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Got 52 units at $12.50 per. Not the cheapest but...

Got 52 units at $12.50 per. Not the cheapest but administered by a Doctor. It being my first time, I thought it would be better than going to a hairdresser to get it done ( funny how some people trust their esthetician because it's half the price). I felt nothing more than a prick. Went to work an hour later. Nobody noticed a thing. Waited patiently and started to feel the effects in 3 days. I couldn't move my forehead as much. I was constantly moving my forehead for the next 4 days until the botox took full effect. I got a bit of a headache when I 'played' with my expressions. Your body uses other muscles to try and do what it used to do. Using the new muscles causes them to ache, like working out for the first time. When you stop 'playing', you stop getting a headache. The wrinkles started to diminish after about a week. After 10 days, there was a noticable difference. It has been 13 days today and the lines in my forehead are almost gone. I can still arch my brows a little and I can give a stern look a little bit also. I didn't want that FROZEN look and my doctor gave me the perfect amount in all the right places. I'm so glad I went to a Doctor or I could have received too much or too little. Being my first time, how did he know? He just knew. I'm not sure how long this will last. They say 3 months. And after a touch up, 4 months, and then longer and longer. I have been looking at everyone's forehead I come in contact with. Odd how everyone has wrinkle free foreheads. Is everyone doing this? If you have an English/Irish/Scottish background, then you don't age well. Foreheads seem to be our biggest concern (that and the saggy cheeks). The botox gets rid of that tired look, no matter how much sleep you have. you always look refreshed. I've had a couple of huge hangover days (birthday, hence the gift to myself) and I still look amazing an hour after waking. I'm thrilled. The Doctor and his nurse were absolutely amazing. Very professional and comforting. I would hightly recommend this clinic for botox.


Dr. Sharif Tadros

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