So So Happy After my Breast Reduction. Mum from New Zealand. 32G - Lower Hutt, NZ

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HI guys, I hadnt planned on writing, but this site...

HI guys, I hadnt planned on writing, but this site has been so helpful that I decided I would do a quick review too :-)
I am 44 with 1 child, I have wanted a breast reduction since the day my boobs grew I think :-)
I have always been a 10 DD or E through school and pre child, after having my boy my boobs never shrunk back to a DD/ E and stayed consistantly at a 10 F/ G even though I had shrunk back to my normal size.
My Job entails me standing on my feet for very long hours and back/ neck pain started to get worse and worse. Eventually I started to get grooves on my shoulders from heavy bra straps and rashes under my boobs.
It never occured to ask about insurance ( even though I had it) I just figured they would look at it as cosmetic, but after reading how people were getting covered by their insurance on this website i decided to check it out, Thank goodness I did as the whole cost was pre approved in less than 1 month :-) whoop whoop.
I had my Op May 19th, I found the operation very easy, my pain level was about a 2 out of 10 for the first few days and I only lived on panadol, nothing stronger was needed. I had no drains and healed very quickly except I am incredibly bruised ( always have been a bruiser).
I feel incredibly light, tall happy and pain free. My surgeon Charsle Davis, is and incredible man with a wonderful caring bedside manner and an A++ in master of the arts :-) I feel truly blessed .
I am now a lovely 10D :-)
I was up and about out shopping and having coffee day 3, driving day 4 and back incline walking at the gym week 2. I am just about to start scar management and have nearly have most of the bruises gone now. Will check in again in a week or two :-)

27 days post op and nearly all brusies are gone :-)

Hi Guys
I am up to 27 days post op and finally the bruises are going and my nipples are starting to smooth out ( My PS overtightens them so they as they heal they slowly unfold like a rose :-). Loving the new boobs and enjoying fitting into evrything with ease. I am a 10/ 12D, i asked to go to a C but I am so happy my surgeon said he thought he should do it in proportion to my body shape. I adore my boobs and still think they are just the lovelist tiniest boobs ever :-). I have a lot of comments that I look like I have gotten taller and slimmer and my back and neck ache has totally gone for good!!! YAY

34 days post op, no back pain and elated

Thought I should do an updated pic and review.
I have no back pain any more which is wonderful and no dents on my shoulders from heavy bra straps ????
Went to see my PS and he is so pleased with how I have healed. He says my shape may change slightly but cup size will pretty much stay the same size now.
I got professionally measured and the lady sorted me 4 lovely 12 DD bras. Funny , when u look at my boobs they look so tiny to me but apparently bigger than we first thought. I adore them and it's amazing to wear a beautiful backless dress and not have to wear a bra ????????????
My PS is such an artist, he has decided that my right nipple should be a wee bit rounder ( he thinks two stitches dissolved too early) so wants to just re correct it in August. I am so happy the way it is, but understand being an artist , the importance of having your work look perfect. I have agreed to come back in 5 weeks (holiday first) for him to re correct the top of my right areola.
In the mean time I am having fun finding bikinis for the holiday and new clothing! Such fun

3 months post Breast reduction . New Zealand

Thought I better post some more pics seeing this site helped me so much with everyone else's pics.
No back pain, standing straight tall and proud :-)
I marvel every day at my new boobs and feel incredibly grateful that everything healed so well and is so so comfortable. :-)
My surgeon Charles Davis and his nurse Janine are the loveliest people to be in the care of . Charles is a true artist and perfectionist. I feel lucky to have had him as my surgeon and grateful that insurance paid the lot. ????
I just had a wonderful holiday with my husband and child in Rarotonga ,and for the first time I wore a tiny cloth triangle bikini instead of an over shoulder boulder holder. I have never felt so comfy :-)
I am a true 10 or 12 DD, I wanted to be a C but my surgeon said he felt I should go with in keeping with the rest of my shape. I am so glad I am not a C now , I adore my cleavage and wouldn't want them smaller, he was right!!! In fact I look at my boobs and feel like they are only B's they feel so small in comparison to what they were.
They are lighter by a kilo ???? yay!

Nearly two years on after breast reduction????

Hi guys, I just thought I would do a quick up date so you can see a two years on post surgery review. I am so utterly thrilled still, i keep marvelling at my amazing bust now and think Dr Davis was a complete artist!
I was a 12 DD pretty much at 6 weeks post op, and nothing's changed I'm still a 12 DD, occasionally an E depending on the brand. To be honest I hate wearing actual bras now and opt for little stretchy bra tops. I have loved these last two summers being comfy ????
Breast reduction was the best thing I have ever done, I only wish I did it earlier.
Dr Charles Davis

My PS, Doctor Charlase Davis from New Zealand is a master of the arts, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man. He has a wonderful bedside manner, very good at explaining every wee detail and his nurses and staff are of the same nature. Everyone was amazing. I would recommed him in a heart beat :-)

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