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I am a very healthy 5'8" 135 lb woman. I...

I am a very healthy 5'8" 135 lb woman. I work out hard, but not obsessively, 4-5 times a week. I eat everything, but in moderation. I do not obsess about my weight and do not own a scale. I chose this surgery not for weight loss, but to remove pockets of fat on my outer thighs and knees. These pockets of fat got worse from when I was overweight once freshman year in college. I gained the freshman 40 (as a result of discovering beer and late night eating)! Also, these areas got slightly worse after having a baby.

The doctor examined me and suggested I also do my inner thighs, as this area would only get worse with age, especially since I plan to have another child. I trusted his opinion. I had just taken care of my friend recovering from smart lipo after getting the procedure done by the same doctor. She was treated extremely well and the results were great.

The doctor and his staff were extremely available and helpful. He answered all of my questions. I liked the fact that he had smart lipo done twice on himself, so he had an extra sensitivity to how the procedure would feel. The price was reasonable for the amount of areas I had done. Outer/inner thighs, medial knees and above the knees. He did the knees for free.

The procedure was not painful, just strange and messy. There were a couple of uncomfortable jabs, but they passed quickly. I was able to hold a pleasant conversation with the doctor and the nurse for most of the procedure. The most uncomfortable part was the nausea from the meds and anesthesia after the procedure. I threw up 4 times that day after the procedure. The doctor gave me a prescription for Phenergan.

The recovery was harder. I can't imagine someone going to work right away because the leaking is intense. I needed pain meds for about 10 days. I would halve them. I have never had to take pain meds before, so I would say my tolerance to pain is fairly high. I was able to travel well 8 days after surgery. I flew a 2 hour flight and was comfortable. I did not mind the compression garment. I kind-of like it! I bought lighter compression shape wear to wear after the required 2 weeks of compression garment wearing. It felt good to wear. I was wearing smaller jeans 7 days after my surgery, and that was even with the swelling!!! Now it is 3 weeks later, and I feel great, and am needed to buy XS of my yoga pants instead of small. There is still some swelling and bruising.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: Consider the extra fees that you will spend on compression garments (if they are not supplied) and medications. I am chemically sensitive and live a pretty clean lifestyle. It was hard on my body being on all the meds necessary for this procedure, ie: antibiotic, Celebrex, Phenergan, Percoset. I was afraid of getting a yeast infection from the antibiotics, and the thought of having one recovering in a compression garment sounded like hell. So I asked my Dr. for a prescription for Diflucan, just in case. You may need to buy new clothes like I have had to! An extra expense (but a good one :))! Arnica is AMAZING for bruising.

Just had my post-op appointment (3 weeks later)...

Just had my post-op appointment (3 weeks later) and everything looks great! Added photos. Am very happy with the results, and so was the doctor.

Still happy

still happy

Boulder OB/GYN

He was kind, considerate, very skilled and thorough. People come from all over the country to have this procedure done by him. His results look great. His staff was extremely kind and also available.

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