Botched Eyelid Surgeries Have Made Me Give Up on Looking Young

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I had a botched lower blepharoplasty in 2002 where...

I had a botched lower blepharoplasty in 2002 where too much fat was taken out from under my eyes and I was left with deep hollows. This left me feeling depressed and mistrusting of any medical procedure and I have been getting up the courage to address this ever since then.

In 2003 I took a baby step and had laser resurfacing under my eyes to remove some of the wrinkles that developed in the hollows. I also had fat injected to plump the hollows out somewhat. However, I was still very traumatised by the first ordeal and to make matters worse I came out of this procedure with baggy eyes again!

Just this past year a girlfriend of mine pep talked me into going for another lower bleph consultation. She convinced me by saying things are different now and the right doctor can do anything. In fact, I did go and was confident in what my doctor could do with me.

My surgery was a month and a half ago but I am having serious doubts yet again. When I shine light directly on my eyes (not natural light) I can see the area is still puffy in some spots but hollow in others. I expected some puffiness due to swelling but this doesn’t seem possible! So I consulted with my doctor and he has told me to sit tight and wait it out.

I am so afraid of what is going to become of this and I feel as if I will never look right.

Even if everything turns out fine I know I will never, ever mess with my body again. This is the body I was born with and I have been punished one too many times by trusting what other people say I should do instead of following my heart. I am not willing to risk that any more.
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