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I have not had my surgery yet, but as the day...

I have not had my surgery yet, but as the day draws close, I am getting more nervous. I just want all to go well and I see many people feel the same way. I read about all the pain these girls are having, this is what terrifies me the most. However, I guess no pain, no gain. So I'm ready. The staff in the office are so nice and helpful. I have already purchased all compression garments and pillow to sit on. I am so ready to get this over with and see the new me.

35 Days countdown begins

I am so excited about my sx. This is all I talk about. I have been trying to lose weight. I started at 238 and now I'm down to 231, but I workout everyday and don't know if my muscle mass is affecting my results. My docs office told me I didn't have to purchase the garment but I am because of the liposuction to my legs. So off to the gym I go.

27 days Counting down to transformation

I am 27 days away from my surgery and I have lost 27 lbs. I am now 223.8 lbs. I am addicted to working out every day. Do you think that I should keep on losing weight? And what should I do about my fatty thighs?

12 Days

I'm 12 days out now..getting scared. Some negativity in my way.. overcoming it

7 Days Away

Okay, my surgery is next Thursday, can you say ecstatic. I can't stay off of this site. My anxiety is growing. I got my medications today, so I know it's real now. My friends are more accepting now that they couldn't change my mind. Oh well I guess I'll be back to talk to you guys next week.


Wow, I am getting very close now and cannot stay off of this site. I look at the different postings and I can't help but feel excited. Thursday is the day 1030. I will have my girlfriend take plenty of pictures. I have gotten all my supplies together. My doctor says that I do not need a full body garment, but I can use something like a waist trainer so I ordered a Co'coon garment. I am a little weary about that, but I trust my doctor so I guess I will do what he says. Super excited now.

Round 2 update

Sorry I have been incognito but I had to regroup because it didn't quite turn out like I wanted. But I have had round 2 on Monday and I am more pleased now. This is one day post open and I have a lot of swelling so we will see. I do love my butt so far.

the before pics...

sorry forgot the before pics, try not to become sick. I have a lot of cellulite.

4 Days Postop

okay I do have a lot of swelling but I love my comfortable and I think it helps my skin too

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