Cannot Smile or Frown After Botox, So Don't Know if It is Worth It

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I have taken botox injections and now i don't know...

I have taken botox injections and now i don't know if it was worth it or not. Botox has been good in a way that my wrinkles are gone, but the price i paid was to lose the ability of expressing from my face.

I had lines across my forehead which made me look very old. I also had crows feet, and very deep frown lines. So i got botox injections on my forehead area and my laugh lines across the lips. The swelling and redness was very mild and amost hidden under make up. I drove there myself and drove back home. It did not even take too long. I was done in an hour and a half , which includes the paperwork.

The good thing about botox is that it does not pain much at all. Just slightly uncofortable. I saw the results on my face clearly after two weeks but the problem is that now the whole world can tell that i have had botox. I can't frown or smile. My skin is too stretched. It is an effort to laugh out aloud or frown. But the problem is that when i do so, my eyes become small and stretched and you can tell that there is no elasticity on my face. It looks bad. Still, thw wrinlkes have surely gone and if i don't laugh or frown, i look great. I look younger, my skin is smooth and my forehead is clear of the lines now.

So i cant say if i am really happy or really disappointed. Lets just say that it has been a 50-50 situation.

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