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Hi girls, I am planning on getting the bbl done in...

Hi girls, I am planning on getting the bbl done in Maryland by Dr. James Benjamin. I am just in the process of going for a consultation. I was hoping to see reviews and also if possible find an sx buddy that was probably getting some work done too. Please let me know if anyone in Maryland is considering this procedure or has done it already I will really appreciate any advice I can get. Thanksss

Tomorrow May10th i have a consultation with Dr....

Tomorrow May10th i have a consultation with Dr. James R Benjamin im sooo excited. I hope to get the sx done by june/july. Im hopeful this will go fine. Please are there any suggestions for questions that i should ask? Let me know pls. Thanks

What do u do when you feel your partner wont be...

What do u do when you feel your partner wont be there for you during this process. My boyfriend has been very supportive throughout my search for a doctor. I live in nyc and even decided to get a doctor in Maryland where he lives so he can take care of me post sx cos i live alone in Nyc. He's also a nurse so i feel i'll be in good hands. But yesterday when i told him my consultation is today he asked where and i told him clinton. He was like he'll have 2 drop me off and wait in the car becos his job is not far from there and he wants to be able to "brag" about my post sx body without people knowing i did sx!!!! I was shocked that he could even say something so stupid. I just told him that was a really terrible excuse he made and he should have thought of a better one. After 10 mins he came to me and apologized about what he said. So now im like worried that he wont be there for me during my post sx process. Im so confused and wondering if i should even do it at all.

I finally went for the consultation!!!! Dr J is...

I finally went for the consultation!!!! Dr J is really cool and i think im gonna go with him. They'll send me a quote during the week. Will keep you posted. The bf came with me and was very suportive so i guess i forgive him lol. Couldnt stay mad at him for too long love him so much :)

Finally got my quote tonight. The total for lipo...

Finally got my quote tonight. The total for lipo of 3areas and a bbl came up to $9108. It's over a grand above my budget and they say compression garments are not included! I was wondering if I could negotiate the price.

Pre op pics up! Need these hips to be worked on

Pre op piv

Think im gonna go with

TEAM PERRY. I didnt want to leave home to do this because i know my man cant take time off work to come with me but after reading some reviews and practically obsessing over dr P's work I called his office. Spoke to the lovely Norma, sent my pics and i got a quote for $8600 (his prices have gone UP!!!!!!) for lipo in the abdomen, back, flanks, arms and inner thighs withe the bbl. First off its cheaper but i guess i'll put the difference back into flight tix, hotel bills etc. Its still gonna be more expensive but i'd rather pay extra than come for a round 2. Norma is trying to get me a July 1st date.
I also spoke to Dr. P, he sounds so nice and really took his time explaining to me about the whole procedure. He kept on asking if i had anymore questions, he was in no rush at all.

Im soo excited. Spoke to my man about it and asked him if he can come for the first 5days at least. He was like he has to work his ass off to afford the trip cos he's 6ft 10 and cant fit into economy seats so he has to buy business class or at least premium plus seats (which are usually sold out) He's gonna check at work and see if he can take the days off also cos hes a nurse. Im praying he can so i wont need to get a nurse and save up on some money. This process is not as easy as i thought it'll be. But im so determined to get the body I'll be happy in. I dream A$$ everynight and think A$$ everyday HELP!!!


Was wondering if any one here is having their sx with Dr Perry during the same time as me so we can book a hotel together and save some $$$. Thanks

Put in the deposit

today. I cant believe im really doing this. Locked down the July 1st date. Thats just a little over 4weeks!!! Im so excited, and scared at the same time. I really want this done and its a 30th bdy gift i will be giving myself. Ive come a long way from being insecure. Im tired of being told i have a pretty face but if only i had hips. I wanna be beautiful and finally LIVE.

Been reading some reviews and have been seeing a few seroma complains with Dr P patients, now im really worried. What can you do to reduce the risk of getting one? I live in Bowie and it would cost so much if i have to fly back to Miami to have it drained. I cant even afford that. Im also looking at the fajas but its all so confusing. What kind of faja do i need? Do i buy a vedette or squeem or both?

POST OP girls what did you buy that you ended up not using, in terms of drugs and general misc. Im really putting all my savings into this sx and havent got much to spare. Pls let me know anything else i need to know girls. Im so nervous cant even sleep.

Thanks girls for being so supportive. Im realizing this aint no joke at all....

Hey guys, for my DMV girls

where did you get your tests and medical clearance done. Im in new york now and will be moving to MD in two weeks so I can do it in Nyc or MD.


Flight booked for the 30th of June. Paid $279 for a return tix from BWI. Got an apartment for $65 a night on air bnb. Its a one bd apt and can take three people. If anyone is looking for a sx buddy holla at me and we can work something out. I'll be using nadege post sx. Spoke to her for over 30 mins, shes so nice, told me a lot about the recovery and what I should expect. Got me thinking if im really ready for this, God help me. Started taking my iron pills cos im gonna do the lab work in about a week. Im getting scared esp when i read some peoples recovery process. I pray God gives me the strength to go through this and come out beautiful. The part that scares me the most is the nausea and massages. I got this fear of being sick, this has been a part of me since my teens, i hope i dont get the nausea. Then the pain from the massages, I watched bigbootytinywaist massage video and i could only get through the first 2minutes. I started crying with her. Goodness that shits gonna hurt so bad, theres no running from that. Anyway i'll try and stay positive and trust that everything will be ok. Goodluck to the girls that are going under this week. May God watch over and protect you.

Ekg test was good waiting on the other tests

results. Ive been thinking of ways to save up on $$. This surgery might just make me bankrupt if im not careful!. For the Perry post girls does he give boards? Ive read he gives the foam but i havent read anyone saying he gives the boards. Also ordered for the mmh vitamins but they havent got them yet. I also need information on garments and the vedette. I see Dr P's garment are only good for about a week then you have to get a firmer one. What kind of garment do you think i should get or should i just wait to go to the faja store in miami?
Does anyone know if massage envy does the lymphatic massage?
19 DAYS TO GO!!!!! Im so ready for July 1st to come. Ive started sleeping on my tummy so i can get used to the position. Ive bought tons of stuff pls let me know if im missing anything.

Body pillow
Arnica pellets
Benadryl extra strength itch cream
Wahl heat massager
Scar fx silicone sheet
Plastic shower curtain liner
Diurex water pill
Prevail adult wash cloths

Im gonna get these over the weekend
Maxi Dress
Anti bacterial Soap

Is there anything else im gonna need thats not on this list?

Had to change my date

because i had some financial issues and will be getting a refund on the 2nd of july. My original date was the 1st of July. Spoke to Norma and she has rescheduled me for the 8th of July but unfortunately i wont be the 1st of the day, i'll go in by afternoon. Im not happy about this and now recovery will coincide with my period which will prob start a few days after sx, I really didnt want to go through that. Ive decided to be positive about it cos im so ready to get this over with and start the healing process. If theres anyone going to Dr perry around the 8th let me know pls. Oh yeah my lab results came out and im all clear to go forward with the sx. Good luck to all the girls going in this week.

Touchdown Miami!

Hey ladies Lexus has arrived miami! Got in this afternoon and Nedege picked me up from the airport. She's such a lovely person and im sure she'll take good care of me. We went to buy some last min things at Walmart then i got me a LARGE meal at boston market lol i might as well. I ended up staying at Candle wood suites because the apartment on air bnb wasn't available anymore cos i changed my dates. Anyway im not complaining cos Candlewood is cheaper and 5mins from Dr. P's office. Its got a nice kitchenette, everything looks good.
Im so excited and i thought i'll be so scared but im surprisingly calm. Im grateful to God for that and i believe all will go well. Please say a prayer for me and the other girls that will be going in this week. Im just sleepy now after eating that 1/2 rack of ribs and mash. Im gonna take a nap

This is it

I just finished the paper work and waiting to meet Dr P. I think the nerves are setting in but I have put me trust and hope in God. I know he will watch over me and protect me from any harm. See you guys on the other side. Bye bye to these rolls and hello to my new banging body. Much love to Ms_newBooty2013 she was up till so late last night replying my emails and calming my nerves. Love u girl.

on the other side

so mch pain. God be with me im talki ng and eating

2 days post op finally feeling better.

I had my sx on the 8th of july. So here are the details. I got to Dr p's office by 1pm, started with the paper work then dr p came to talk to me. I showed him my wish pics and he took my pre op pictures, marked me up. Dr p is such an amazing guy he made me feel so calm and he was not in a rush at all started talking about the masters program im about to start. I just felt like i was talking to an old friend.
Next thing i know anesthesia comes to talk to me and 5mins later i walk into the OR. I was so calm i started to question why I was so calm lol. She tried to put in the iv and pricked me 3 times i was beginning to think my tiny veins were working against me then finally it worked and she said shes just putting something to calm me down. I start talking to Dr p and saying may God bless your hands for me Dr. P and he said ok and im like you say AMEN dr P he laughed and said amen and thats the last i remember.

What felt like 5mins later i woke up on my tummy with blankets over me and i was so cold and shaking like a leaf. I called out to my care giver Nadege (she's the best ever) cos i could hear her talking. I told her to call me boyfriend and thats when the anesthesia got the best of me. I was just saying encourage me baby lol, i love u so much baby, you should be here taking care of me, come and carry me lol I was a mess! After a while it was time for me to stand up, they removed the catheter from me and i screamed that thing stung bad. I got off the bed and the nurse started to press my tummy and i could feel blood flowing everywhere i was screaming through this. She finally stopped and i was put into my gown. Dr p then tells me to sit on the wheelchair i was like no way! i'll walk so i did. I was slow but i made it. I got back to the hotel and the pain was an 8. That night was tough, the meds were not working and i couldnt get any sleep. I had to get up every 20 mins to pee and by 5 am i was in tears. I was in so much pain i thought i was gonna pass out from the pain. Thank God for my bbl sista Ms_newBooty2013 i sent her an email telling he about the pain and she called me even! She advised me to get Motrin which i did and i felt better. By noon I got to dr P's for my post consultation and he gave me a new prescription for vicodin, checked me out and said everything was looking good. I went back to the hotel to sleep some more.

Today is a much better day, i went to Miriam for my massage and it wasn't that bad. My thighs hurt the most but Miriam was so patient cos she knew i was terrified when i walked in. Im still very swollen but so far i like what i see. I'll post some pics. Thanks for all the prayers and your support. I dont know how i could have done this without my realself support.

New pics

So swollen




Day 1 & 2 pics

Home sweet Home

hi BBL family, its 5days since i had my bbl. I was meant to go home on monday but being stuck alone in the hotel room just eating and drinking was depressing me and setting my recovery back so i changed my ticket and left this morning. So at the airport I asked for wheel chair assistance, got my boopy pillow and two towels ready. The guy was just looking at me like I was crazy I didnt pay him no mind! I finally propped myself on the chair and off we went to the boarding gate. Im so so blessed. The flight attendant changed my seat and when I got there no one was on all three seats and it stayed that way. I was sooo happy and I laid down then the air hostess buckled me as i lay down. Never seen that done before I didn't even think it was possible but she did buckle me up for take off. The flight was a smooth 2.5hrs and we landed safely thank God. I was so happy to see my man I started to cry when he pulled up. This surgery has definitely made me a more emotional person lol still trying to figure out if its a good or bad thing.
As for my body its still swollen and Dr Perry put on the tape around me again so i have that on. I think my ass is not as swollen as the first day or maybe because I see it everyday it doesn't look as big. I bought the medium Faja at Catherines and its just too small i'll have to order a Large. Im now in a small cg that Dr P gives and its so tight. The pain has reduced and s now down to a 3. I stopped the vicodin cos it was making me nauseous and very dizzy, I feel so much better now. I got 3 massages in total from Miriam and I'm hoping I wont have any issues with fluid retention. Im taking the Make me heal post op vitamins and I feel really good. Ladies pls be prepared for the emotional roller-coaster. One day Im happy one day Im sad. I guess because i was alone I really got home sick and tired of watching the same 10 channels over and over again. Once i got home Vh1 soul was on tv i started to dance and i felt so good my man was laughing at my "penguin dance"
I have a small waist cincher i wear over Dr P's garment and i tried to put on the board after taking a shower today i could only use it for 30 mins i felt so dizzy. I'll try again tomorrow. I am very pleased with my results and Dr P is really an amazing doctor. I sent him a text telling him I left today and he replied immediately and gave me some extra tips. Nadege! Nadege! I cant thank that girl enough. She took good care of me and if anyone is going to Miami for sx you should use her services. Thats all i have to write now. I'll take a pic without the garment maybe tomorrow and post it.
Ladies do i still need to get massages now im back in MD?


Hey girls, I have been Mia dealing with my recovery. It has been a great recovery. I don't have any pain now just the stiffness in the morning. I am a bit worried about a few things though. At the 10 day mark I noticed my tummy got very hard with lumps. The skin around my belly button is so hard. I use the massage/yoga roll with ridges twice a day but still no improvement. I'm very worried because I can't imagine having a Tara Reid belly. I will attach pics now. I wear a large faja now but that is now loose on me so I'm switching to my small when I get it in the mail by the weekend. I also wear an small waist cincher. That's also getting quite loose. Overall I love my results I'm just worried about the hard lumpy tummy. My right hip also seems higher than my left side. It looks like my left hip and ass has dropped but the right side is so high. I hope that evens out eventually. I haven't lost any significant volume and I'm loving my shape. I still wish i can loose some volume in the booty because its so huge when I wear yoga pants. I will attach some pics now pls tell me what you think.

Hard lumpy tummy


One month on Monday! Not very happy

I'm going to be at the one month mark on Monday. I should be happy but I'm not. First of all I still have the hard lumpy tummy. I am using the yoga roll and getting massages done. I even went to New York this week and started a post op massage with a machine that helps with breaking down the fibrosis but the lumps are still there. I have been trying to get in touch with Dr perry since last week but he's not picking up his calls or answering his text messages which is really pissing me off.
I'm getting really worried that these lumps won't go away and the massage lady said some girls have to go back in I cant imagine going through this again I cry everyday I look at my tummy. It's so hard and when I sit down there are folds on my tummy is that even normal? The massage lady told me to change my waist cincher because she felt it was making the lumps worse. I bought a new one that's much smoother. The fact that I can't even talk to my doctor makes me feel worse cos I don't know what to do.
Secondly I use the squeem and i cant seem to keep it on for very long. It gives me a terrible right shoulder pain and doesn't go even when I take Motrin. My tummy isn't still very flat and I haven't changed a dress size. I used to wear. Medium and I still do. I feel like I have gained a ton of weight even my friends that don't know I had sx done think I've gained weight and are telling me to slim down cos they have never seen me this big. Of course they noticed the butt and hips which by the way I'm still happy about but overall I'm bigger than I used to be. I hope things get better. I'll add some pics. Pls girls do you have any suggestions on compression garments. I'm in a medium faja and that's loose now. Thanks

Ive got good news finally.

So I got my bf to start massaging me and i also started using the ab board. It hurt like hell cos his hands are sooo hard but i just put a pillow on my face and scream into it lol. Finally I noticed yesterday that my tummy was getting softer and its so flat when i take the board off. I feel guilty for being so sad and negative in my last review. Im actually very happy about my results and my body is 100% better than what i started with. This surgery gets you on an emotional roller coster. I lost an inch of my new booty now 43" but its ok. I started sitting at 3 weeks it was too hard for me not to. Thanks to all the girls that reached out to me. You girls make this so much easier and im grateful.

5wks pics

Before pics

I've got messages asking me of my before pics so here they are. I've really come a long way damn
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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