources. the months are creeping up fast!. I will soon be Nov 1 you know what that means...... YES... 11/27/14---THANKSGIVING!... please understand i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES TO EAT.. but i REFUSE!.. I RUBUKE THEE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.. i will not be eating food all day, all week or all month (LEFTOVERS)...HELL TO THE NAW!... i dont want gain anymore weight. i checked my BMI and with my height is should be 18.5-24.9 (NORMAL) and I am 26.1 (OVERWEIGHT) cool with that because i actually was taking weight gainer pills @ 167 and now im @ 177 5'9".. so the 10lbs is good for me.. although its all in my tummy and thighs.. but ive always had nice thighs from running track. so like i said.. i will be eating light come these holidays..not trynna go to the DR in Feb to be told IM TOO FAT!!. in the next 2-3 months i will buying my supplies to begin packing so i wont have that WHAT DO I TAKE SYNDROME!.. i will be packed, locked and loaded. i will post some more info as the months go by but my main reason was to say that im glad about choosing Dr. Baez!.


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Hey ladies I'm not staying at any recovery houses so I need a nurse if anyone can refer one to me that would be great!!


Hello Ladies!.. well my sisters after months of reviews, becoming familiar with my out of state doctor, reaching out to other back at FULL circle!. yes i am having my procedure done with Dr. Jonathan Fisher of Vanity Cosmetics in Miami, Fl.. why the change you ask??? well i finally broke down and told my mother.. she was the only person i had not told..well let me rephrase..i told her i was having surgery but not what kind.. she kept wondering why do you have to go out of town?? why would your doctor refer you to a doctor overseas?? i couldnt do it to my mami no more.. she is my best friend.. so now she knows and she said please please please can you find a doctor thats comparable in the states? so here i am here back to doing research, which really didnt take long..but now my deposit is paid and im working on my flight and place of stay..this process is the same but puts me more at ease i should say.. for one any complications its easier to go to Fl than Dr..i can actually drive to FL..the price was not too bad but i can deal with it..and i have a consult i deal with on a daily basis... Dra Baez is still a gem (she was a little upset but understood and had no issues with my refund-did loose the $200 hold deposit but my sugar daddy said he got me) hell he got me for the surgery too! and if ever decide that i need a round 2 then hey i may choose her but for now im in the states.. sorry sisters i hope you will continue to follow my journey and if you still want my help with research im here for you as I hope you will be here for now you can catch me in the forum for Fisher Dolls...xoxoxo C


Hey my RS sistahs!.. Hope everyone that had surgery is recovering and those of us that are awaiting our time are on track with what we need to do..with that being said i am now scheduled. Spoke to my PC (Selena) ..i so lover her!.. she is on the ball, keeps on top of ish..i love a person who gets the job done..ok back on track. sooo im scheduled for 02/20/15.. i will be Dr. Fisher's 1st patient on that day..(no turning back). they have 1/2 my hard earned money and i will pay the balance on my consultation date of 02/19/ looking for a place to stay and flights. im coming from DC im not too worried about flights..will def ensure i take 1st class back and have wheel chair service...i was stressed about choosing a doctor, as you may have read i previously was going to the DR but when GOD speaks to you (if your religious) and your moms is on your back (although i live alone) there is nothing much you can do but take a plan B..and let me say, IM GLAD I DID!!. so now i will be a FISHER FOXX!..i dont like saying fisherfied because they say Hassanafied for Dr Hassan... I think Dr. Fisher deserves his own i have to start getting my ish together for real because in 90 days it will go done..i have my date scheduled for 01/23/15 for my PCP for my complete physical and to let her know about my surgery and see what supplies i can get from her **wink wink ..i have read reviews of my fellow (Miami) dolls in reference to places they have stayed..i def wont be using Vanity RH..just because of not cheap but i can just as easy stay @ a hotel for im now looking into this RH i stumbled across from others with Moni..i hear great things about her,.. as a matter of fact i talked to her because i sent her an deli ma is im bringing my companion (not husband--more like a sugar daddy)..want to send spend his $$$ not my her RH is out but she did state if I stay @ an Extended Stay America Hotel that she could arrange a nurse and transportation for me...i think that is WONDERFUL!.. i will follow up with her on that. I already have the hook up on massages for where to go..i have used Massage Envy here in DC/MD and i know they have locations in Miami...but thanks to you ladies and your info i have 2 back now like i said i will be:

1. getting necessary supplies (garments will be purchased while in miami- NOT WITH VANITY
2. place to stay is something changes will stay @ RH if sugardaddy don't come (will still be spending his $$$ tho)
3. get nurse assistant and transportation

i have recently received my 1st supply last week...but pillow..not sure about it tho..may have to invest in something guys let me know...well im @ work on the grind...ttyl chicas!


So ladies its time to start my 60 (or less) regiment.
This is going to be my drink of choice with lunch and dinner:
*1 1/2 cups coconut water
*1/2 cup mango
*1 cup blueberries
*1 cup kale (2 stalks minus stems)
*1/4 avocado
*1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
*1 tablespoon lemon juice (1/2 large lemon)
*1 tablespoon flax-seed (ground preferred)
*2 cups ice (less if using frozen fruit)
mix in blender till smooth and enjoy :=)

For Breakfast: I will drink Green Tea/pineapple juice (not detoxing for breakfast) or Ensure

@ ALL TIMES I WILL DRINK MY WATER: This is a great detox mixer (and makes the water taste good): 1 Grapefruit, 2 Oranges,1 Lemon, 1 cucumber and mint..drink with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I bought a gallon Deer Park bottle and placed all my ingredients in it once cut up.


BREAKFAST: 1 boiled egg (pepper) NO SALT. Pineapples and if you want meat (turkey based product) or even TOFU

LUNCH: Green salad mix, 1 boiled egg and some other sort of protein: ie tuna, salmon (to make up for meat), grilled fish etc (Google a list) and since its getting cold maybe a cup of soup, and my detox smoothie and TOFU NO SALT

DINNER: Some type of green veggie (FILLED WITH IRON) spinach, kale, broccoli, meat (grilled fish, salmon,turkey) and my detox smoothie.


1. NO SALT.. if you require use of salt because our body needs it..USE SEA SALT...MUCH BETTER
2. If you are like me and like snacks: NUTS (high in protein), low sodium chips (kettle cooked are good), wheat crackers (wheat thins-especially now because they have a variety of flavors)
3. ENSURE- this can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner
4. WATER, WATER, WATER--detox style
5. im one who likes cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, im going to try ANGEL FOOD CAKE, yea i know flavorless. but his is if i feel i need a cake in my life.
6. NO ALCOHOL.. i drink socially and i bar tend so this is gonna be hard but RED WINE..thats better!
7. and EXERCISE.. im not a gym buff but i know i need to go and will be going..i walk my dog in the morning which is about 15-20 mins and the same in the evening..(not home during the day) so now since my job has a new gym this came right on time. i will begin my work out routine early in the morning (we have showers which are a convenience) and after work for at least 30 mins: arms and legs are toned but will get some small weights to use while on the treadmill.
I hope this is helpful to you ladies.


so we all get junk mail in our personal emails but this one i didn't take as JUNK. so please read. if found it very insightful and full of helpful tips:

Ways to Lose Belly Fat: HELP TIPS

Ways to Lose Belly Fat:
1. Do the math. Not sure you have visceral fat? To get a rough idea, calculate your waist-to-hip ratio
2. Cut back on carbs and sugar.
3. Use supplements to naturally lower insulin resistance.
4. Fill up on foods full of water and fiber.
5. Move it to lose it. To keep belly fat at bay, exercise for at least 30 minutes a minimum of five days a week, using a combination of cardio, resistance training and interval training.
6. Join the resistance. In resistance training (also called strength training), you increase muscle strength and endurance by doing repetitive exercises with weights, weight machines or resistance bands, building lean muscle and speeding up your metabolism
7. Get enough shut-eye. (SLEEP)..which we know in this day and time can be very difficult


Hope all enjoy this time with family and friends and remember to be thankful for what you have, where you have come from and where you are @ this day and time.. And remember to WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! not one for counting calories (not yet anyways) but remember for those who have had surgery you want to keep that small waist and for those who have not had surgery (like me) we dont want to put on too much fat that it cant be used.. i read in a post from a doctor that NEW FAT does not eat, drink and be merry but most of all have a BLESSED THANKSGIVING!.. XOXOXO C!


Good Morning RS & too all my RS Sisters!.. Happy Sunday!.. Just dropping a line. No updates. Still waiting for my day and living day to day. My day is next week 12/15 & with this being the holidays is a lil hard to maintain a regiment but you have to be strong willed.. See my attached photos for my drink with breakfast, lunch & dinner.. I have slowed up on my alcohol intake and my snacks.. They call me the "snack queen" because I have a snack after every meal!.. The struggle is real!.. I hope my sisters are doing well with whatever regiment you chose and praying for my sisters in/out of surgery.. Be blessed all.. Oh and since I was taking pics my son son (my dog) wanted his taken.. He is my only child(so to speak) & he is so spoiled. Njoy!????

Will try and upload pics!.. Com on RS!!!



This is how i do my water for detox and my breakfast. see the pineapple!!!.. oh and my sonson!! he is so spoiled. i told him to get off the coffee table and he turned around and laid down!


fresh pineapple and grapefruit.

DELIMA!... Early Birds Get The Worm

So my sisters. I need a place to stay. Im NOT staying @ Vanity ranch or whatever it s called. Moni is all boked up for February. As she should be. bless her heart. Now im looking into the Extended Stay Hotels and will start to check airnb. but i will need a nurse for at least 3-4 days. I have info on the massages. but i need my sisters help. Anyone have Magdalena (i think thats her name) or another house number i can get in contact with??? PLEASE HELP A SISTER OUT!

WE ARE NOT ALONE- Celebrity Interview

So I was in my car and a certain radio station played back a interview for K Michelle and she was asked how did u get a nice body by working out?... And she answered by saying I had all the fat sucked out my stom and put in my butt and hips!... I know that's right!!! I'm not mad at her.. We know others have done this buticommend her for not being mad at the question and answered like it was nothing and she still gets mad love!.. I'm a fan and I applaud her!.. You go girl!

Thankful for my life..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Glad to see another year and this time next year I will have a new body!.. Njoy your day ladies!

Thankful for my life..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Glad to see another year and this time next year I will have a new body!.. Njoy your days ladies!!


Hello ladies, Hope all are doing well... So today i ordered some things on-line. Most of the medical supplies I have already from my PCP. So here is my list of things ordered and are set to be shipped between 12/18-12/29 (works for me).. all ordered from amazon $150 spent w/free shipping. all thats left are : My garments (purchasing a vedette when i get to miami(not from Vanity!!!) and a squeem. I already had an Ann Chery waist cincher., getting my prescriptions filled from my PCP (worked that out) bobby pillow was ordered from day 1 ( i was pressed, had to test it out, lol) i have plenty of maxi dresses and my little odds and ends i will get either from the dollar tree here or walmart there! set!!

1. P EZ
2. Yoga mat
3. Bromelain
4. Compression stockings (thigh high)
5. Portable master lock
6. Chux (25 pk)
7. Geritol
8. Arnicare Gel W/tablets (great deal)
9. Lipo foam (5 sheets)
10. folic acid
11. Dermoplast (anitbacterial spray for burning & itching


I will most likely be staying with Magdelena..already made plans but im always a person to have a plan B & sometimes C..i have been in contact with Moni(NO ROOM DURING FEB) unless someone cancels she can help me with a nurse and transportation.. will keep you posted on for Magdelena she is sooooo sooo sweet and she stated my price includes transportation (airport/clinic)--i can giver he a lil change to run me to walmart if needed :=), nursing care (assistance) and meals!! total $700 for 7-days and if i have to stay with her the day of surgery its $250 for a total of $950..ummm so far ill take it because even if i find a place to stay, i will still need to pay moni for the nurse and transportation and but food to be prepared..but at least i have a plan!

ok ladies im signing off so ill will say: BYE FELICIA!


Have any of you ladies heard about this: know anything about the place. any reviews..i just read one sister who had surgery and stayed there...she said Maria was good as well as the food....anythoughts?? im still going with Ms. M (Magdelena) but remember I like to have plan B and sometimes C


so ladies no real update. just still doing my research to stay up on stuff. i found this website and they are in Miami.... will be getting my faja (vedette) from them and my ab boards


Catherine's Fashions, 6448 nw 186 st Miami Lakes, Fl, 33015
Tel: 305 828 2505, Cell: 305 342 5683


I'm gettin my packages in ladies.. It's starting to really sink in!.. 2 months and counting!..arrived today.


More supplies arrived today.. I have a few more coming in and I will getting my make me heal vitamins separately and putting them into my own packets this weekend. Fajas im getting in Miami.

Last supplies ordered on line

Only thing left is my Faja


Hey dolls and dolletts!! Just in case i don't get a chance to say it HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.. 2 months to go yall! ..oh so my point of staying regular was to show what i incorporate in my daily breakfast and a snack. THIS WORKS FOR ME!!!. ACTIVIA!..


Ok so im still researching on where i will stay for recovery. I have heard from some that Marian is mean, not good but then i hear some scheduling massages with her. well i just looked @ her site and didn't know they offer recovery stay. i think i may do that. they running a special for $1k for 7 days..see my pic or go to the website of i know i called magdelena but if anyone has stayed @ the RH with Marian please provide some insite.


Ok so im still researching on where i will stay for recovery. I have heard from some that Marian is mean, not good but then i hear some scheduling massages with her. well i just looked @ her site and didn't know they offer recovery stay. i think i may do that. they running a special for $1k for 7 days..see my pic or go to the website of i know i called magdelena but if anyone has stayed @ the RH with Marian please provide some insite.


I am going with my 1st choice and stick with Magdelena and have my massages with Marian!


So i know i said i was going to wait till i got to Miami to purchase my FAJA.... but you know us ladies.. WE LOVE TO SHOP! so i figured its after the holidays let me just go on amazon and look. (just LOOK).. UMMM YEAH RIGHT!.. i ordered my last few things that i figure i know i really need and will adjust buy getting anything else from out the store either here or in Miami.. So i ordered the following today:

1. )Vedette Womens 929 Celeste Front Closure Compression Garment (2XL (42), Black) ($90 plus free shipping (this is what Vanity uses, the 929 or 944
2.) 3 in 1 Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support Girdle Belt for Women and Maternity ($11 plus free shipping) .. i saw this is the one they use in the DR
3.) Nature Made Zinc 30 mg Tabs, 100 ct ($7 plus $3 shipping) (will incorporate with my pre/post op vitamins package
4.) KAL Balanced K2 Plus D-3 Tablets, 100 mcg, 60 Count ($10 plus 3 shipping) (will incorporate with my pre/post op vitaminsa package..i saw this as one of the vitamins inside of the supplemental care vitamins

im done with my online orders.. i was cutting it close for free shipping to get these last few items before i leave on 02/19. I will do a post of all my supplies when i pack my suitcase (ONLY TAKING 1) and a carry on. ttly dolls!!


Ok. Why is so dang hard to get a flight that i either having to leave 2 days ahead or 1 day later to get a good price!.. dont get me wrong the prices are not high... so far round trip for me (depends on if i leave from Reagan National or BWI) are starting @ around $159/207..the thing is i can either arrive late 02/18 (to be able to get to VANITY early on 02/19 for consult) or leave 02/19 (arrive @ 8:45 (get to VANITY 1st thing...which is bomb since the surgery is not schedule until 02/20..but then my return flight SUCKKKKKKKKKKKS.. if i leave on 02/27 (which are my plans as ling as the drain is out..i have to leave @ 9 (no connector) or later around 4 with a connector (1 hour)...DECISIONS, DECISIONS!.. IM DEF GONNA PURCHASE MY TIC ON THIS FRIDAY....

Vedette 929

Arrived today!!.. It's becoming more real everyday!..oh not sure if anyone noticed but I had to change my "name" & remove my pic.. I will post pics after surgery.


Hello my rs sisters. I know i been MIA but just on my grind with work and personal getting ready and buckling down...02/20/15 can't get here fast enough! I have my list of supplies in addition to pics. I am taking 1 suitcase and 1 carry on. Pack like the military: roll your items (clothing) not like you need a iron anyways!. Just try and incorporate items where you can..Questions please ask.

1.) Faja/Squeem/waist cincher/butt lifter/sports bra(front open/closer)
2. Underwear/granny panties for cycle/socks/compression socks
3. maxi dresses (3min) can always buy while in Miami (after surgery)
4. one comfortable sweatsuit to come home too (weather may not permit to wear a dress back)
5. 2-white beaters or 2-full t-shirts (wear under faja to prevent burns)/2-pair of old leggins (will be bleeding from incisions), pair of tennis shoes (im going for comfort)
6. 1-robe/1-pair of slip ons (or slippers)/ 1-pair of shower shoes (sry dont know who feet been there)
7. toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste/floss/mouth wash/2-wash cloths/1-towel/1-face towel/pads for soaking up the blood and if you are on your cycle/(not sure about tampons but i brought a box)
8. baby wipes/hand sanitizer (travel size)/anti bacterial soap/gel/Vaseline/medicated or moisturizer lotion/scar cream/pills/medication/pill organizer/body scrubber
9. chux/foam pads/ab boards/pez/safety container for your money, cell, etc/bobby pillow/small 1st aid kit (im making my own because im staying @ someone elses home and rather be safe than sry)

Please note this is just my list i have gather from reading tons of blogs for both in state and out of state rs sisters. i do have supplies not shown that i will purchase when i get back to help me with my continued healing: 1.) Chair for sitting, 2.)Yoga mat( already have see pics) 3.) perhaps another style pillow and massages!. TTYL Dolls!


So ladies I have read on some blogs how vanity is all about the sells and how they get cheated out of some things and that their coordinators are horrible with communication and receipts and all types of other BS...well I can TRULY say that Selena Romero has been awesome.. So I have not experienced any calls that were unnecessary nor sales call..I did however get a call from her stating that if I paid my balance in full they would provide me with a FREE GARMENT!!..oh yea... well hey why not. I'm 22 days out its no biggie, plus I'M paid it through pay was small. at least if the garment I purchased won't work @ the time of surgery, it becomes an extra one..Got my receipt to show for a free garment!.. im set!.


Got my labs back today. went to my full exam/including pap on 01/23 since the doctor wont except labs older than 30 days. Waiting for his assistant to reach out. But wont wait too long. i will be calling her Monday to fax over my labs. Of course I have my copies. My hemo is 12.3 (rating is 12.0-16.0) im still taking iron on full blast..geritol, pure absorb and women essentials with iron. i want it @ 13/14. Anyways seems like im just about set. all thats left are my flight tix to purchase next friday and i will pack. TTYL dolls!

No word from DR Fisher Assistant Yisele

Before I call tomorrow, if any one has feedback please provide it. Im going to call tomorrow in good spirits since i have not heard from them yet and im paid in is in 2 weeks!!!!


So here is the latest.

1.) Labs done and faxed to Yisel! check
2.) All Labs good to go per doctor Fisher and Anesthesiologists! check
3.) flight booked! check (round trip w/insurance and 1st class on my return trip..$327.12!!. not too bad. leaving 02/19 (surgery 02/20) returning 02/28.

All that's left is to pack. I have made arrangements to be picked up by BWI @ my house and dropped off @ my house and wheelchair services just in case.

TTYL Dolls!

IM OUT!!!!

Flight still on schedule for 8am.. Packed and rhet ta go!..gud night ladies!! Bout to catch some zzzzzzzzzssssssssss!!

I'm here

Landed safe dolls!.. Here @ vanity!.. Man they must got bootay on sale for real!!. Office packed and Maggie (my caretaker) says it's ALWAYS like this... Man let me tell y'all She is soooooo sweet and nice. They know her well, that's a plus!! Well I'm signing my life away. I'm up first 2mar!.. Will chat with u ladies once o get settled! Xoxo

Now I'm nervous!! Sheesh!

No turning back!

Pics of the room

If anyone else is considering staying with Maggie.. Here house is clean!! And she's a great cook!.. This will be my last post until after the surgery.. Time to get my mind right cause it's not a game!!


Man o man!!! Oky sistahs! I'm high on drugs but wanted u Ll to know..... I HAVE CROSSED OVA!!! Not doing a full update because 1. I'm high lol see types! And 2..I think the RS Monstas are watching my update cause it's f****ing up!! So I will say I'm good. In pain and will give full details and pics very very soon!! I love yall man!! Be blessed oh and Dr Fisher is off da chain!! Love him!!!!muah kitties! Xixoxoxo ps in my title I say hard love making cause is rather have that and be in a lil pain than this!!! Maggie said Dr Fisher called to check on me and said that I'm strong like a horse!!! Lol I'll take that.. My zodiac is Saggittarius and we are 1/2 man 1/2 horse .. The back side is the horse side !!! Lls!! Good night beauties!!

All is well

So today I'm @ day 4.. I know I haven't done any updates or pics but I will when I get home.. I'm coming along just sore and swoll in my tummy.. I did go #2 on day 3 without any assistance after that everything else falls into place. Ladies that gave advice and prayers I love love you!!!! I leave sat. Hopefully get my drain out when I see doc fisher on Friday!. I havea housemate ms new booty but have not met her yet. Will do so before leaving !! Again thank you all so so much..


Hey ladies. Just a small update. Drain came out today!!! Yes GOOD RIDDENS! I fly out in the am . I'm tired but in good spirits and Dr F said I'm doing extremely well! Massages can start in 2 weeks!! I'm cool with that. I went shopping today but not for clothes or shoes. Maggie took me and NewBooty79 to the Faja store.. Not buyin a thing from Vanity!. I got an ab board $20 & a very good waist trainer $50.. They had all the fans u need but I already have the one I purchased and the one Vanity gave me for free so I'll just have those taken in.. Ok dolls I'll do my full post when I get home.. Ttyl


Ladies I'm back home! I'll do a full update as promised.. I'm off until 03/09 so as soon as I can get back to "Self" lol U'll get all of the " JUICE"!! Ttyl! Xoxo


Hello dolls. So I returned back to work on 03/09/15. No one really noticed which is a good thing, But at this point I don’t care who notices. My business is my business. So now onto the review:

Day 1: arrived in Miami, got picked up by Maggie, went to Vanity, completed paperwork, went to Maggie house and ate, showered and sleep

Day 2: Arrived @ Vanity @ 6am. Had my consult with Dr. Fisher (he is super cool and funny) talked about what I wanted. I didn’t show him wish pics, but I did show him a pick of a most recent patient of his. When he saw my file folder he told me that I was one of the most organized patients he has seen!. Great compliment. In addition after talking about what I wanted and the shape of my body he said I had great skin and he should be able to shape me nicely. I didn’t want a donkey booty or out of this world hips just natural looking. AND HE DID JUST THAT!!

Saw the anesthesiologist, Peter with his fine ass self!. Went over health records, peed in a cup and went back to OR. Peter inserted the IV, we was talking and then I guess I was out because the next thing I remember was Maggie saying , “Hi baby” .you got a big butt!.. you ready to go. I was cold but once I got in the car I was ok. arrived @ Maggie house and her daughter Sandra helped me out the car into the house into my room and into the bed.

Day 3: Woke up by Maggie @ 8am to have breakfast. I wasn’t too hungry but I ate some toast, eggs and tea. Went to sleep for about 2 hours and got up and start walking around. Went back to sleep on and off and awake by 8pm to begin taking my antibiotic and eat. I also had my bowel movement today (naturally)

Day 4: same routine as day 3

Day 5: same routine except for today I was nauseous. I drank ensure and it DID NOT agree with me (im lactose) but the label said I could still drink it. But once I vomited I was good to go.

Day 6: same routine except nauseous again. I vomited on a empty stomach but once that was over. I ate some toast and tea and was good to go

Day 7: Same routine for the exception of going to Vanity to have my drain removed. That was weird. Dr. Fisher assistant said count to 3 and by the time I was @ 1 she was already done!. Dr Fisher said I heal nicely and was strong as a horse.

Instructions: wear garment for 6 more weeks, could sit after 3 weeks, massages after 2 weeks (after having drain removed).

Note: I was prescribed pain meds but I didn’t take them. I brought my own: Motrin and all day pain meds. Continued drinking/eating pineapples, and my vitamins (see pics for a list)

Day 8: last day. Woke up and had toast and tea and arrived @ airport @ 7 am to leave for a 9am flight….NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!. So the flight was delayed because of the snow storm that hit Dallas, TX which held up our pilot. Didn’t leave Miami Airport until 1:30!!!! But anywho its GOD so what can you do. I occupied my time. I DIDN’T SIT AT All!.. So glad I had my ipad and ipod. People thought I was crazy but I danced so I didn’t have to sit! didn’t care. I also kneeled @ times. One man thought I was praying..i really was but when he walked up I was done. Lol. I even went to the bar and had a frozen mango/pineapple margarita!.. DON’T JUDGE ME!.. I was @ the airport RHET TA GO!!. Ya feel me!.

Going through TSA: well of course I had to get a “female private” search because when I went through the scan my foam and boards didn’t clear..but it was all good. the ladies asked did I have surgery and I said yes, they said a tummy tuck, I said no but I did have back surgery. They were so nice. I didn’t have to remove the foams nor the board. They just gently searched me and said I was good to go!!!> PRAISE GOD!!

Flight home: well it wasn’t too bad. Like I said before I got 1st class back so I had room and food and drinks!!!. I told the flight attendant about the surgery and she was super sweet and let me walk around when needed and I was able to kneel on the floor. The only time I sat on my boppy pillow was when the fasten seat belt light was on. My fkight was 2 hours and I had the shuttle to take me home. (all prepaid before leaving for Miami)

Days 9-14: I am feeling food and feeling myself. Loving the shape that’s taking place. Nice curves coming along and IM NOT losing volume. I will say this, I would like a lil more hip action but its not over yet, that may come about and plus with exercise I can build that muscle. Today I also took a laxative.. im having regular bowel movements but because of the food i was eating and the meds i needed a cleanse and im glad i did. That alleviated some of the swelling!!!

Day 15: Im driving!!! Yes!. the snow has cleared and the streets are drivable. I also went out to party: didn’t wear my garment, but I paid for it on Day 16!

Day 16: went to a retirement party for a family member and the 1st 2 people to say something was mom and grandma!.. LLS!.. they both said dang Boo (yes they called me Boo) you look good where did you get all that butt from!.. I said plenty of exercise and change of eating habits!.. My grandma said hell im going to the gym with you!.. LLS!.

Day 17: back to work and all is good. Im sitting on my boppy but I do get up and walk around and keep busy. I get tired quick so I have to build up my stamina. Still taking vitamins and geritol. (i take this just to keep my iron up) I have also started waist training. man i have the smallest waist!! this is cray cray!!!..@ night i sleep with my garment, foams, boards and the wraps used by women after pregnancy to get their stomach back flat. during the day i wear my garment and my waist trainer (with bone in) purchased in miami while i was their. have not started wearing my ann cherry yet but will start after my massages next week.

All in all my experience was good and if I do decide a round 2 (not likely) it would be for more hips.

Stay tuned for more follow ups as the months go on. I won’t be doing daily, just monthly.

Oh and im not good with the pics but will def take more for the monthly reviews. I do have some before and after. But they don’t do justice to my outcome!



Hello Ladies. Not much to say but I am still healing well. Trying to get my sleep in order but its not happening. I have very sleepless nights. Starting today I will begin taking some z-quill when needed cause i'm beginning to feel really restless. The only time i can sleep is for about 2-hours after rubbing my belly and back and sides with Arnica. (guess cause is therapeutic) the only thing that really irritates me is the numbness!!!!!OMG HOW MUCH LONGER!!! Its not too much but on my lower back and lower part of my tummy where the remainder of the swelling is. My scars are almost gone except for where the drain was but its getting there. The ones on my buttcheeks are gone and the one in the middle of my back is gone. I have taken a few pics with underwear and an outfit that i typically where to work. please give me feed back. For my daily/nightly routine:

1. Shower
2. rub my entire body down with Shea Butter
3. I use the following on my belly/torso: Arnica, Stopain Cold Gel w/arnica, hydrocortizone (itching), vitamin A & D (scaring/moisturizer), and Equate healing lotion. ALL TOGETHER
4. I use the following on my butt: Slim Extreme 3d Super-concentrated Serum Shaping Buttocks (purchased from amazon)
5. After , I put my garment back on (t-shirt under to protect skin) with the ab board over the t-shirt and over the garment im using the 3 in 1 Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle Belt for Women and Maternity (purchases from amazon) (used @ night) during the day or when i go out i put on my waist trainer (boned in)

JUST FYI: i am no longer using foams. I don't see a need for them because im not experiencing any scaring and to me it elevates the compression i need.

Im sitting not too much but i have to when driving and sometimes depending on where im going out to. At work i can do what i want so i walk around. Use of the boppy pillow has diminished!.. Not sure if becasue my booty got to big and heavy but I have since purchased the BBL pillow on 03/13 and per UPS it will be delivered on 03/19.. I CANT WAIT!!!. im so done with the boppy. I started to order another one but i need LONGEVITY!! i got it on sale too! it went from $99 to $54.99 plus tax & shipping $78.27. I still think that was good. Will let you know how it works!!

Massages can begin starting Friday 03/20, i will be out of town but will begin them next week. This numbness got to go and i have a lil swelling that needs to go as well on my lower abdomen and my lower back. (most aggressive lipo areas).

Ok dolls that all i have for now. I will be 1 month on 02/20 and will take pics of me hanging out for the weekend. Enjoy the pics and ask any questions or send me comments and/or suggestions.



Hello ladies. Just so you know here is the information I received about the total of CC's I got.

Total removed: 4000 CC (4 Liters)---uggggg thats allot!!
Total injected into the Right Glut: 1150 YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS bootay!
Total injected into the Left Glut: 1150 YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS bootay!

I couldn't be more happier!!!!. When I had my very 1st consult with a local doctor he told me that he may only be able to inject 800 CC's no matter how much he removed!!. NOTTTTTTTTTTT! So glad I went with Dr. Fisher. I will be doing my full review on him after my 3 month mark. By then I can do some measurements and see what held and what didn't. Have a good one ladies!!

Back in Business: BBL PILLOW

yassssss! Arrived today! Let's see if this baby really works!. My boppy has no more bop!! Lol so this is right on time!


So my bootay is no longer hard. Still got a lift so im thinking its not gonna drop no more. its so round and i love it!.

So i went to a MC (motorcycle event) this weekend and had to drive to North Carolina (havent rode on my bike yet but will this weekend with the weather being like it is)..Anywho my BBL pillow arrived just in time for my 4 hour ride....AND......IT WORKS!! im so glad i purchased it. it keeps me from sitting directly on my buttt cheeks!. here are a few pics of my out fits i wore. i could have gone RAUNCHY but not his time..i kept it classsy!..but they still saw the bootay!..and i found a pair of jeans that fit and lifted. thank goodness cause a sistah gots to go shopping. i cant fit anything pass my thighs and butt. i will continue to update!


my pillow arrived with in a weeks time! see picture from paypal. i was originally $99


just a added update: so I was 1 month as of Friday 03/20. Im still wearing my garment, however it has less compression (mostly in the legs) so underneath my garment im wearing a miracle body shaper with butt lifter..

@ night i wear the t-shirt, foams on each side, the foam they give you for your butt/lower back,my ab board and waist cincher
@ during the day i go without the foams and board and only wear the waist cincher on top (this is only for work or when im hanging out
@ when i go out to run errands i wear everything like i would @ night

see pics.. my waist is shrinking very fast and im loving that. As far as my hips, i would like more. they are still square to me but when i put clothes on it doesnt appear that way..oh well i can do that next year..this year im not tripping. need to give my body proper healing time.

still have not measured myself but i intend to soon.

I still also use all of the following: 1.) Scar remover cream 2.) vitamin A, D & E Oil, 3.) Shea Butter skin is smooth and super tight. i need to take a nude pic..looks like i have a 6 pack!..Starting this week i will do massages. to be honest i have not done 1! but i will this weekend and back to the gym starting next Monday..this week my schedule is too hectic!..ok ladies hope im helping someone! lata


Just a update on me and my journey with finding clothes that fit. The struggle is real!!! for now all my clothes that i purchase are ONE SIZE FIT ALL or XL. went from a medium to a large, now onto a X-large!! my waist is getting smaller and smaller. as for my butt i cant say that I have lost much volume. I still have the lift and i love the curve in my back. it dropped but its still a lil high which i dont mind. i did find a pair of jeans i never wore before with the tag still on them and after going thru about 20 pairs these fit me (for now). right now im just loving my progress. still have the itching and the sharp pains. swelling in my lower back and lower abdomen but with the ab board and waist cincher its going down more and more. i have some fat @ the top of my abdomen under my breast that Dr F said he couldn't lipo because its too close to some arteries. its cool because with exercise i noticed its going down. and it seems after the surgery my eating habits have changed drastically. and i have no complaints. its helping me to keep this figure that i paid for. ok ladies. i didnt have much to report but wanted to show you the jeans im in. oh and fyi: i love the BBL PILLOW.


Just an update on my waist training... So its been 3 days since my last update and my waist is on a shrinkage rampage!!! im continuously getting smaller!!!. I have started back exercising. I do the treadmill 30 mins walking for 15 and running for 15.. 25 squats..25 sit-ups..25 pull-ups. i think the surgery has help to change my eating habits because before i was known as the SNACK QUEEN!!! but now i dont really care to eat sweets too much. ive always drank water and continue to do so. No sodas unless they are clear example: sprite, sierra mist, ginger ale and/or caffeine free: orange: Shasta or Sunkist.. im doing cleansing and starting tomorrow for 21 days i will be doing a smoothie cleanse. 1st time trying it so will hope it works. i have a new garment arriving on friday. its a butt lifter/compression garment. will wear this under my vedette garment along with ann cherr which i wear faithfully day/night!! im now on the 2nd hook of my ann cherry only after 1 month!! its amazing how the body transforms!!...IM THINKING I MAY DO A ROUND 2 BUT ONLY FOR HIPS!!. they still seem square to me but when i put clothes on it doesnt look that way.. I THINK IM GOING TO TRASH MY MIRRORS!..LIES LIES LIES! ttyl


Pre Op: 38D (breast), 35 (waist), 37 (hips)

CURRENT AS OF TODAY: 43D (breast--not sure how this happened, no surgery!!), 25 (waist!! yesss) and drum roll please............................ 42 (hips/butt) girl get it!!!


i purchased a new garment from Amazon.. $20 free shipping by Valencia Shape Wear!... i love this item. in addition i been using a product by Ann Cherry to decrease fat cells. I use it on my abdomen ONLY!!! while wearing my Ann Cherry. it seems to be working!!


Hey ladies. just an update. I’m about 2 weeks shy of the 2 month mark and I’m coming along fine. I still have the itching and the real sharp, stick pin feeling in my back and sides. been working out doing mostly squats and sit ups. will be starting yoga soon, I don’t want the yoga mat I purchased to go to waste. still sitting on my bbl pillow and wearing my garment for exception of during the day.. I have a new toy and product I been using see post. here are a few pics. been buying some new clothes because some of my old stuff is too small (butt wise) lol!!. loving my body!!


Hello, So as of May 17th 2015 it has been 3 months and I believe that what is done is done. My fat has settled and I am VERY pleased. No more swelling, still a lil itching, no more pains. I have been working out 4 times a week, more when I can and I don't have a healthy eating habit but I have cut back allot. I will say this if, I do decide to do a round 2 it will be for more hips and that's just for me. I'm getting attention (not like I wasn't before) but its more than normal. NO COMPLAINTS. I'm blessed and love me.! the pic attached is from an all white party. Dr. Fisher did me justice!! and I will def go back to him and Vanity if I chose to. I had no issues!!!. hope all is well with those recovering and continuing to recover. Remember: In order to love someone else you must 1st love yourself! Peace and Love xoxoxo

7 months

So I am @ 7 months and nothing has changed for the exception of me gaining weight! LLS. oh well I guess its not all a waste because I am going for round 2!!! That's right ladies. Round two with Dr. Yily in the DR so I will be starting a new blog once I get my date scheduled. I will be making a deposit in a few weeks for a date in March 2016. It will be a year then, since round 1. I'm so confident that she will complete me. all I'm really asking for is hip action but of course I'm not saying no to more booty so it will be another bbl with hips. I don't think Dr fisher applied any fat to my hip area. if he did i must have lost it. Its all good. we do what we want for us!. Until my new review take care. and before anyone asks. no new pics because I look the same as the last pic taken 4 months ago.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Everything about my process was a success! No issues wit Vanity nor my assigned Coordinator Selena. If I choose to do a round 2 I will def go back to Dr. Fisher and his team!.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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