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After reviewing many websites, viewing before and...

After reviewing many websites, viewing before and after photos aloong with the many realself.com reviews, I chose to go with James R. Benjamin, M.D. I completed my first consult with Dr. Benjamin and very satisfied with how he answered my MANY questions. To seal the deal, I spoke with one of Dr. Benjamin's repeat patient who only raved about Dr. Benjamins honesty and impressive work. Dr. Benjamin will not do anything (even if you ask) that would threaten your health. My Post op/before photos were taken, deposit made and procedure scheduled. I am READY. I considered Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta however, he is in high demand and with the travel costs and accommodations the cost would be more. Also, after speaking with Dr. Jimerson office, Dr. Jimerson was booked through March 2015 and no procedure could be scheduled until 2015. I want my procedure now so, I am going with Dr. Benjamin.

15 days to go before surgery.

Well everyone my pre op photos have been taken and the Drs Office has emailed me the pre-op and post op instructions. I need to order my garments now. I Recommend you keep your family physician in the loop of communication and send copies of blood test results, recent physicals and EKG results to your surgeon.
What is my expectations? 1. Fill in the cellulite areas with fat transfer, 2. lypo suction and tummy tuck my stomach.
I will be meeting with the surgeon on January 2nd for further insight on the procedure and my expectations.

12 Days and counting

Dr. B marked the areas on my body tonight to provide me a visual depiction of exactly what he is going to do during the procedure. Dr. Benjamin will insert a pain pump for the 1st 3 days to help with my pain. Thank goodness. He explained that although I am to take it easy the recovery is similar to the c-sections I had..move around so your blood can circulate and you don't become stiff regardless of the pain. Payment is secured and I am READY! 5 children grown and it's time to move on and do mom. I am having a birthday party this summer and I cant wait to be able to wear something cute for once. (LOL) It's natural to be excited prior to the procedure..so don't hold back! Ok, talk to you on 1/16/2013 unless something unexpected comes up like, I forgot to get my EKG.

HELP! Which FBOT/Female Body Suit is a better post op garment?

I need to order my garment Monday. Which is better and did you purchase a smaller size for a tighter fit? The purpose is for support.
1. http://www.lovemybubbles.com/bodysuit-invisible-open-bust-shaper.shtml
2. #1 http://www.classicshapewear.com/vedette-isabelle-firm-control-bodysuit-with-derriere-enhancer-504-p-2055.html
#3. http://www.leonisa.com/en/products/slim-compression-body-shaper-with-booty-lift/
#4 http://www.amazon.com/Leonisa-Slimming-Shaper-Booty-Lift-Nude/dp/B00AWB1VP0/ref=sr_1_1?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1388871550&sr=1-1&keywords=Slimming+Shaper+with+Booty+Lift

#4. https://marenagroup.com/comfortwear/product/0/fbot.html

10 days and counting

Sick leave has been submitted, EKG & post-op physical scheduled for later this week. Posting last photos before procedure.
I am excited and nervous however, Dr. Benjamin has done a great job at pushing out these butterflies. I plan to prepare small meals and put water bottles in the refrigerator. I want to keep needed items and simple foods close. Like soup/crackers, ginger-ale, oatmeal, salad mix, canned tuna in a tupper ware. I am hoping for a quick recovery. If you have pets they cannot share your room nor bed during recovery. Pets can not only impact your recovery but may increase the possibility for an infection. Ask your physician. I hope to look neater in my clothes this summer. A flatter stomach is a must! Less fat pockets; NO MORE Kellogg grab-a-handfuls-of this= SUPERBILICIOUS!

10 days and counting

A HUGE HICCUP but now I can swallow again (Financial surprise)

I found out Friday night that Medical Finance cancelled the payment to the physician. 3 days before the procedure. I chose financing through MEDICALFINANCING.COM and was approved with an interest rate of 15% in addition to the $589 processing fee and numerous questions. The company also charges the physician 2 fees which may get included in your cost ($590) Anyway inspite of this I was going to use their service until they cancelled the check to the Dr because I would not answer a question that should have been directed to the physician AND they asked for the physicians social security number. This is not a good company to use. Very poor business and awful customer service. The $589 was deducted from my account Saturday after they cancelled payment of funds. I have requested a refund. NOW What am I to do when my surgery is in 3 days. 3 DAYS!

TODAY is THE DAY for my "improvement" or, should I say, "revision"!!!!!

I'm ready! Expected arrival time is 630 a.m. surgery should begin at 730 and last no more than 4 hours. I should be done by lunchtime. (smile) I've been too busy running around getting last minute things done, prescriptions, vitamins, cleaning, laundry and food to focus on the NOW! NOW I'm ready! I'll hit you back later today.

It;s done! Recovering

Dr Benjamin has a reassuring and kind bedside manner and the nurses were outstanding. Everything went as planned. I've just got up to take pics. Plenty of bruising. Got of pain meds Sunday; just ibuprofen sometimes at nighttime. Stitches arent't pretty but what stitches are. LOL I'm constipated. YES I said it. Didn't get suppositories. Drank my laxative tea and ate some kale greens along with a tbsp of mineral oil. Let's see. You have to walk to circulate the food but also to expand your lungs. It's major surgery and you need to keep that in mind. 2 weeks recovery is the minimum. What did I learn thusfar? That although I planned well and laid out everything in reach, I needed HELP! NEEDED help.

6 days after surgery

I am satisfied with my T&T and the fat removed from my back (upper and lower). A lot of bruising but that too shall pass.

more photos

2 weeks later

Remember this is major surgery and healing is slow. No driving, no sitting just laying on your stomach for 6 weeks. Keeping myself entertained by updating my resume, light housework, Movies, naps and phone conversations. It's tough to read a novel standing up or laying on your tummy. Your knees may swell from undue stress/pressure. Get your cocoa butter now. BTW you will get to shower once the fluid pumps are removed. YIPEE! What a small pleasure.
Oh right, have plenty of friends handy. Traveling is IMPOSSIBLE! Errands anyone? You will need help.
Bowie Plastic Surgeon

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