Male Lipo Review - Boulder, CO

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*Treatment results may vary

Some doctors wouldn't even operate me on...

Some doctors wouldn't even operate me on account of the different kinds of results that men experience from this type of procedure. To date I wonder what the long term effects will be. I have delayed making this post due to changes I have experience every week since the operation.

Week1: Did not take any narcotics for the recovery. Took antibiotics on track as RX. Regularly took 3 homeopathic aids, which I couldn't recommend more...
1: Arnica Montana 200ck
2: staphysagria 30c (for surgical healing)
3: hypericum perforatum 30c (nerve pain)
I got all these at Whole Foods

Day 1: slept all day
Wk1 continued: only went to bathroom & down the hall to hotel restaurant. Fortunately family rendezvoused with me in town to help bring food etc. I took it very easy in everything I did for the few waking hours.

Wk2: went back to work for office duties. Still mild pain to the touch, but entirely bearable.

Wk3: feeling much better, started doing crunches, pushups, and light jogging as permitted by Dr. S as long as I felt ok.

Wk4: brace completely off, feels and looks good

Wk5: noticing some swelling. At worst, at first glance, I seem to have returned to my pre-op state! It it weren't for the fat that I actually saw in the containers, and knowledge of the fact that fat cells do not regenerate (they only swell)... I'd be very concerned! But I have done research to find that swelling like this is normal and that the results will get better.

Wk 6: felt some stinging in the general area for a few days. haven't felt any since, except for poking with finger.

Small of back, flank, lower abdomen (it annoys me when people refer to that are as the stomach).

Dr. S assures me that the general area will look better at about the 6 month mark. I look forward to it! I will be running and working out between now and then AS I WAS BEFORE THE OPERATION. I will post pictures in the Spring.

I just cannot say enough for Dr. S's staff. Especially during the tender moments following the operation, they made all the difference. I opted to not take the anti-anxiety meds for the operation. Dr. S accepted this, but still recommended I take them. I was wheeled back to the doorstep of my hotel room across the street.

It helps calm the mind to think about what's going on before you lay down for the operation. You are being punctured and ripped apart. Realize and meditate on the violent sensations that will occur and you will be better mentally equipped to handle them before you begin. If you do not know how to do calming anti-anxiety breathing, I highly recommend you spend the half hour it takes to learn (via youtube or therapist). That being said. Remember you are in the hands of a professional with tremendous experience. Of course, if you take the anti-anxiety meds none of this may bother you at all anyway.

Dr. S's location is optimal for this procedure considering he's next to two hotels, the Whole Foods to stock your fridge & homeopathics, the pharmacy for your op meds.

Boulder OB/GYN

Dr. S has the skill, experience, and professionalism to take an inherently violent procedure and provide the most significant results. I am aware of multiple procedures he performs and by all indications he is a choice selection.

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