The Brown Stallion - (BBL, BL, Lipo, and Scar Revision/Skin Removal)

Salutations Lovelies!! I creeped on this site for...

Salutations Lovelies!!

I creeped on this site for a while and it's extremely beneficial reading the reviews. I had my consult with Dr. Benjamin in Bowie, MD on August 31st. I was nervous and took a friend along, which was a plus and minus. She went into the actual doctor's room and high jacked my appointment. I was annoyed a little, but I was pleasantly at ease that the doctor answered both our questions.

So my journey begins - In December, I will have lots of lipo, a breast lift, scar revisions (previous tummy tuck - I split stitches, lost weight since then and have loose skin on my flanks ) and a bbl. I need to practice how to sleep now because it's going to challenging. I'm open to suggestions.

The great thing is that once I return to work, I have a stand up desk or could work from home for an extended period during recovery.

I'm a little huffy at myself - I purposely gained 20 pounds to assist in the transferring of fat because I didn't think I would have enough. How doctor's work their magic is beyond me, but I thought if I gained it would help my case. We'll..... Dr. Benjamin said I didn't have too. So, now I am working on losing the weight before surgery. It was fun putting on the weight, now I'm back addressing my health and fitness.

I love to workout, if fact I'm schedule to run a half marathon on Sunfay. I'm still concern that if I lose too much, I won't have enough. However, my body feels heavy because of my recent weight gain. Note: I've lost around 100 pounds by dieting and exercising. So I see this as a reward. It's no different than fixing a crooked smile.

Dr. B did tell me I would see modest with the BBL because of what he has to work with - fat and my body structure and I'm fine with that. I won't have a giant rump (which is cool - my hubby is a breast man) nor do I want want. I want to be redesigned and smoother looking in my clothes; however, I hope he scraps all the possible fat out that he could use and makes my waist smaller (less boxy).

I will post pictures of my before tonight, since I'm sneaking my first review in at work.

So lessons learned - take a friend, but do not take them with you inside the consultant room and don't eat the cake!!!!

Before Pics!!

I have not came across any before pictures similar to my body. I'm getting scar revisions on my flanks, which will effect my side tattoos. ???? Also, getting a breast lift.

My booty shape is what I'm concern about. I squatted a lot, but can't manage to get it to perk up and the bottom part seems to hang out my under wear. I wear booty pops sometimes. Not to have a larger butt, but to make it look smoother in my clothes.

I weigh 196 today, so the weigh is coming off.

Booty Pops and good bras!!

Booty Pops and good bras are a must!!

Annual Mammogram - Did you schedule yours?

I schedule my annual mammogram during my birthday month to make it easier for me to remember!! So, today was the day. It's was quick, but I can't say it's an easy appointment. All that boob molding, folding, and lifting is what it takes to get screened. Last one, I fainted while my boob was in the machine. This one I was able to control my nerves and not have a repeat.

Looking forward to having my boobs lifted in December and if there is some reduction that occurs I'll take it.. Now, that I exercise and eat I'm losing fat and volume in my boobs - I went from a 44 DD to a 38 D. Although, I'm 5 feet 10.5 inches, I was very top heavily and use to have to wear two bras to workout, now one will do!

So, remember ladies to schedule your mammograms on as needed!!

Be great!!

Booty Pops Type of Day

I don't want a giant booty. I want one that is a little more rounder than what I currently am working with. I do want higher and just a little bit smaller breast. Dr. B - Work your magic in December... Please and thank you!!

Without the pops on.

For some reason, my pics wouldn't all load in the previous review.

Current Measurements/Stats

Height: 5'10.5
Weight: 197
Bust: 40
Arms: 13.5
Waist: 35
Hips: 41
BMI: 27.5
Fat %: 44.1 (according to my scale)
Average Pants Size: 10 (tight - lost a button off some 8's I squeezed into the this week)

Yikes!! My waist increased by 3 inches in one month. I'm sure my weigh gain was a factor and my co-worker kept bringing in M&Ms (the candy begged me to eat them). I measured above my navel. Plan to get my waist back to 32 inches or less by Dec. 8th. Getting revisions (skin removal) on my sides from a previous tummy tuck and lipo should bring my waist in more as well.

I'm back in the gym and eating cleaner. Goal is to be 185 pounds by Nov. 1st. Last week, I started practicing Yoga and it seems like it's helping me sleep better (which is a plus).

Past vs. current

I use to be much larger. I stopped weighing myself for a long time at my heaviest weight - 275 lbs. l lost the weight by eating less and moving more. It took a few years for me to figure out my formula to managing me. My stable lowest weight this year was 179 lbs. I'll get there again by putting in work and them new boobs will be a nice reward!!

Stand Up Desk

I'm scheduled to be enhanced in December.. I'm grateful for the flexibility my job offers - I plan to work from home for six to eight weeks. I don't want to be concern with pulling out something to sit on while I'm at work, in meetings, or feeling exhausted from a long work day (some days I work 10 to 12 hours).

When I do return to work, my sitting desk can be converted to a standing desk. Nice!! I've used it in the standing position for about a month and the first few days my calves hurt (not a lot of pain - more like tension or pulling. Note: I ran the nine flight of stairs for thirty minutes the first two days) .

Although, I'll should be able to sit on my bum when I return after my healing at least I still have the option to not to do so.

The Opinions - To Share or Not Share

I'm excited about my upcoming procedures, when the Malbec (wine) gets in me I can become an open book with selected group of friends and we talk about body parts.

The following happens when ps is discussed:
A: Really are happy to consider it
B: Some would consider it, but can't right now
These are the ones that will tell everyone you know or don't know about your changes just to let folks know you had some assistance.
C. Some don't understand or would not consider it as an option for themselves.
And.... That's cool..

I respect opinions, but there is a difference between someone with an opinion and real haters.

Examples below:
Opinion - I think you are fine just as you are. Just buy a good bra and keep wearing booty pops.
Hater - You probably have two years to enjoy your plastic body (then giggles).

Either way - we all have free will (coins still needed) and the choice is yours. Love the body you are in, and keep loving the body you are in.. It's just that simple..

Be great!!

Stocking up on supplies

I will be recovering from my home, since my ps is local. Here is my list thus far: Dial Soap
Hand Sanitizer (not on ps list)
Disposal Pads
Arnica (not on my ps list)
Vitamin E 400 IU
Vitamin C
Vitamin A 10,000 IU
Scar Tape (for tummy tuck scar revisions and breast lift)
Compression Board (not on my ps list)
Female Urinal (not on my ps list)
BBL Pillow (I think my ps will give me a pillow and a chair, but I have this too)
A Half Roller (not on my so list. Someone posted they used this instead of a fancy pillow.)
Rolling pin (not pictured for massages, not on my ps list but I read a post that someone used it for massages)
Merdema (not pictured)

Still needed:

More Current views

I'm 5 feet 10.5 inches and I think more fascinated about the results of the lipo sculpting and looking forward to having my breast lifted/slightly reduced. I'm top heavy and smaller on the bottom. So, it's hard for me to purchase bras with matching panties. I like Clique bras and I get them from a Plus size store, but I can't fit the panties they carry. I'm a 38 D or a 38DD (depending on brand). I use to be a 44 DD when I was heavier. So, i like the idea of having matching bra and panties. Probably will lose my mind!!

Oh, in regards to my booty - my PS was honest with me with his estimates. 500 ccs in each cheek. I forgot to ask him did that include the cc's for my hips. However, with a snatched waist, some hips, and high boobs I think it will compliment my frame. Plus, if my booty is too big I'm not sure how I can explain it - completed a squat challenge, ate cornbread and collard greens?? How does one explain the growth?? Or is it treated as a big elephant in the room?

My first before video

Before Video (will wear the same dress at some point)
Ok, I could live with my body (I'm doing so now), butttt and breast I don't want to. I've increased my squats and for reason I believe I see some gains!! Weighing 195 lbs this morning. Goal is to be 180 on surgery day. I don't want a lot. I want to be enhanced. Sort of like the 2.0 Version of Myself.
Bowie Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Benjamin was knowledgable, honest about anticipated results, and I look forward to him redesigning my temple. Stay tuned!!

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