No Results, I Feel I Was Cheated & Ripped-off!

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Hi, my name is Kym and I have been getting Botox...

Hi, my name is Kym and I have been getting Botox treatment for about 2 years. I have recently moved to San Jose from southern California. So I search for a new Dr on the internet and came across the {edited - clinic information located at the top of the review for registered users}. So I called for an appointment, When I got there the meeting was brief and my experience most of the Dr. spent a little time with me, but I was to excited to have it done because I have always loved the results. So the Dr did the procedure and she told me I won’t see the results for about 1 to 2 weeks I thought that it was long because I seen results with my Dr.s before in about 1 to 3 days tops, one Dr I seen results that night! A few days have past and I seen no results then called the Dr and left a message saying I was unhappy that I paid a lot of money I should see some results:( Then I called again and told me to wait a little more and if I don’t see any results then sett an appointment to come in, so I waited threw the weekend then still no results, getting more upset! I called the next week no very upset, when I called the receptionist said she was busy, I had to leave a message, so I told her I was very unhappy and to please call me back! Took a week to make appointment but I got one. I went to my appointment (still no results!) I stressed to them that I had to go to work so I had to be out of the before a certain time it took over a half an hour and the Dr. didn’t even no who I was and what I was there for, then went into the room and had to wait for another 10 minutes. Basically the Dr tried to tell me that she cant see no frown but it was so noticeable still and she looked at me like she was doing me a favor I told her I don’t want to be difficult and a b**** but please you have to understand this procedure makes me happy and feel good about myself. And its is upsetting when I pay good money and get not no results let alone no results! I told her I could be a good repeating patient but I need some results, she basically said she doesnt mind treating me but there are plenty of other Dr.s out there! So she gave me a couple of more injections and sent me on my way! No apology, no simpathy, no concern she just didn’t care! That really hurt my feelings I mean this is a Dr.your trusting your health and looks too! Even after the second injections you can barely see any difference so basically yes I was cheated in the results and money! Thanks

Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic

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