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I had Botox injections 8 or so years ago and did...

I had Botox injections 8 or so years ago and did not like the way I felt after I had it done. I felt dizzy immediately after and I felt anxious for days. The most disappointing thing that happened was that my sinuses became irritated, making me feel like I had a head cold for three months until it wore off. I suffered through and swore I would never do it again. But as time wore on, I forgot. I thought maybe I got "over Botoxed".

Having had my frown lines, forehead, crows feet all done at the same time. So I investigated Juvaderm this time around and felt confident enough to go in to a different doctor to have this filler fill in a few scars around my chin and maybe relax the frown lines. While I was there my doctor convinced me I should get "just a little Botox". Alright... I agreed. Big mistake! It has now been six weeks and besides a little bruising at the Juviderm injection areas... the Juviderm I feel happy with, but not with the Botox areas.

The receptionist reminded me that the Juviderm is put just under the skin where as the Botox is injected into the muscle, making the injection hurt more. Ah ha... this was something I had not considered. Immediately it felt like a house was on top of my head. Pressure in my nose and sinus area still persist today. I have headaches, before I rarely had a head ache.

My neck hurts, my sinuses fill up and my nose is plugged and then it empties and I can breath. If I try and raise my eyebrows it tugs on everything, nose, eyes. My eyes feel dry... like there is sand in them. My eyelids droop... to the point where I need to use two hands to curl my eyelashes now (lift and curl). This has all caused quite a bit of anxiety, which doesn't make it any better.

Now...let me add this note: I look fabulous :-) And I figure it is my summer to wear head bands and show off my fore head because it is the last summer it will look like this. But Girlfriends I promise you... it is better to feel good then to look good. This is just my story and just something to consider before you go under the needle...

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