Obagi Nu Derm for Hyperpigmentation

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I have been concious about my skin for a long time...

I have been concious about my skin for a long time as I had Hyperpigmentation, particularly on the upper lip. I also have wrinkles around the eyes and scars from spots on my checks which I've wanted to get rid of for a long time.
I ago seemed like the most fitting option so I decided to purchase the system.
I am only using the cleanser, toner, clear, sunscreen and blender & tretenoin.

Day 1:
On day one my skin looked great! I looked like I had a sun tan as I was glowing, good a bough for me to go out with no makeup! My skin was even and the Hyperpigmentation was not visible on my upper lip! I couldn't believe it but I knew it was not going to last as I knew I was going to peel.
Day 2: No difference except a slight tingling around the mouth and upper lip and I looked more red than tanned.
Day 3 & 4: I'm so glad it's the weekend as my skin is peeling around the mouth and its definetely by pretty. My mouth is very tight and when I talk or make any facial expressions the skin starts to sting. It is VERY dry and the toner and clear are very harsh on the skin.

Day 6

Day 6:
The toner does not sting when applied which is great as I dread the toner! By skin is EXTREMELY dry and the skin on my Chin/ below my lower lip cracks every time I talk. It also stings and I've noticed that there is skin around my jawline which is pretty raw in comparison to the rest of my face - I've decided to lower the amount of each product I am putting on as I think I may have got a bit carried away.

Day 7

I used cocoa butter on my chin as it was so painful, I could not even open my mouth as the skin was so tight! It helped instantly and I will be staying clear of my chin for now. Today my skin was dry and during the day I applied the sun tan lotion. I've noticed a lot of tiny blackheads appearing on my nose which I did not have before and the skin on my forehead and eyelids is starting to tighten and wrinkle. The pigmentation on my upper lip is becoming more visible which is quite annoying but I will deal with it

Week one

Continuous itching and stinging around nose and moth so I applied some cocoa butter again. Today my upper lip pigmentation is pretty visible and red as I've put the clear and tretenoin in this area over the past night. The proper peeling has begun today, constant peeling around the jawline and mouth - I've worn a scarf all day to dry and hide it and noticed a lot of flakes falling also.

Day 10

Hardly any more peeling! I've noticed that he overall texture of my skin is a lot smoother and none of the produces sting when applied. I was impatient with peeling and did get a bit carried away with the tweezers, stupidly pulling some of the skin off which was peeling but not ready t come off and have a couple of blemishes. Overall I am happy with the progress and do not feel the need to put in any makeup which is great as I thought I would have to.

Day 18

I haven't updated for a while as I am embarrassed at the state of my skin.. These last couple of days my skin has been peeling non stop and I've had to wear a scarf to cover my neck and mouth. One day my skin will look glory and nice and the next it will be peeling, I've also had several breakouts around my cheeks. The only reason I am going to carry on is because I have an appointment with the doctor who I purchased Obagi from this week. The main reason I wanted to stop the system is because my pigmentation has increased SIGNIFICANTLY - this was the main reason I stopped Obagi and I am not sure if it's a reaction and it will fade.

Week 3

Super peely couple of days! In particular around the jawline, chin and cheeks.
No Change of pigmentation

Week 5

Still peeling this week, the redness has subsided also. Again the peeling is been around the jawline and cheeks. I have noticed that my upper lip pigmentation has not lightened at all, the skin above has lightened and in my opinion has made the pigmentation look more obvious. I am really happy with my progress but this issue is very annoying as I really don't know what it will take to reduce it. I have been wearing a scarf around my neck, up to my nose just because of the peeling and the pigmentation so not much has changed from week 4.

Week 6

I haven't had any peeling for the last couple of days except from a little under my chin and upper lip. I think my skin has definitely gotten used to the products and when I apply the clear and blender they seem to go on to my skin differently - it feels though they sit on my skin which I have not noticed until early this week.


Had a little peeling today on the upper lip and cheek area. By looking at previous photos my skin has changed significant and I am impressed with the obagi system so far. Although it is still a little restrictive it is definitely worth the inconvenience at times. One thing I am worried about is the effect of the sun as I am aware this will increase my pigmentation. Even in the sun I am wearing my scarf to cover my upper lip as I m most concerned about this area. I'd applied a little blush today but actually preferred my skin without the make up! That in itself says a lot as before using obagi I would wear makeup religiously!

Week 9

Hardly any peeling for around the last week and a half, and if I do peel, it is generally on the cheekbones and tear trough area. Apart from that the last couple of weeks have been the same. My upper lip area has been very irritating and I am not sure how to tackle this area as I cannot tell whether the product are darkening the upper lip or lightening the skin above it.

Week 9

I have hardly peeled this week except for my chin which is great. I have noticed the change of my skin texture... Slightly strange as it feels unbelievably soft - I keep touching my skin because I can't believe it! I have noticed that my forehead is still darker than the rest of my skin and have not had any peeling there other than a couple of days a while ago.

Month 4

Haven't seen much change in my skin since my last post. I am disappointed in the lack of change on the upper lip area as although some days I think it has reduced overall there is no change and actually looks worse now that everywhere else around the area has lightened. Not happy with this as the only reason I purchased Obagi was because I wanted to lighten my upper lip. Apart from that I have not had any peeling and have run out of blender and tretenoin but also stopped using it and hope to stop using Obagi depending on how my skin will be without it as I do not want to use such harsh products for the rest of my life. In the morning I use the cleanser, clear, and sunscreen and at night I use the cleanser, and a ton of bio oil. I have not put any Obagi products on my upper lip apart from the cleanser for a couple of weeks now

Finishing with Obagi

I have stopped using Obagi now and have not used it for about a month. I do not think my pigmentation has returned as bad as it was but it is definitely more visible on my forehead and cheeks. I have also had a LOT of breakouts but would like to now try different products as opposed to Obagi as Inever wanted to use the system long term.

Not worth it

Personally I don't think Invisalign was worth it. After coming of the system my skin went back to how it was in terms of hyper pigmentation. I can't exactly fault the system for what it does, because it DOES work. I am unhappy simply because like everything else. As soon as you stop using the products your skin will probably go back to how it was. Obagi is not something I want to use for the rest of my like because I don't want to use so min hydroquinine, and would like to spend more time out in the sun without worrying about my sensitive skin which was apparent when using the system. I would definetely recommend it for someone who is going to use it for long term use but for me, I would not use it again.

Right back where I started

My skin has gone back to how it was before Obagi... It's actually WORSE. I have breakouts every week and the spots hurt this time and are quite red, I am desperate to get good skin again and the only think that actually worked for me was Obagi but I just can't see myself using it for ever . I really do not know what to do.

I am going to try the dermaroller/microneedling to fade my hyper pigmentation in a couple of weeks.
Dr. Narushka

A great practitioner who I have been going to for a while now for fillers also.

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