MTT + Augmentation

I don't know where to begin.... I'm a 29 year old...

I don't know where to begin....
I'm a 29 year old mom of 2 (ages 11 and 3). 135 lbs and 5'7". I've talked about getting "work" done for at least 5 years, so it's something I've considered for a long time. We recently booked a trip to Mexico (finally...our honeymoon!) and that spurred us to eat better and work out. After doing a month of P90x, I got pretty ill and had to take a month off to recover. While I did notice some changes, I was a bit frustrated that my weight didn't change much and, just like a typical guy, my husband was making faster gains than me. We got back on the program a month ago, but I began to wonder if I would ever lose the tummy bulge and knew that the sagging skin when I bent over would always be there. 

I decided to go in for a consult for breast augmentation and lipo, but the PS said there wasn't enough fat and that lipo would be a waste of my time and money. Since I wasn't too concerned about eradicating the stretch marks, MTT would be the way to go he said. 
The only two dates they had available were 10 days away from my consult or 2.5 months (which would put me too close to our Mexico trip without enough time to heal).
Therefore I've scheduled the surgery next week. The augmentation I'm not too worried about. It's the MTT that has me hyperventilating. I'm not fully understanding exactly what he's going to do. Yes, I will be clarifying this further in a few days, before I go in. However, I'm concerned about whether the results will be worth the cost and the pain (yes, I understand each person is different). I'm concerned about the scar being my next "flaw fixation". I'm concerned about the length of time I'll have pain and being hunched over and not being able to sleep in my bed. 
If anyone has any advice to give me, I'll take it. I'm seriously thinking of cancelling the MTT and seeing if hard work outs is the better option. The downside to this is that if working out over the next 6 months doesn't work, then I'll still be uncomfortable in my skin....and even worse I'll be on my "finally honeymoon" while feeling this way.

Went back in for clarification

I called to ask if they could squeeze me in for 10-15 minutes so I could chat with the doctor to understand more of what he would be doing on the MTT. I'm so glad I did - and I'm still going to go foward with the surgery.
He originally thought that I wasn't concerned with the bulge above my navel, but I informed him I was and that's what I was worried about with the MTT. He explained that while a full TT would likely get everything the way I want it, an MTT would help the overall look of it. I'll probably still have some loose skin above the navel (the only way to get rid of that is a full TT which I don't want to do because of scaring). But, he is going to stitch the muscles all the way up to my rib cage (yay!) and then pull the skin tight (as tight as possible with an MTT). He also is likely going to move my belly button a little because as it is, it's already hooded and pulling everything down will hood it even more. He even said he will probably take a bit of the deep tissue fat off from above my navel.
So, I won't be perfect sitting down - there will likely still be some small rolls above my navel and maybe a slight bulge, but most of the "wiggles" should be gone. Still nervous about the final outcome (is all this money and pain going to be worth it?!), the scar, the pain, and the long recovery, but I'm now clear on what is going to be done.
will post before pics soon.

Before pic

Do know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself without getting arms or your face in the shot?
I didn't think I'd have a hard time posting these, but after seeing the "bent over" pic, I'm hoping no one is grossed out.
3 more days. I'm nervous now about how the scar will look and if that will be a flaw fixation for me down the road.

3 days post op

Day of surgery, I woke up with a severe sore throat.. frick! Did all I could to hide that I was coming down with something (even quietly blowing my nose in the pre-op room). For the most part, I was fine right up until they had me on the table and started sticking me for the anesthesia. Next thing I know, they're trying to get me to eat saltine crackers and drink water.
My abs - good lord my abs! On FIRE! I think I had expected to wake up to no pain and for the pain to gradually come on through the day. Everything from my BB on up hurt so bad. The sides of my breasts hurt as well (near my armpits). Strangely, the areas of my incisions on my breasts and stomach had no pain whatsoever.
Thank God for my hubby. He has been by my side the entire time. I had planned on having my sister take me to my post-op the next day, but Hubs stayed home from work in the morning, which I was extremely grateful for. I don't know what I'd do without him right now.
The nasal drip I had from before the surgery was gone the minute I woke up, but my throat was so sore. In fact, my damn throat hurt more than my breasts or stomach at several points. I now have the sickness in my lungs; I feel like Death is rattling around in there as I try hard to avoid coughing, because coughing creates the worst pain ever. I'm also afraid of ripping out any of the stitches.

My back is so sore from sleeping at an angle for 3 nights now. My poor hubby has slept on the couch with me (I'm in the recliner), so he's sore too. Morning boob (or so I've read that it's called) is so painful, but once up and around it goes away.

At this point, I am undecided about the results. I still have all my gauze on my stomach and my boobs look really strange so I'm trying to reserve judgment for a few weeks.

One tip - I ponied up extra money for a pain pump. I'm glad I did it because I don't want to know what the pain would have been like without it. Pain pump+ pain meds made the first few days bearable.

5 days post

Haven't had a good look at anything yet as I've left all my bandages on. I'll get those taken off later today as well as my second drain removed (first was removed at my first post op appt the day after surgery). A coughing fit left me in pain for a couple of hours, but I think I got some gunk cleared out. Had the hubby call the doctor to ask about damage from coughing and I guess the doctor said I wouldn't do any damage. The more I coughed and cleared it out, the better but it would be "uncomfortable"..... ha! what an understatement.
The wonderful hubs spent 1.5 hours in the bathroom with me tonight washing my hair, soaping me down, helping me shave. I finally feel normal again.

However, does anyone have any advice on breast augmentation? How long does it take for everything to drop, and will I know when they've dropped? They look so funny right now - poofy and saggy all at the same time!
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