Results Depend on Experience of Injector!

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I went to {edited} in Garland, TX. Initially, I...

I went to {edited} in Garland, TX. Initially, I had Botox injected into my forehead and frown lines by the doctor however on my return visit, appr. 12 weeks later, a petite, unexperienced RN who was recently being trained by the doctor, who was not there at the time, injected me. I didn't ask about her qualifications since I assumed that she would be of the same caliber as the doctor. So, now I sit at home, almost a week later, with a groove/dent in my left eye/temple due to the fact that the injections where not administered to the appr. location for results. Now I am going to go back, next week, to have the doctor correct this matter! Furthermore, I also believe now that they may also be diluting the Botox far too much. I had visible wrinkles by 10 weeks!!! I mentioned this to the office manager. She initially said that I was close to the 12 week mark and that Botox will usually last for 3-4 months...but 8-10 weeks??? Come on! All of this got me motivated to read up on Botox, and how its administered and down to the pathophysiology of it. I accessed the dept of dermatology at a medical center's library and was able to read up on all the cosmetic dermatologic procedures. Now, I have ammo. meaning that I know what to look for, what to ask, what information should be divulged...etc. Did you know that the consumer has every right to know/see how the Botox is dilluted. Did you know that there are standards determined that would give one the best and longest results?? So, moral of the story, go to an experienced it a doctor or RN. Someone who has a track record of doing these procedures and many of them. Like they say, practice makes perfect. Well, in this case its definitely true. Furthermore, I will be asking, upfront, about the dilution of the Botox and the EXACT amount used (units) in the areas of interest. Did you know that its more important to get the right amount of units to get best results!!! So, when I ask for the price of the procedure it should be related to how many units per area and not just for the whole process. I don't like to complain. This was something that happened to me. Its now. I thought to share this information and my experience. Bottom line: Botox is great! Just do your research and ask the right questions:) Editor note: you must be contacted privately with clinic recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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