Love It on my Crow's Feet!

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I just had it for the first time on my crow's feet...

I just had it for the first time on my crow's feet only 5 days ago (not the forehead which I don't think I need and don't mind a few lines). Fantastic! Good and Bad:

First the Bad: I had some side effects. I had one teeny bruise from on injection (had taken a lot of ibuprofen beforehand though.. and the bruise was super tiny). But the biggest side effect is that I felt a little ill/flu like. It felt like when you get immunization shots and you feel a little icky under the radar which is more pronounced when you exert yourself. The 4th day was the worse with feeling very fatigued and sick and achy. But I'm used to feeling ill, so no big deal for me.

The Good: Just an expert job! I had none of the cosmetic problems folks have reported.. no frozen expression, startled eyes, droopy eyes, dropped cheeks, etc. Just an erasure of lines and no crinkling when I smiled. Looks fantastic and I love it! My doctor said I was the perfect candidate because although I'm in my late 30s, I have taken very good care of my skin and lead a very healthy lifestyle (sunscreen religiously since a teen, no smoking or drinking, exercise, no junk food, and using quality skin care products of my face for 20 years). I only had crow's feet fine lines when expressing, not set in lines, and great elasticity.

Even though the rest of my face looks young and I am told I look ten years younger than I am, my crow's feet were really making me self conscious and depressed. I knew I would start the day looking great but by evening, after a whole day of expressing, I would have these huge horrible lines around my eyes that made me feel very self conscious. I hated it! Now, I feel great and look great! Absolutely no lines around my eyes at all! Totally worth it, and price-wise, not a big deal at all!

I'm not somenone who wants to stop the clock...

I'm not somenone who wants to stop the clock completely, just want to age gracefully. I think the key is to not get overdone and remain realistic about results. It's a great way to look refreshed and peaceful without looking like you've had work done. I'll keep this up along with skincare, but I would not get surgical procedures as I do find that there is a special beauty in an older face.

UPDATE: For those who are had fluish side effects...


For those who are had fluish side effects like I did I want to say that they only happend the first time. I have now gotten my botox redone and I had absolutely no side effects whatsoever. I think the body just needs to get used to it. So if you did it once and hated the side effects but loved the botox, give it a second try because you may not have them again. Now, with no side effects, botox is perfect!

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