The Best Invention Ever!

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I have had those "elevens" between the brows for...

I have had those "elevens" between the brows for years from squinting alot growing up at the beach and being outside alot. I got my first Botox injections three weeks ago and I have never been happier. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I have no more elevens at all. It was like they were never there! The first day, I didn't notice anything so I thought it didn't work. I did my frown exercises that the doc will have you do to move the medicine around. By day two, I could tell it was working somewhat and by day three, I couldn't furrow my brow no matter how hard I tried! At first, this kind of freaked me out, but I've gotten used to it and in some ways it actually helps me to relax because it keeps me from crinkling my forehead and makes me feel like I'm less stressed. I'm hooked now, so I'm going back for more in the lips and around the eyes. I'm in my late 30's and I would say this has knocked off a good 5 years or more in my appearance! It's a definite YES! Don't be afraid. Just do your research, get somebody reputable, and stick with that same injector if you like their results! I will say, the only negative I experienced was a headache for a week, but I also had mesotherapy injections that same day, so I don't know if it stemmed from that instead. By the way, mesotherapy is a complete waste. Save your money.
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