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Botox was a loooooong consideration for me. Death,...

Botox was a loooooong consideration for me. Death, paralyization, respiratory infections, etc., etc., etc.That's a lot of risk for no wrinkles... Once again, my Super Fabulous PS Said it has nothing to do with the product but how the DR. uses it. Again, he was Right - (you would have to see my other reviews to know that I am a baby and have EXTREME anxiety and drive my PS crazy every time I even think of a procedure. He always keeps me calm reassures me he WILL do it to my liking and he ALWAYS does.) Botox is a relatively pain free procedure (in my opinion)! I have my forehead and furrows done. The botox honestly lasts me between 6-9 months and when it does wear off my wrinkles are no where near as deep as they use to be. (You can't create more or deeper wrinkles if you can't make them :)) It takes roughly 72 hours for the full effect but so very worth it! There was NO Bruising after any of my Botox procedures, No pain (even during injections) and No Recovery time At All!! If anyone in S FL is interested in a DR w/hands of Gold it is Dr. {edited}!!! Will add photo's in about 2 days when it kicks in. Check back!!! Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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